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Juicy(?) TMI Tuesday



Questions for this week’s TMI Tuesday were submitted by various TMI Tuesday male participants.

I wish I had better answers!


1. Advizor:
I once overheard in a bathroom, “There is nothing as over-rated as sex or under-rated as a good bowel movement.” Discuss.

I think the person who said that had it backwards.

2. the late phoenix:
Friendship lasts longer than cumming. which of your online friends that you’ve never met would you like to meet in real life? which do you think you could become life-long REAL friends with? Actual friends, like going out to coffee and movies with, gossiping with, kissing on the forehead, hugging, loving.

I would love to meet so many people it really is hard to narrow it down.

3. John D Stories:
In a parallel universe, who out of your blog or Twitter followers would you most like to spend a steamy evening with? What would you do? Why them?

Hmmm, we may engage in swinging behavior but we don’t spend steamy evenings with other people (yet), it just isn’t within our boundaries at this time to be that intimate with others.  So I don’t have anyone I could specifically mention wanting that with, even if in a parallel universe.

I do like to think there are a few bloggers with some pent up lust for me that might show me a very good time if I was in their neighborhood.  I do fantasize about having a job where I have to travel often and meeting up with people from the blogging world for drinks.  Then I would invite them to my room to chat some more.

4. Virtual Sin:
(multi-part question)
a. What method of stimulation (intercourse, oral, manual, toy, whatever) gives you the strongest orgasm?

My husband’s manual stimulation or intercourse (doggy-style).
b. With what method of stimulation do you get the most orgasms?

see above
c. If the answer to a is different from the answer to b, what’s wrong with your life?


5. Jon Pressick:
Would you rather have a life where you only had sex once a year for 2 minutes or where you have to have sex, every day for a minimum of 2 hours?

Every day for a minimum of 2 hours.  For sure.  Sex/workout.  Sex/work.  Sex/cooking.  I would learn to combine it all, because 2 hours can start to feel really long if it has to be done every day.

Is there anyone on your partner’s side of the family you find hot? If you could hook up with them without anyone finding out (ever!) would you?

Maybe I would hook up with his older male cousin, now that I think about it my husband’s cousin is pretty hot.  Those tight jeans….  No I probably wouldn’t hook up with him, not worth it.

16 thoughts on “Juicy(?) TMI Tuesday

  1. Number one is funny because orgasms are on my top five list of things that makes my body (me) feel great but strangely not number one. I guess you have to spend time in a place where making a ‘movement’ can get you killed and is almost impossible to accomplish to appreciate it.

    You’re answers are always good because you aren’t forcing yourself or trying to answer them to impress anyone!

    • Thank you for that perspective! I would hate to be in a place where shitting can get you killed, what kind of hell is that? I would rank it pretty high if it was a matter of life and death, that’s for sure.
      Thank you for liking my answers. I was thinking it was going to get all steamy up in here but when I sat to narrow down certain fantasy people I just couldn’t call it out. Too many different fantasies to mention. Men, women, both, it was all overwhelming.

  2. I agree with your answer to #5
    At the office and then instead of a break I would be required to fuck! My boss? Co-worker? Hubby? Mmm my mind is in overdrive.

  3. If only sex burned more calories… 2 hours per day would be great ‘gym/sex’ time!

  4. A nice set of answers G!

    • I like having a nice set of things Nero. I can’t wait to read your answers, again…;) I was hoping to see my ass on your post like you said. 🙂

  5. Happy TMI!!
    I am so down with that!

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