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MM: Top 5 Woman’s Fantasies, Soak Your Nuts, and Real World Blogging




This is Cyndi Lauper, and dammit I thought she brought us the most awesome song, “Manic Monday.” Nope, the song was written by Prince and made famous by The Bangles.  And I thought I was a child of the 80’s…*hangs head in shame*

I created the image before fact-checking and I’d like to pull it off for this first week if I may.  Welcome to Manic Monday or MM for short.  Ironically, the image is representative of my day so far: close, but just not quite right.

My use for “manic” stems from a caricature my mind of myself sitting down to blog during a manic episode, but I mean no disrespect to anyone actually suffering from any of the psychiatric diagnoses, I’ve never been diagnosed so I’m just guessing what being in a manic episode feels like.

These Monday posts are meant to be a fun flit from one subject to the next, the writing may be indulgent and self-fulfilling, or maybe some days I will just link to random awesomeness.  I may talk about stuff you don’t care about, but Manic Monday is giving me, or anyone else that might want to join in next week, a chance to write a post about things that might not be sex-related. The point is, you choose the subject, and don’t worry about your average reader.  Like, if you want to talk about sewing or bowel movements, or a new parenting trick on your sex blog, I’m going to be there to read it.  The fact that you share your interests, outside of sex, that is what is important here.

Anyone in?


Hehe. This week it is all sex-blog related, but in future weeks I will change it up.

This past week there has been much discussion about whether a sex blogger’s audience cares about other aspects of the sex blogger’s life. Does talking about my parenting wins or failures or my favorite recipe give me humanity which makes me easy to relate to in a sexy MILF next door way, or does it chase away my readers coming here looking for sexy time?

I’ve been hesitant to jump in the discussion because I often think I sometimes over-share photos and the non-sex details of my life in comparison to other bloggers.   In my mind there is a peanut gallery there for judgement on my writing and/or my behavior in life, and they nod disapprovingly when I don’t meet my weekly smut quota.

It leads to me always questioning why the hell I started this blog in the first place, and why do I keep it updated?  More importantly, for whom?  My answers have been consistent up until a recent realization.  I blog because:   community!  I want to see if I can be a writer!  I’m totally into exhibitionism!  I just needed something to do!  I do it for myself!  I do it for them!

But here is the reality: one day I decided I really wanted my voice to be heard.  Not just heard, but appreciated.   And what I knew, since too young of an age maybe, is that sex grabs people’s attention.   So I just did it, I started a sex blog.  The intimate graphic detail of my sexual encounters and even some of my fantasies flowed easily through my fingers to your screen.  It was awesome because kinky sex isn’t a subject you can discuss with your friends over coffee.  Quickly I learned that being vulnerable and intimate with others by sharing these details made me feel fucking alive.  Really, it is exhilarating to describe how I squirted on a light saber or how I fucked a girl with a double dildo.  It only serves to increase my interest in all things sex and my desire to continue this exploration so I can share it with you.  But also at the same time I’m asking if intermittently letting you into my life beyond the sexual encounters~ whether via TMI Tuesday posts, blog award questionnaires, or photos of my body~is it okay?  Your “likes” and comments give me confirmation that you don’t just like me for the sexy bits, you like me for me.

Anyway, to get back to the discussion, I don’t think I portray that my life is a perfect string of big cocks, group sex, living out fantasies and continuous mind-blowing orgasms.  Do I? And I don’t see my fellow bloggers living to that extreme either.  Just like Facebook, our blogs allow us to show you who we are through the lens of our choosing, whether it be artistically applied photo filters on our carefully chosen photos, or omitting certain details that predominate our life, or whatever.  This reminds me of a favorite post of mine at A Dissolute Life Means, see here.

To read up on the discussion, visit these sexy smart ladies: Scarlett’s post, then PV’s post, then one of Hy’s posts, and then Panty’s post.  If I missed anyone, can you please comment with a link to that post?

