filled and fooled


Friday the 13th is Boobday!!


I can be a little superstitious at times, but I’ve never noticed being unlucky on Friday the 13th.  I try to believe that if you look for bad luck you will find it.   Except getting a ticket on the day you got your driver’s license, while wearing a cheerleading uniform, that does seem odd and dare I say unlucky… sorry but that cop was a dick, and he probably spilled his coffee on his nuts that day because it was Friday the 13th, and the bad luck trickled down to poor young (and probably astoundingly gorgeous) Hyacinth.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about click on the link.

So, let us just make this our lucky day.  I’m setting out to be surrounded by good, and once I get the mountain of laundry done, and the kid’s room reorganized, and some grocery shopping completed, I’m going to sit down and think good thoughts.  I’m going to try to appreciate the world around me, and all the good things happening in my life.  It will be time to quiet the rest.

While I’m doing all of the above, feel free to look at some boobs.  Clicking on the button or the link will get you to today’s Boobday post.  Lots of lovely ladies today!

This is what I submitted to Hy for today’s boob celebration:


And a few more, since I was playing around with text I thought it would be fun to add my blog name to the pics.  I’m not trying to protect them or anything, I’m unaware of my pics being spread over the internet  (and I might be a bit flattered if they are) but it does please my eye to see “filled and fooled” on my pics.


And what the fuck, when did righty get so much  bigger than lefty?  I know that holding the camera might skew the angle or push one further out (which I’m pretty sure is happening here).  I might just have to go back and compare pics though, and do boob exercises with lefty so she can catch up again.


My nipple just wouldn’t wake up for this pic, I twisted and pulled and thought naughty thoughts and imagined how I would post this pic and you might see the reflection in the mirror and go, “oh hey that’s her ass and legs” or something like that…I even rubbed my pussy, I did…and yet, my nipple just laid there, flopped to the side, soft.  The text makes me laugh, and I’m embarrassed to post this, but embarrassment is a fine emotion to feel in my deep dark mind…as I’m folding clothes and all that fun shit.

Happy Friday all!


18 thoughts on “Friday the 13th is Boobday!!

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  2. What yummy pics…. Last one makes me want to try to make it hard. 🙂
    Oh and I love your nails on the first one.

  3. Maybe if you got someone else to rub your pussy? Or lick it? Or… need I go on?

  4. Oh how you make me laugh, smile and get all turned on. 😉

  5. You’re always so good at the selfies, G. Delicious-looking tits, all served up for our enjoyment. What more can a guy want, other than to be the photographer?

  6. A very lovely set of pictures for boob day. Have a wickedly wonderful weekend.

  7. very nice 🙂 I have been contemplating taking pics of my own lately but probably won’t get up the nerve, so I will just admire yours 😉

    • Hi Mala! Please do take pics (or if you are a sub, get permission…even better he orders you to take pics so nerve isn’t an issue). Thank you,

  8. I doubt I’ll ever look at Friday the13th the same again….
    Nice;y done!

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