filled and fooled




Hey everyone.  Nice to see you.  Happy Boobday! I miss you, too.


I decided it is time to work more with what I’ve been given

Words words words….I can’t say what I really want to say…so here are my boobs.


Sometimes when I get stressed out, I twist my nipples.


Click to see an extreme nipple close-up. I’m not sure why I favored getting in so tight with the camera, but it is what it is and now you get to see it.

I hope you enjoy.

I may be back next week, maybe even over the weekend, but I’ll be honest with you, my heart isn’t in this right now.  Whether I can write or not, I don’t have anything to say.

Wait, I can say this:  there have been so many of you to reach out to offer your friendship, to chat, to talk, email, or tweet.  And I don’t mean to reject you, it pains me that I do.  I want to be there for you, but besides lack of free time there is something inside me that is missing.  That piece that allows me to be vulnerable with anyone other than my husband and my children, that piece that makes me feel okay about giving part of myself to a friendship…being intimate with another, more than sharing pics of my tits or ass or graphic descriptions of sex I had, but me, G.  I think that is why I’ve never attempted to lose weight all these years, I had a protective cushion that kept people at a distance.  I didn’t want to lose my shield.  But life is too fucking short for that.  It is time to use what I’ve been given and treat my body right, treat my soul right.

I will keep you updated on my journey…I do love you all.

28 thoughts on “Boobday!

  1. All very lovely pics, even the extreme close-up. Thanks for sharing…Happy Boob Day!!!!
    Sounds like you are at precipice and are ready to take the first steps on a new journey.
    You are right life is to short and the only regrets one has are the things not done.

    • Thank you so much and Happy Boob Day to you as well!!!
      It is so hard to know what we might regret later, but you are right that the biggest regrets are those things we avoid trying out of fear.

      And what I do know is that I don’t want to look back and see wasted time and energy. My kids are little, I don’t think spending hours writing smut and taking pics of my tits are serving them so well. If I found a way to make money at this, and knew I could proudly share my success with friends and family, it would be different.

      • It is like balancing on a razors edge at times teetering one side to another.
        Taking care of your family is and should be important. and it seems it is as you are questioning.
        What ever you decide hopefully you will continue writing in some form or another.

  2. Your body looks fine! But it’s yours so if you want to lose weight /get toned/fill out/cover it in baby oil… well, it’s your choice. And I know what you mean about using weight as a shield – I stopped worrying about working out because (i) I was married and thought I could relax, and (ii) I thought it might stop woman hitting on me, which it did. Of course now my wife wants me ‘back in shape’ – I wonder if she wants her BFF’s making (serious) advances on me too? And I know what you mean re ‘intimacy’ too – it one thing to use your sex blog to vent, but its another thing to get too personal with people you’ve only really met on line (some of y’all excepted, of course!). I did it once a few years back, and it although it was fab for a while it went bad ultimately. And finally… thanks for the nipple pics! I really love nipples for some reason, almost as much as eating pussy, and in fact I have a post tomorrow on my own blog about it!

    • Hehe, I’m really glad you liked my nipple pics. They are looking a bit purple today. Too much twisting I guess. 🙂

      I just feel bad because people take the time to write me and I always plan to write back, but then I just don’t. I’m a bad friend in real life too. I can’t imagine getting involved with someone online and it turning out well. I’m a married woman, and my husband doesn’t chat with ladies online, I might not like that. So I shouldn’t do it either.

      I can tell you though, even if I don’t have anything to say on my blog, I still eagerly anticipate your post tomorrow.

  3. Best of luck darling. You’re a sexy woman and deserve the best that life has to offer and I hope that you have it, find it, keep it and treasure it until the end of your days. xo

  4. Goddammit! And I even came back for a little bit! I have the worst timing ever!!! 🙂

    In all honesty, let the din of your world quiet, and in the stillness, you WILL hear it again. That little voice. I’m sending you my Wistful Juju, Take care G!

    • Oh fine, now you comment on my blog again? 😉 I have the worst timing ever. I can’t even think of a comment to put on your posts, you are such a master of words. Thank you for the hope, I’ll keep listening for that little voice, and when I hear it I’ll let you know.

  5. I love seeing your breasts, especially the close-up 🙂

    Good luck on your journey, I hope you find the time to keep writing, I enjoy your blog

  6. Totally feel ya. I am in that weird state too – with the blog, with all the time I spend, etc. Whatever you decide, your blogger community supports ya! I hope you come back but understand real life demands take priority. Love ya!

    • I there, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I recognize that blogging (sex blogging is what I know anyway) is a great escape, until you realize that the thing you are escaping from is just waiting for you to get tired of talking about other things.

      This is a great community full of support, but I’ve gotten very down about the lack of reciprocation I’ve been able to give. Now that I have a little bit more time in my day to be on the computer (still interrupted, but its time) I should be able to be more part of the community again….It shouldn’t take me this long to get reply to comments, I just have other priorities right now so I don’t know if I should give this up entirely instead of half-assing it. Verbal spew, sorry…weird state is the perfect way to describe it. IF ONLY I could get paid, I’d be all over this….lol

  7. I love that last photo of yours! And best of luck with everything.

  8. You have outdone yourself. Bravo!

  9. when my kids were really little, I lost time ( years actually, because it’s a demanding job ) Enjoy wherever you are. Maybe like Sinner says, you live and wait til you hear the voice to write whenever that is. I’ll keep my “follow” light on, and when you write again, I’ll have a glass of wine with you! Be great! Jayne

    • Jayne, I couldn’t not respond. I’m around for now, reading you and everyone else. I appreciate your support, always great words of wisdom when it comes to motherhood. It gets overwhelming at times, and I get brittle. Then I heal, and I come back to feeling sexy and playful. That is a great time because I feel like life is all about having fun and feeling free to be happy.
      Anyway, you help me be great, and for that I’m very thankful. Cheers! G

  10. This blog right here is why I keep reading you – you share more than most would, but yet still manage to give before you even expect to get. Go, be good to yourself so you can be good to the others around you!!!

    • I took your comment and held it in my hand tightly all weekend, remembering the things that make me happy and look forward to each day, really thinking about what I want to feel right now (and twenty years from now).

      Anyway… the things my mind is on now really don’t fit in this blog. I’m taking the show on the road most likely, but as you know, I’m going to be in touch.

      • Interesting, I wonder if people who write adult content blogs feel as though they do not have the liberty to write about other things. I know it seems strange to write about kids, pets and other stuff when you look at your own pages and see sex sex sex because parents arent supposed to be sexual (?) women arent supposed to do certain things when they are a mom (?)

        Are we not a whole person – more than just sex – but with all that said I have experienced pigeon holing myself in the past. Not sure if that is what you are feeling, and there is a huge value on privacy (you dont need to tell us anything!) and sometimes starting over is so liberating! but so can walking away…

        If you do take the show on the road, leave a trail so I can find you.

        all my best to you and yours

        • If I think about it, any one of you “sex bloggers” I adore and follow could talk about anything like food and children and hopes and dreams and I’d be interested in reading it. So I guess I could assume that many of my friends/follows may be the same in that they enjoy what I have to say regardless of whether it is sex related.
          I know it is my blog and I should be able to write what I want, but it is almost like I don’t want to taint a happy place like a sexy blog.

          And I suppose that if I talk about my children between sex posts that’s just going to kill a boner (or hard nips, hehe), or if it doesn’t I don’t want that here anyway.

  11. It’s good to see all these men here supporting you, G. Congratulations.

  12. We love you too, G.
    Hang in there and don’t change a thing if you don’t want to.

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