filled and fooled


I am her


Chances are high

that you do know me

I am (not) her


These are Hy’s tits

I am one of many

I am that wilting breathless mother, heaving with doubt that the checker will work fast enough to get us through the check-out without fury boiling over through the pounding fists a three year old who wants, always wants.

I am that one with the dark eyes and long hair blowing in gusts of air conditioning, that one who just smiled at you from the car to your right.  I caught you singing, I’m so glad you are happy.

I am a friend you thought was shy; but you realized later I just talk when I feel I have something meaningful to add.  But I remember everything you say, important or not.

There are times even when I’m that dissatisfied customer, that comment card dropper, that patron that demands quality products and service, who kind of just pissed you off.

I am that woman who placed the ad on Craigslist.  That ad that made your dick hard in a second, even without photos.  That ad that almost made you take the step toward fulfilling that fantasy.  That ad that made you wish you could just talk to your wife about how you need more attention.

I am her


And her


And sometimes I am her


Yes, you may know me

but why don’t we pretend

our world only exists in blogland

where I am just G

35 thoughts on “I am her

  1. Omg, this is my favourite post of yours ever. What a beautifully complete woman you are. The end was somehow sad…are you sad today? I personally don’t like pretence. I like the real deal. This post was the real deal.

    • Thank you so very much, it makes me feel great to read this! I was melancholy, but I got into the morning sun and feel better. Even better now reading your other comment on my eyes (I can’t respond, weird). Thank you Sexy!

  2. Loved this so much. Beautiful pictures too.

    • Thank you Cara, I wish I could have given it more time to come out, but that is the way and I accept I won’t have more time, ever.

  3. this is wonderful, and so are you.

  4. Love the layers in the first photograph, G. Well-composed.

  5. I love blogland! Sometimes I think I like it too much.

    Beautiful photos and post G!


    • I don’t think about too much blogland, it is a true escape from my reality sometimes. It could be gaming, a soap opera, an affair, or I could throw myself into exercise and nutrition (maybe that is a healthier alternative). This seems like a good alternate reality, where I always feel beautiful and prolific, can there be too much…? Hehe, I guess.
      But to have comments like this, makes my day and makes me a better mom because I’m happy. Now I better go make pancakes.

  6. The last photo reminds me of a painting from the Renaissance period; it is so ethereal. And I’m loving the prose along with the photos! xxx

    • Thank you so much! They didn’t smile during that period and the woman were nice and soft, I see what you mean now. I love that you can compare my photo! You are so beautiful!

      • They always looked calm to me and mysterious. I can’t see your eyes, and though you are not smiling, it’s like you have something to say, but the flash of the camera took your breath away. And now it remains forever a secret muted in an image.
        Or perhaps I’m looking far too into the photo 😉 xxx

  7. So often I feel like you’re are talking to me… Beyond things that are pointed, like this post. You say things that I think and on levels usually not stroked by anyone. Thank you gorgeous. xo

    • Thank you! I tried to capture that exasperated need to feel something other than life as we know it. I had a few more paragraphs I deleted, some music thrown in, another photo…I should have just left it.

      I’m glad we are in this together. I would love to meet you and your family some day, a picnic at a park to tire the kids out, and then…hehe

      • It does seem as though we (generally speaking) tend to just accept life as it is. This is what I have, this is what I do, this is who I can afford to be – without ever really testing or constraints. Can we have more, do more, be more? Why or why not? We are never just one thing to one person, I think you captured that well.

        I agree it would be fun to meet and don’t think it impossible though would take some traveling on both our parts. Some of which I already have planned, in your direction, I mean. Here’s to parks and the “hehe’s”

        • Exciting! Knowing the drive to get from your point A, to my point B, I would have to reward you greatly for a visit. As you know we take very good care of our guests. 😉

          And yes, we can almost have more but at what price. I envy those that get a vision of success and go after it, those that balance it with family anyway.

  8. I loved the first photo ! 😀

  9. You are her and you are beautiful. #testify

  10. I loved the full person you showed. You write so beautifully G xo, Jayne

  11. I loved your post . . . and your pictures. I only just found you, but I plan to stop by more often.

    • Hi Rachel! Wow, I’m so happy you stopped by! I’m planning to visit your blog for an extended time in the morning. I love the red curtain as you navigate to your site!

  12. I just the lyricism here. You nailed the G I’ve come to appreciate and admire this last year. You are so talented. Thanks for continuing to share a piece of yourself.

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