Actually, you really should read this eloquent post Hy wrote, I know it seems like I’m all up on her jock, but her writing just always resonates with me in some way or another.   Speaking of that, see the next item on our agenda…


There is still time to get your votes in for your favorite sex blogger in 2013.  All you have to do is leave a comment on Between My Sheets with a link to your favorite blog.  You don’t even have to say why, and I think you can even be anonymous.  It is fun to be nominated, it makes me feel good to see recognition, so if you were thinking about doing it but need a little push, *push*.  List as many bloggers as you want, this isn’t just about me.  I doubt I will even make the list this year, but I can work toward a spot in 2014!


Since there is discussion about sex bloggers talking about non-sex topics on their sex blogs, you should read this article about open relationships at .  Adam S is a writer who doesn’t usually discuss sexual stuff, but his humorous blog makes me smile every time I visit.


After you’re done watching all (the) The Bangles(‘) videos, you should check out this new (not annoying at all) song.  I guarantee that if you surprise your kids by knowing the choreography before them, you will be known as the coolest parent ever.

Ylvis – The Fox

Hurry, the kids talked about it at school today!


I read a great article about the Top 5 women’s sexual fantasies in 2013.  I missed all the prior years but I’m thinking these things don’t change much year to year anyway.  As predicted, by me before I read it, the top 5 fantasies fall into these groups:  submissive fantasies, domination fantasies, group sex fantasies, exhibitionist and voyeuristic fantasies, and partner fantasies (yawn, sorry).

Though I have not picked up the book it was discussing (Garden of Desires by Emily Dubberley- to mark the 40th anniversary of the seminal ‘My Secret Garden’) the article was a good read (click here to read it).


Soak your nuts!  Adding nuts to your diet is important! Nuts and seeds of all varieties contain essential fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals.  According to this great article I stumbled upon last week:

Wonder why those seeds, (including almonds, sunflower, spelt, oats, pecans, sesame, wheat etc.) in your cupboard don’t turn into plants, or get moldy? Well, nature is amazing, and has given nuts and seeds a special enzyme that inhibits their growth until it has all the things it needs to grow (sunlight, water, soil etc.). When we eat raw nuts, we also eat the enzyme inhibitors that prevent the seed from sprouting. This takes a real toll on our digestion, since they will prevent our own enzymes from breaking down the food in our digestive tracts, inhibiting absorption of precious vitamins and minerals. Simply by soaking nuts in a little water, the nuts release these harmful enzymes, and at the same time, their nutritional value skyrockets.

Read more to find out how to do it– Soak your Nuts, by My New Roots.


I’m going to lose some weight, and get toned up, fuck yeah!  It seems fitting I should let you know this on my first Manic Monday.  Today I rode my bike about two miles and walked another two.  I’ve eaten clean for the most part, but that is a tough area having kids that want me to take bites (I swear they twist my arm).   Water!  Damn I need to drink more water to flush those toxins out.  Bikram yoga!

I want to be able to show you a full body shot without feeling embarrassed, I feel like it will open me to so many other experiences.  I will keep this up and I promise that in twelve weeks I will post the “before” pic I took of myself last week and compare it to that “progress” picture I’m going to take on week 12.  Mark my words (that is the point of this)!


I’m writing as fast as I can, so that I can have the rest of the Rick and Chloe story written and done.  That will be it for them, Chloe stopped responding to my texts…I could totally take it personal but I choose not to.   Still, sigh, my first girl and she was so cute.  What next?

20 thoughts on “MM: Top 5 Woman’s Fantasies, Soak Your Nuts, and Real World Blogging

  1. Your… randomness is awesome! 🙂 Keep these posts up! I am le crappy reader, but I love your blog!

  2. This was awesomely random indeed!

    So here’s a random set of comments:
    – Thanks for the shout-out
    – I do like you for you, and not just your sexy bits 🙂
    – I mostly have group and domination sex fantasies
    – Nuts and seeds are awesome, I eat them every day as my main and often only snack
    – Good luck on losing weight – being in shape feels and looks awesome!

