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The Foursome (links)


If you would like to read all 6,300 words in one sitting, here are the links so you don’t have to click around too much.

One evening in great detail:

The Lead Up

Rick and Chloe – Part One

Rick and Chloe – Part Two

Rick and Chloe – Happy End to the Night
Like I alluded to a few times in comments, we got together with Rick and Chloe one more time before I took off for a long road trip.  It was a hot night, a birthday celebration complete with a bit too much drinking, licking frosting off places,  spankings, a little D/s, the ladies showering together, and more squirting.   I will write about that one soon!

7 thoughts on “The Foursome (links)

  1. I love shortcuts. Thanks!

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  3. Hot!
    And so hard to find… Well, at least to find the “right” couple. You need a couple that you really “click” with. And sometimes the girls don’t get along or one spouse doesn’t like the other spouse …but when it’s right, it’s crazy.

    • We’ve had a few other opportunities where right away I didn’t click with one of the other people. For a while I felt apologetic that I “ruined it by being too picky” but really, this is sex (extracurricular sex at that), why shouldn’t I be picky? It would make for a better time….anyway, my husband was great about it and didn’t feel like I ruined anything.
      I agree, it is crazy when it is right!

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