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Back it up!


Haha, the modem was unplugged the whole time!  I never thought to check.

Lots of technical difficulties lately both mobile and desktop…I got my pics back though. Thank you to those who helped give me the confidence to try to retrieve them from the abyss that is my smartphone memory.

So…with a deep breath…

As promised (to quite a few people now) G’s ass:


I never posted this because it seemed like it needs explanation. I was laying down and holding the phone out from me, I twisted to snap a pic of my ass.

I don’t post any ass pics because I never like how they come out.  Seriously, these are the best ones I’ve gotten.  And now, I’m happily sharing them with you.


This never got posted (or maybe it did a short time before I took it down) because of the cellulite and roundness and the blur…

As I told Jayne, I wouldn’t want to participate in a Butt Day because my butt isn’t all that special.  Celebrate butts!  I do like that both sexes could join in a “Butt Day” if someone chose to host one.  I’m teasing Jayne because we both like to drink and comment on other blogs.


I’m not sure if I posted this one. Again, I think I got scared because I didn’t want to show my true roundness. I’m over that now, sort of…

But I do always enjoy the chance to show off my tits.


‘in’ side boob

Oh, look there is a timer on this phone camera (this is an old photo).  I set it down on the night stand.

Turn around…point down a little…


I’m not sold on these panties, I like the lace but I like some kind of contrast to my skin.

Oh, here is my butt.


Poor photo quality is the issue in this pic, or maybe the blur is my friend.

And to show that I’m not all boobs and butt, I have some legs too.


The first pic I posted on the blog. Showing my legs, and a bit of ass.

And a belly, for goodness sakes it’s going away but not fast enough.  I’m about to start a diet and exercise and SEX blog!

Here is to the start of a wonderful and sexy work week.  Kisses to all!

53 thoughts on “Back it up!

  1. I enjoyed every single photo. A lot. Thank you for sharing! xo

  2. Oh, girl. Look at dat ass! 😉

    I’m a butt girl and would happily host ass Wednesday as I’m a big fan of showing my ass.

    • I saw you mention Ass Wednesday on Twitter! Do it do it! I believe you would be the best representative for an ass celebration ever!

      I’m thinking I would learn to really appreciate a good butt, call it educational.

    • By the way, that avatar is amazing!

      • Thanks! That photo turned out so beautifully. Surprisingly so.

        As for hosting… My worry is I won’t do near as good a job (or elicit as much attention) as Hy. I’m just not big enough or dedicated enough.

  3. I shall eschew the obvious “OMG you’re so hot, your butt is fantastic”, even though the statement is correct, in favor of “WTF – do you have body dysmorphia?”. If so, you’re not alone. I see/meet plenty of women who have no idea how attractive they truly are, and quite frankly it pisses me off. Women seem to hold themselves to a much higher standard than men do vis a vis body image. A man really doesn’t care about the slight imperfections you do – all he sees is tits, ass, and pussy. A woman might think ‘my butt is too big and wobbly’ whereas a man thinks ‘mmmmm, I bet I could make that ass jiggle as I pound it from behind’. Seriously ladies, stop it now and just enjoy what you have. We certainly do. (You have a magnificent ass G, thanks for the pics – I’m going to use them in tomorrow’s TMI post. Bwahahaha!)

    • I do have really high standards for my body…hmm. And, like I said these were the best, so I know they are pretty good, but I think I could get better pics if I take my time, or I think these pics are good because they are blurred. Arg…so maybe if I was less hard on myself I would feel more free. This goes for my words too. Thanks Nero!

    • And, I’m not showing certain parts…I think they overshadow everything else good about me…I guess that is the dysmorphic thinking. I’m sorry to make you frustrated if I did.

  4. G – I DO love enjoying a glass of wine or two and commenting with you and MariMar!! You are all creamy skinned and pretty – AND brave!! I know it took some smashing of doubts to put your butt out there. You’re awesome. Nero is right about the body dysmorphia. Mine switches back and forth. I love those lace panties. The beige remind me of soft colors during the Renaissance time and the black are pretty against your skin color. I bet sky blue would be really pretty on you. Anyway, bottom line is, you make me proud. Thanks for sharing. Jayne

  5. Hey G 🙂 as a true connoisseur of ass – (evident in my blog) trust me… you have an excellent backside! 😀 It ain’t what you got but more of what you do with 😉
    if I were to *ahem* ‘give advice’ lol…I would urge you to GO FOR IT, and poke that beautiful round piece of heaven out there. Asses look even better from a nice bent over side shot.

    Just my two cents…… #assexpert. ps. thumbs up to the flesh-toned panties.

  6. Love love love these photos! KEEP the panties – they’re pretty and work with your skin tone! What is the leopard outfit you’re wearing in the 2nd photo? I love leopard! And in the last picture, looking at your legs, you look tall. *jealous*

    I’d read your diet/sex blog. 🙂

    • Hi!! Thank you so much. I am tall, but not too tall, 5’9″. The leopard outfit is some interesting lingerie I picked up a while ago, my torso is too long for it, so the boobs hang too low, it isn’t good for more than a few butt pics. 🙂

  7. Your roundness is making me drool, G – don’t ever be ashamed of it!

  8. That is a wonderful bottom! And well balanced with the nice front rack… rawrr.

    • Hehe, thank you! Rawrr right back at you. You know it is all just angle, lighting, clothing, poses, maybe a little me thrown in, right? 🙂 I appreciate the compliment though!

  9. Lovely pictures of a beautiful ass indeed. Thanks for sharing and hope to see more in the future, nothing to be ashamed of at all.

  10. Hey stranger. 🙂 You’re quite butt-tastic, you know?

    Although, there are two pics or poses missing that should be above…

    But (butt) in homage to this post, I’m gonna try to pry away from work and craziness sometime later this week and post something I’ve been saving for you… ’cause of this. 😉

  11. You are gorgeous and sweet and beyond lovely. I have lots of those twisty butt shots, too. Hilarious 🙂

    • Thank you Hy! I appreciate your kind words. It is hard to take proper butt pics, even with a self timer and standing rig for my phone. But I won’t give up now, 🙂

  12. Sexy you!

    I’m happy that the action is shifting downward. I’m so flat…Boobday is starting to depress me. 😉

    Let’s hear it for the Butt! LOL!


  13. Great pictures! I especially loved the last one, yummy legs!

  14. Gorgeous as always! I’m glad you finally got the courage to share!
    I’m kinda with you, I have never been a huge fan of my ass… And yet it seems to be the part of my body that men fixate on! Insanity I tell you… Insanity!

    • You are so sweet, thank you Rebecca. Insanity! Luckily with the ass, there are exercises to make it look better. Can’t say that about boobs or face, lol. Not that I need to say that to you…I just meant that it is a lucky insanity because your ass will stay nice until you get old I bet. :o)

  15. G – WOW, you got overwhelming response to your butt shots! So glad I thought of it!! 😉 😉 haha

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  17. You should know: The roundness you were afraid to exhibit is AMAZING. Keep it up 😀

  18. <— is waiting for you to bend 'dat ass' over! 😀 😀

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