filled and fooled


hotwife poetry


When you knock lightly we invite you into our darkened den

engage in flirtatious banter until I’ve given the signal for it to begin

I hold my breath and slide toward you so very close

I exhale and rest my hand on your leg, and give an initiation toast,

“I think you see that my husband is a generous man,

but I’m in charge now and here is our plan:

‘you both are going to worship these tits and then you’ll go down,

then I want your rod in my mouth…'” but you make an audible sound

I decide that the rest can be left unsaid

so I pull my dress down and my boobs bounce out ahead

an invitation two mouths just couldn’t resist

being a hotwife is great, nipple play instead of being kissed

I take my time but soon enough my panties come down

you take turns fingering my pussy and then you start tonguing my mound

I know you can show my clit the attention she deserves

I will drench you if you make that kitty purr

When I think it’s time we will move to the bedroom

I’m ready to tear off my dress and you’re going to get stripped too

This is where you learn how hungry I am for cock

and how he loves to stand close by and watch

we’ll get to the point where your primitive urges to fuck are beyond growing

you need my wet cunt wrapped around you tight as a glove, slippery, sliding and slowing

you might not even notice my husband standing by and watching his prize

keep in mind as you pound me that we don’t meet to connect, so avoid my eyes

I’m just fine with our relationship being limited to salacious exchanges of bodily fluids

but I know it is only natural for you to try to see beyond my clenched two lids

curious who is this woman with the pulsing cunt of your dreams

the one acting with you in the best ever porn scene

I’m just a hot wife spraying you with lubricious affection

washing you with my juices, covering your midsection

a woman who enjoys a good hard filling of the insides

and I’m very driven to make you spray cum all over my stomach and thighs

so I wrap my legs around you and open to look you in the eyes

your gaze returns and I didn’t expect to smile

this is not what I wanted, but it has been a while

a chain reaction begins as I tighten my grip

sending jolts of electricity through our bodies tip to tit

we grind down close, so hard, and come together

pull out and rip off the condom, please spurt on me forever

my husband furiously jerks while aiming at my swollen nips

I smile at you again and he erupts raining white all over my tits

22 thoughts on “hotwife poetry

  1. Even through my fog I can agree – this is hot.

  2. “so I wrap my legs around you and open to look you in the eyes”
    That line almost melted my screen….

    • Haha, and I got off the rhyme pattern on that line too, because as it happens, looking into someone’s eyes at that moment just changes everything about the experience.

  3. Your wonderful words paint a very arousing erotic scene…

  4. Wow…. Just wow….

  5. Holy Hell G, that was delicious!

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  7. Nuff said, agree with everyone above. Hot hot hot..

  8. Well well well!!! I wanna watch too! Why should hubby be the only voyeur? Good stuff G! xxx

    • I don’t know if you could ever just watch, I believe your participation would be required. I think my hubby wouldn’t want to just watch if you were there either! πŸ™‚

      As a side note: I just fabricated the hotwife thing, my husband has never just watched (except that one time his friend came in the room- I blogged about it). But having him watch just flowed at the time. He might even get a little pissed when he reads this, I’m hoping he doesn’t though, obviously.

  9. Not pissed at all dear wifey, just feeling turned on and lucky.

    Love u baby

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