    • Hi! You’ve made me all giddy, saying such nice things!
      My main fantasies are group sex and exhibitionism/voyeurism, with some strong urges to dominate (those stories of yours, so good).
      And when I found out that post Burning Man you were a short drive away from me I felt regret for not keeping in touch more. I know you kept busy there but still, I like to think we could meet up some day.

  3. I think you are fantastic just the way you are. Is it cliche to say that? Maybe! But it is true! So yeah sex sells, but your writing is very personal and it comes through in every post. You are able to give us a glimpse of other sides of you and that adds a layer of mystery and dimension that is sexy and intriguing. Don’t change that for that anyone. Also, thank you for the nut soaking tip. I will have to try this as I am very much a lover of nuts. 😉 XO

    • I don’t care if its cliche (it isn’t) because it feels really (really) good to read. Thank you so very much for validating my past year’s “work”. In turn you validate me, which I guess I really needed.

      Thank you, love,

  4. You are one of my favorite people out there, G, and not just because you’re “all up on my jock,” because you’re guileless and sexy and interesting. You are always thinking and we all know there’s nothing sexier or more awesome than an active noggin’.

    Anyhoo, thanks for all the love. It’s totally mutual.

    And as far as getting healthy or toning up or whatever it is you’re trying to do, I’ll let you in on a little secret (and this goes back to anonymity — I didn’t mention it on my blog because everyone in my life knew I was cleansing and WHAT IF it somehow outted me??): I did a Paleo cleanse, the Whole30 and yes, it was fucking hard, but I lost 10lbs and totally altered the way I view food and my body. I also work out vigorously twice a week and had softball and practice twice a week — oh, and lots of fucking haha. I need an excuse to get back to it (I’m eating a modified (read: lazy) Paleo diet now). If you’re interested, maybe we can be cleanse buddies (or whatever). xx Hy

    • Yes! I have heard of Whole30 but I had no idea it was Paleo! I will look into it right now and let you know. I have never done a cleanse but I want to try.

      And thank you, for this love, and being here to encourage me, and for your lovely “jock”.

  5. Aww so sweet G!
    I’ve had a girl crush on you from the beginning, so I’m happy for a shoutout and words of kindness on your blog.
    I began working out last month and making better choices with the food I eat. I have a Sweet Sixteen to attend in less than three weeks and need to go extra hard on my workouts! But it is a commitment, so kudos to you!
    Oh and hugs and kisses dahling! xxx

    • Oh my goodness, you are making me all warm inside.
      It is a commitment, to change eating habits and work out often, but I want this, I deserve this. Xoxo

  6. As I think you know, I was diagnosed with manic/depressive disorder (I.e. bipolar disease) over 15 years ago. And, I must say, you nailed mania pretty well. It’s scattered and fun until it gets out of hand. Many of us diligently take our meds and then self-medicate to get those highs again.

    Anyway, my point is that I’d love to jump on your bandwagon and get all manic-y random with you on Mondays. Count me in, G!

    • I’m so glad I got close on the manic description. I actually don’t remember you telling me or reading that you were bi, and not the sex with man or woman way…er…sorry to joke, I’m glad you have it managed so well. I can see creativity links to mania, its pretty interesting stuff. See, MM just got me a step closer to the real Panty.

  7. I wonder what’s up with Chloe?
    You’d think she’d be your new best friend, but perhaps she’s got issues or maybe she’s simply busy…
    Either way, you’ve got your priorities straight, young lady; onward and upward!

    • I’ve got a few theories:
      1) Rick just was not into sharing her with my husband and I. Their relationship was less than a year old.
      2) They planned to just do it once but he let her do it one more time for her birthday.
      3) The last time we met up it was supposed to be for drinks, so at the end of the night we kind of started to go our separate ways and we avoided asking them back to our place. Maybe “for drinks” implied something else?

      I am a bad best friend anyway….But yes, I’m trying to keep my priorities straight, and your encouragement means the world to me! Thank you!!

  8. Thanks for the mention, chick!

  9. Wow, it’s been 40 yrs the secret garden has been published? I can’t believe that… I didn’t know it was that old when I first read it. Interesting.

    Thanks for all these links… I will check them out as I have time.

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