filled and fooled





lassoed by the sun, bound to a glassy etheric plane

sending dusty whispers to the moon

of the unrequited love gravity will always bring


tonight her spark dared to ignite his knowing crescent grin

she had to try, after this moment passes things will never be the same


I like this image I found when looking for sunset photos (sunsets make me really happy).  This one struck me because not only is it a nice sunset, but Venus and the moon are present in the heavy looking night sky.  They meet often but right now they are closer than usual because of orbits and all that science-y stuff.  Something about this photo made me feel this lovely energy, it awakened a little trickle of creativity.  But when I got to writing, and then having to take care of other responsibilities the poem evolved, and then was chopped in half, and then it evolved again, and got chopped again (by the time I publish it may just be one or two words).  Then I sort of gave up.  What happened?  Shit!  Seriously, this creative process is challenging.

Venus, you inspire me, but only after dark.

11 thoughts on “Venus

  1. G – Thank you for the reminder about Venus and the moon. The closest they come in the sky is on Sunday evening! More detail, but much less elegant and eloquent than your words, at

  2. This entire little piece is your “poem,” G. It’s brilliant and a wonderful snapshot of your head and heart and busy life. Don’t be so goddamned hard on yourself 😉 xx Hy

  3. If being creative wasn’t challenging then we would take no interest in it. Right?

    • Hmmm, I guess when anything comes easy I wonder whether I’m doing it right. Then when something feels challenging I wonder whether I should be trying. Silly…

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