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Boobday is Friday, September 20th


Better late than never right?


For your listening pleasure, I present Capital Cities “Safe and Sound” because it is a fun video and catchy song.

Now that you are done watching that, it was pretty good right?  Not dubstep or anything but still.

For your viewing pleasure, I present artsy boobs:


Okay, so the story behind the blue boobs is silly: my kid spilled paint outside, then became quickly enthralled in a TV program about these colorful little rasta monsters.  As I stoop to pick up the splat of blue paint, I think, “hmm, I’ve never painted my boobs before, that could be fun.”

Then I did it.  And I learned several things fast.   There is no point in painting your boobs unless you take a photo of it…but I couldn’t touch my phone/camera unless I washed my hands, which I had in my mind would make the photo look funny.  I really wasn’t thinking, but I felt like a happy little girl right then.  Sure,  I slathered the thick and sticky paint on before taking my bra or shorts off.  In hindsight getting naked first should be the number one priority and the hand washing would have been better than using my knuckles to press the buttons.


Then, I spread blue paint over the bathroom and several curtains in between, and finished with a blue shower.  I guess this is why I was too busy to post until now, I was making messes!

It really was worth it though, when I saw myself in the mirror all painted.  I didn’t like all the sections of my body, but decorated was pretty enough that I had a little giggle.  Then a fear of having to answer the door for a delivery man.

Here is the photo I submitted to Hy for today’s Boobday post:


My husband took this as I stood up across the table and demanded he take a boobday photo for me.   He also took this:



36 thoughts on “Boobday is Friday, September 20th

  1. The second one is perfect! 😀
    Friday, what a day to step by here! 😛

  2. Not so sure about the artsy boobs, they look a bit bruised on my phone screen! But I do LOVE the next one! Oh yeah, I’d lick/nibble/bite those in a heartbeat…

    • It’s bruised boobs awareness week, you didn’t know? 🙂
      I know, I was painting it on myself thinking the color looks a lot better against my skin… but I had to work with it. It was paint on the ground, conservation is key!

  3. I love the painted boobs! Reminds me of a Edgar Degas painting. Very nice way to change it up, G! Of course the other photos are just as. pleasing to the the eye. But I prefer the art and thought that went into the Breasts in Blue 😉 xxx

  4. A very colorful boob day offering, love it. Thanks

  5. Awesome. I love that you thought of painting yourself and then did. And I dig the results. Being an artist I’m fascinated by the process, so this strokes my brain and my libido. The dinner boobs are great too of course. Always so lovely to see you 😉 xo

  6. So lovely and luscious! Thank you for sharing a piece of your beautiful body with us!

  7. Blue boobs make me think of Xmen.
    And you are right, can not paint the ladies without taking a picture of them – well done once again.

  8. I like those last two pics best. Looks like pics I might have taken.

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