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Happy Friday Everyone! Boobday!


When Wednesday* rolled around this week, I lacked motivation to take photos.  After our Rick and Chloe encounters, my trip, another visit from Green, and of course the “welcome back” sex with my husband, I was sexually spent.  Note: my trip was 9 days of no sex, which could have balanced things out but…didn’t.

But because it is Friday and I’m conditioned to expect beautiful breasts displayed when Friday comes, I’m going to link to some boobs:

I’m sure you will see some good looking tits at A Dissolute Life Means

I hope she doesn’t mind me saying, but one of my oldest blogging friends CW put up a gorgeous boob pic on her blog recently, it is worth checking out!!

More than boobs, this subreddit: Gone Wild.  I also love going to Gone Wild Stories and reading about other crazy true encounters.

Here is my first boob pic ever posted on a blog:


I was still breastfeeding then too.

And my most recent can be found at the bottom of this post, or you can click back a few posts here.

I actually just lost all my saved boob (and other) pics this morning.  I had been using an app to “hide” the pics in case my phone was stolen or something.  It stopped working so I uninstalled it, I thought that would make the pics visible again.  Nope.  Gone.  I don’t really even care.  Maybe in ten years as my body is different I will want to look back on those photos…but really, there should still be enough around between saving from the blog and my husband.


I think this was my second boob pic ever posted on a blog

*Wednesdays are the Boobday deadline (click the link for more info).  Please join! The more the merrier, and all shapes and sizes (small especially welcome).   All you need is a Twitter account if you don’t want to be anonymous.

14 thoughts on “#boobday

  1. I totally remember that first boob pic. That was nearly a year ago, wasn’t it? Is it almost your anniversary??? And no, of course I don’t mind you mentioning me one bit! ❤

  2. G you’re always a highlight of my week, that you for sharing yourself and for the links. All my best xo

  3. I’m thinking Dissolute Deviants to be very sexy and spicy 😉
    I should do something special for your one year Boobie Exposure Anniversary….
    Beautiful photos as always G. xxx

    • That is much better, I was focusing on the Pavlov’s Dogs angle, but I much prefer being called a Dissolute Deviant!

      I love you Scarlett!

  4. You’ve been a busy girl lately. Congratulations on your recent successes.

  5. Hey! This is my first time at your blog, so equally the first time seeing “boobday” but.. What an AWESOME idea! I love it! Let’s celebrate, big and small…

    Look for my small, perky boobs to show up in your inbox soon! Lol

    (Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d type!)

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