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Superheroes and Super Villains



Today’s TMI Tuesday confessional is all about superheroes and super villains.  It should be a good one to read when I can get back to the computer.  My theory is that bloggers tend to be creative people, and creative people have good imaginations (and most likely have since childhood).  And people with good imaginations like to talk about shit like this.  I don’t usually think about shit like this so I fall out of that category, but I still claim I’m creative.

1. When you were a child / teenager who was your favorite superhero and why?

Probably Wonder Woman.  Because there wasn’t that many female superheros when I was a child.  I would always want to play the prettiest most kind-hearted hero.

2. Which super villain is most like you and why?

I would have to say…Giganta (I had to look at this list).  Only because I remembered her from the cartoons, she is smart and conniving, beautiful but TALL and CURVY!

3. If you had a super power what would it be and would you use it for good or evil.

I would use my skills to read minds and bodies for good.  I would be a matchmaker, a good will ambassador, I would be the liaison between good and evil, always able to read the minds of people who will shoot, people who lie and hide will be exposed, all thoughts would be read so I always know what is coming next and I don’t ever have to be afraid.

4. Do you own a superhero costume? When and where was the last time and place that you wore it?

No, I don’t own any superhero costumes at all and I never have.  Well, we do have a collection in little kid sizes but I’ve never worn any.

I think this is where the answers from others will get really interesting.  I only googled “cosplay” a month ago so I don’t know much about it, but I suspect one or two might answer this question in a kinky fun way!

5. Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about a super hero / villain. Tell us about it.

No, boring answer.  Tonight I command my mind to dream of someone super, someone super taking me into new sexual heights….I will report back tomorrow if it works.  If I had more time I would make up an answer for this question but someone is begging for the computer.

6. Who do you think is the coolest super hero and why?

Superman?  I don’t even know…I just loved the first movie when I was a kid.  He was so handsome!

Bonus:  You have been granted the wish of having a threesome with one super hero and one super villain. Which ones do you choose and why?

Hero: Superwoman

Villain: Giganta

Why: Because they are enemies, the sex between them would be so passionate (maybe even some fisting involved–they both are already gloved); and me with my super mind-reading powers knowing what each woman wants and needs, we would all come together for a wonderful and STUPENDOUS! orgasm power burst.

You totally thought I was going to pick two men right? I did too.  I would have picked Superman, but I really don’t care to go through the villains list anymore.  I really need to catch up on my movies.

4 thoughts on “Superheroes and Super Villains

  1. I need you to get me a match! you can start using your superhero powers with me!!!


    Happy TMI!

  2. omg Giganta, i mean the possibilities are endless…

    can i be your Superman?

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