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Nice TMI Tuesday questions today!



1. What’s your dirtiest secret?

It depends on who you ask, most likely the answer is: this sex blog where I share all my dirty secrets.  But if you really want to get dirty and make me blush, my secret is that I sometimes don’t shower right away after we play with others, and spend the next day smelling them on me and being turned on by it.

2. What’s the sweetest thing you have done for someone?

I was really sick through both my pregnancies but I endured while working full time and barfing all over and peeing my pants at the same time, and I popped out two wonderful (and healthy) babies.  This was the first thing that came into my mind, as I like to think part of the reason for doing it was “for my husband”.  But that is sort of a cop out, it was a mutual decision to have children and I was doing it for my need to propagate our species….

I wonder why it is hard to answer, I know I’ve heard, “that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me!” a few times.  I know I tend to be altruistic in real life, giving up seats on a bus, letting people in a hurry before me in line, being the friend people can dump on when needed.  But determining the sweetest thing done for someone, or done for me even, is going to be really hard.

At the same time I am sweet, I am also forgetful.  So I cancel out my sweet acts when I forget to call the next day. Sigh.

3. What’s your favorite foreplay act to give? Receive?

What is foreplay? I like to just get to the fucking part.

Getting: kissing and dancing close seems to get my mind on moving forward.  Lately the most arousing foreplay has been to verbalize what we are going to do to one another, “I’m going to push your face in the pillow and fuck you hard!”

And listening to dubstep while drinking gin and tonics and smoking a blunt.

Giving: I should ask my husband, but I know he is going to simply say, “swallow” which is the wrong answer because I think that is more than foreplay, it is making that dick unavailable for fucking me for at least 10 minutes.

EDIT: Now that I’ve read several other TMIT answers this week, I would have commented on how “Giving” means something like, “what do you like to do to arouse a partner?”  My go-to is always a blow-job, do I like it? I do but I’m not in love with it, I can’t be part of the “cock-worship club” because I don’t go after my husband every time he is naked.  As far as other foreplay,  I don’t sensually massage or do much else unless I’m asked to.  I should try harder, not that I have to try, hmmm.  Okay this will be my next journey, introducing more sensuality and intimacy into every sex act.

4. State five (5) facts about your body.

  1. It is hard to move a hula hoop around it because it isn’t as coordinated as my tongue
  2. My breasts have to weigh at least 5 pounds apiece and my back has acclimated to it
  3. It was made to work out hard but my legs and cardiovascular system mostly disagree
  4. It maintains temperature pretty well so I’m never too cold or too hot (except one time in Vegas the heat made me have to run to the bathroom every time I stepped into it)
  5. It isn’t very hairy at all, in fact my arms almost look bald but then you look close and see little blond wispy hairs.

5. Would you like to fondle the person next to you?

Sure, I do like to fondle people.  This would be fun if I was writing at the library or in a coffee shop now that I’m an equal opportunity (with regard to gender) fondle-er,  but right now I’m alone in the room.  I am not in the mood to fondle myself…okay fine I just tweaked a nipple.  Now they are sticking out…damn.

Bonus: Penis or vagina? Why?

I would rather be sexual with someone with a penis, I like to be penetrated in my vagina.


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16 thoughts on “Nice TMI Tuesday questions today!

  1. I sort of agree with you about foreplay. It can get tedious…sometimes it just has to happen, right now! 🙂 (enough already! LOL!)


    • It sets the tone for sure. If I need an intimate sensual encounter it is needed. If I just need to be fucked, well that says it all. 🙂 xoxo

  2. when my smell is left on someone afterwards, they’ve often commented on how distinctive it is, they’ve never encountered another odor like it from a human, it’s been dubbed (stepped) the Phoenix P.U.

    • You need to give yourself a pat on the back for this response, I have no words…my smile is very big though…okay now I’m giggling.
      You are so funny! Just sayin…lol!

  3. I’ve been known to go a few days myself . . . .

  4. Noooo …. I so much prefer the foreplay to the sex.

    I can have hours of foreplay 🙂

  5. Always enjoyable to the last. xo!

  6. #1 – Dirty gal! 😉 LOVE it.

  7. I sometimes don’t shower right away after we play with others, and spend the next day smelling them on me and being turned on by it.

    I dated a co-worker 30 years ago in the military and she had this thing about wanting sex right before work. She’d put on her uniform and go to work without a shower. I asked her about it after she had done it several times and she just told me it was something that got her off all day long, knowing I was inside her and that potentially, others could smell.

    I was 19 or so, and I definitely got off on that!

  8. Great queries!
    Wish I had the time – and the courage – to answer them!

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