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Rings and Hoops



I just stumbled upon this site that says that if you wear a black ring on your right hand it identifies you as part of the swinger crowd.  I’m going to be keeping my eyes on right hands while out and about for sure, I’m curious if our town even has a “crowd”.  Note: wearing the black ring on a middle finger is a symbol of asexuality, but wearing the ring on any other finger on your right hand shows you are totally part of the swinger “club”.

I’m not ready to wear a black ring on my right hand yet.  But I did shop around pretending I had money to buy a ring.  This one is different and cool:


And this one is AMAZING:


Please buy this for me!! Only $590!

But this one needs explanation:


CC Skye Eternity Wedding Bands
$175 –

Would you wear a black ring to confirm your status? Let me know in comments!


Edit: I removed the photo

Well, boobs, because I wanted to show you my hooping marks (if you click it zooms on the bruises, because …well…no pain no gain and I think it’s pretty cool that I’m finally getting the hang of this hooping thing and I have the banged up body to prove it).

Maybe when I get better I will post a video, but for now I’m just learning the flow of the hula hoop.  It keeps my mind off things.

28 thoughts on “Rings and Hoops

  1. Ha, yes, not the first jewelry company to try and sell stuff by claiming it signifies something else. I’d be careful before boldly saying “oh, you’re a swinger?!” next time you see someone with a black ring! 😀

  2. Wow, I learned something new today. I will be looking at everyone’s right hand now. It’s a “secret” club kind of thing. Cool. Thanks for sharing this info.

  3. Veronica and I have been swingers for 5+ yrs and have never heard that about black rings, but I’ll surely be looking at right hands now!

    Love seeing your boob and yes, video is an excellent idea!

    • Thank you! You and Veronica seem so in love (by your tweets), I just love that. Anyway, yes, report back if you see black ring right hand and I will do the same, okay? 🙂

  4. I just want to know how the hell a hula hoop is bruising your boob?? pretty rings whatever they’re for. Jayne

    • It’s more my hip being bruised but I’m working on gyrating it up past my boobs over my head. I made the hoop heavy with water, too much probably. But its working, its easier to learn when its heavy.

      • Oh! I just tried buying one at Target recently and they were so cheaply made. They didn’t have that bead in it that swooshes and clicks. It’s hard to do that fast enough. I used to but I tried it in the store – forget it. You were smart to add weight. Ooooh add marbles!!

  5. I love the first black ring! 🙂

  6. I took my partner to a gay bar once, years ago so my partner being an ex, but at the time it was summer and he kept his head shaved. This meant that he carried with him a handkerchief, so once in the club he pulled it out and whipped off his head.

    Our friend then went into this great long explanation of the historical significance of the handkerchief: what colours meant what, where it was placed, which pocket (one pocking meaning you were a bottom and the other pocket meaning you were a top) and of course all the different ways in which they could be folded to mean something.

    Sometimes a handkerchief is just a handkerchief – and though I think some subcultures might have actually had a real cause and use for such ‘hidden signals’ I often feel that currently we are just in a delightful situation that demands we buy something: I think it is telling that you went to look at black rings and chose one already. Just to belong we are prompted to by something and as a someone who has been around kink since the age of 18 I have never heard the black ring thing either.

    These sorts of little stories do make sleuthing fun tho! I can’t wait to see how many you count.

    • It would be telling, if I were actually looking to buy, but since I was just looking to have a “well rounded” (hehe, semi-pun intended) post I thought I’d pull a few off google images. Now, the fact that the Gucci ring was what I liked best, that probably is telling. It is masculine, I don’t even know if it is a man or women’s ring. It looks heavy. But I simply loved the “G” it had…I’m simple like that. I also thought about times I’ve worn a cheap black onyx ring and whether I had sent a message I didn’t intend. I figured the whole idea was pretty new. My husband had teased me for wearing an anklet before, saying that is the sign for “swinger” also. Have you heard of that?

      The hanky folding and tucking is interesting! I wonder if it still means the same things?

  7. I love the first ring. My kinda jewelry. I’d never heard of the swinger ring though. Im gonna be on the lookout now

    • I love it too. The people who made up the idea (reddit moderators on the swinging Reddit) said they chose black because it goes with everything. I agree. That ring could go with anything, and it is so intricate,yet strong looking too.

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