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TMI Tuesday – taboo, tickles, and fantasy!



I’m raring to go (read other blogs who are participating) just based on the subject!  This week is all about Taboo, tickles, and fantasy!  I love reading about Taboo stuff…so let’s get started here…


TMI Tuesday: September 24, 2013

These questions were submitted by TMI Tuesday players, on June 16, as a response to that week’s bonus question. Great questions!

From :
1. What strange areas of your body are ticklish?

Mood dictates my ticklishness, and I’ve never been tickled in a strange area (would that be like earlobes or between my fingers?).  I have to say I’m ticklish all over, like all the usual places but kind of just everywhere.  My husband is really ticklish under his arms. It’s fun to make him giggle when I come close with that “I’m going to get you!” look, that’s all it takes to elicit a reaction.

I’m realizing it has been far too long since I’ve been tickled.  Does it tap in to your inner child? Wild and free, smiling and laughing…hmmm.

From :
2. What is something you are interested in sexually, but only on a purely fantasy level? Something that you think about but could never fully act on.

Great question, I don’t have anything coming to mind that I am interested in, and at the same time could never fully act on.  I’m finding that I’m pretty fearless when it comes to trying new sexual things.  There are things I’m not interested in trying, now.  So, since I have a partner in this sexual interests game, it could come down to his limits.  Like, I don’t think he will ever agree to any type of cuckolding, but I sometimes fantasize about him just watching.

From :
3. If you could have a week of the best sex ever in human history but you had to have a fish head as your head for the rest of your life, after that week, would you do it?

No, sex isn’t worth losing my head over.  Plus, that would be devastating to know that my best sex ever has already happened.  I like knowing that the sex in my life is just getting better and better, fish head or not.

From :
4. What do you consider taboo and have you ever ventured into this territory? Was it a great, good, bad or horrific experience?

Something I consider taboo would be incest, and though I’ve never ventured into the territory I have to say that some of the stories of brother/sister encounters turn me on.  I guess this might be the answer for #2, but I don’t have a brother and if I did I wouldn’t bring myself to fuck him.

From :
5. What part of your body do you consider the most unusual that you enjoy being stimulated?

This makes me a little sad because I can’t answer the question without wondering why my husband and I don’t try to find new parts on our bodies to stimulate whenever we get time.  But to answer the question, brain/pussy/breasts aside, I guess playing with my hair (brushing, or stroking, just touching it) usually gets me going a bit.


From :
If you could make a porn film/video with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Oh hands down with a big “fuck me please” would be my dear Colin Kaepernick.  He is a football player but he is a total celebrity to me.  I would make a porn film/video with him because his body is amazing, his tattoo work is incredible, he just emotes this goofy and fun personality, while also being super conscientious and level-headed.  I just seems he would be great to work with.  Grrrr.


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your blog. Answer the questions there, then leave a comment at the TMI Tuesday blog (today’s post), so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

13 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday – taboo, tickles, and fantasy!

  1. I think Sam Elliot for a movie star and his mustache for tickling me all over my body would go nice if I got a choice … I can admit to reading some incest taboo stories but not something I would act on with my brother but I did make out with my cousin! but then who hasn’t.

    • Those two (Sam Elliot and his tickling mustache) do go together very well!! I can just imagine that could be a very sensual experience!
      Ha! Making out with your cousin, I actually haven’t but I CAN name at least one I would make out with if given the chance.

  2. OMG! You are killing me with your bonus question answer. Please tell me you are a 9ers fan in addition to wanting to fuck Colin Kaepernick and you may just be my dream girl! 😉

    • Hi! Born and raised a 9ers fan, though I don’t really watch much football (I will sit down periodically and catch up and watch Colin…mmmm) but I would never root for another team.
      I love it!!! xoxoxo!
      (and sorry for the delay in my reply, yesterday was crazy)

  3. Funny how we both put hair for #5!!! I couldn’t think of anything else to write, and then I asked Henri the question while serving him dinner in the kitchen. He proceeded to grab my hair, pulled me back and whispered in my ear “You like when I do this. Maybe that should be your answer.” And so it was.
    Is it just me, or do most football players have amazing asses? I mean my goodness! xxx

    • Just reading about Henri doing that is getting me going, totally, hair! I haven’t had the chance to visit other blogs but I wonder how many answered that way. Oh also, I would never sign up to have the best sex now, then its all downhill right? Another similar answer!
      Btw, I’ve hesitated in asking….is there any way for you to make leaving comments easier? It doesn’t remember my info so I have to do a few extra steps.*lazy*. Unless I can just respond on Twitter? I mean, in times where I have an extra minute I will comment on the blog. Sorry :/

      • Weird. On other blogs, it saves my info making it easier for me to comment. It could be that your personal computer doesn’t allow it. If you comment by phone or other device, your info will not be saved. I know it is a nuisance, but it’s also the best way to avoid spammers when self hosting. Sorry doll 😦

        • I responded to this but it didn’t stick, major issues with my phone app I think.
          But yes, on other blogs it saves my info, too! It seems like yours is the only one that won’t save. On my computer and phone. I’m going to keep trying though. Muah!!

          • I’ve been looking for other comment plugins to put on the site. Don’t know what’s going on, but I’ll figure something out.
            Perhaps my site just wants you to stick around longer 😉 xxx

            • I think it is a sign I need to make more time for my dear Scarlett. Your site is gorgeous and perfect, don’t worry about changing anything okay? xxxxxx!!

  4. I love these peeks deep inside your….. brain.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Reading your answers always makes me want to participate…
    Love that each week I get to know a little more of you. 🙂

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