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Rick and Chloe – Part Two


This MFMF experience recount is continued from Rick and Chloe – Part One (which was continued from The Lead Up).

I tugged at Rick’s khakis indicating I was ready to give him some attention now.  Seconds later he was standing naked before me.  As I helped him step out of the pool of clothing on the floor, I took in the jutting and bobbing manhood before me.  I smiled, and of course instinctively I licked my lips.  We playfully threw his clothes across the room, drunk on the titillation of the moment.

I encased him in soft fingers, wrapping almost around into a comfortable grip.  I gave him a gentle squeeze, and he responded with a spurt of growth within my grasp.  I savored the moment, but he looked too delicious not to taste, I could not delay this by massaging him, we both wanted to know what it felt like in my mouth.

I looked at Chloe wondering if I should ask to take this next step.  Since this was the first couple we’d been with I really had no idea whether I should be more careful of the other woman’s feelings, or act by impulse.  During the quick pause I took to ponder this, my question was answered by the powerful screaming orgasm Chloe released on my husband’s face.

I was struck by this heightened reality once again (only this time brought on by compersion). The endorphin rush of this new feeling, mixed in lust and carnal need.   This head space, it feels like it flows from my temples, burgeoning from my reptilian brain; it moves me and it drives me.  I was attracted, and I went to it, there is no confidence that factors into this equation, I simply have turned off the thought to be afraid.

Rick playfully teased me and tugged at my hair, “you like sucking cock don’t you?”

I engulfed his thick head and began to acclimate my jaw to his size.  I met his gaze, my dark eyes illustrating the truth of the “yes” that escaped out of my filled mouth.

“Yes, you do, I can tell, you are so good at it.  You like my big cock don’t you?”  I enjoyed his confidence quite a bit, he appeared pretty reserved before.

I moaned my approval, louder this time, feeding him the power to buck into my mouth three times, each one progressively deeper in my throat.  I felt my whole body react to the lack of oxygen as he held, hot and hard, between my hungry lips.

I pulled away to breathe, just in time to see a natural break in the action between Derek and Chloe.  I took a risk and decided to steer the action in a different direction for a moment.  Since I’ve never watched another girl give a blowjob I asked Chloe if she could orally please her boyfriend for us.

She proved to love giving blowjobs just as much as I, perhaps more.  She was undone and ravenous as she bobbed her head up and down on her man.  Especially impressive was how deep she took him in her tiny mouth, making the sexiest little gagging noises I have ever heard.

I could tell she liked performing for us.  Over the evening Chloe revealed herself as an extremely sexually liberated woman, perhaps more than me, even though there is an age difference of ten years between us.  Her adventurous spirit and unbridled enthusiasm matched her sexy little body and exotic features, she really was a solid 9 out of 10.  How lucky we were to live in this moment!
Rick pulled back from her face and turned back to me, pulling me up from the couch to my feet.  Derek stepped in front of Chloe, replacing her boyfriend in the act, and she eagerly latched on to his stiff member, trying to suck him dry.  I loved hearing my sexy husband moaning as she now bobbed her head up and down on him.
Rick maneuvered me down onto the couch so that I was laying on my back, and I instinctively pulled my knees up and let my legs fall open.  I wasn’t sure what we were doing now but I trusted he would take care of me.  I felt enraptured by the hungry need welling below.
Chloe stood up, licking her lips with the taste of Derek still on her mouth and now stood in front of me.  Her perfect curves accentuated by the lamp behind her.  I realized she was going to lick me now.
I almost had a little orgasmic pop right then.  Selfishly I rejoiced inside, She hadn’t been with another woman in a few years but before that she had a serious girlfriend. I anticipated her experience pleasing another woman.  She moved her lips onto me, the sheer thrill moved me near the peak of an orgasm.  I focused on her mouth and writhed over her tongue.  She was different and more gentle than the men that have gone down on me before.  Her soft movement was helping me build a paramount orgasm.
“G, you taste so good.”  I fell for her sweet voice right then.
Derek put his thick middle finger into her drenched pussy.  Luckily she could balance the sensation of another building orgasm from his finger fucking with her tongue thrusting and clit kissing, and continued making me climb.  I rubbed her face and ran my fingers through her hair, “it feels so good, Chloe.”
I felt a caress on my cheek as I drew in the warm budding breath of my climax.  Reflexively, I turned to see what touched me.  As I turned Rick fed me his cock, it fit deep into my cheeks.  I loved that he was so eager to get back in my mouth. This time he knew I wasn’t going to move away, not from Chloe’s mouth,  so he thrust harder into mine.
“You like it when I fuck your face don’t you?”  He did know just how I like to be talked to, “you love a hard cock in your mouth.”  His words triggered me, and I washed Chloe’s mouth with my cum.  I bucked on her tongue, she thrusted it into me deeper.  The world stopped for a moment as my head spun with thoughts of disbelief that I was cumming in hard waves right there on that sweet little face.
Derek slid under Chloe and began licking her pussy and ass, the four of us were connected in fucking bliss.  “Ahhh, yes, you know how I like it” she rose her face off my mound to squeal.  She pressed down and rode his face in short bucks,  then went back down on me to keep with the flow of my last few orgasms.
I closed my eyes and felt my body be used in a whole new way.  It is hard to judge the span of time, and luckily I have my husband to help remember the sequence of events.  Even then, details like why we changed positions are still unclear.But I do know that Rick stopped thrusting into my mouth, and Chloe sat back to take a breath after Derek moved from under her, and I felt freed from being pinned between our two new friends.
Though it lasted no longer than a few seconds, soon Rick was poised to taste me now.  He took long licks, savoring the mix of Chloe’s saliva and my wetness.  Sensing my abandoned control of orgasmic release, and the steady flow of natural lubrication, Rick stepped back and held his cock in hand deciding if he was going to fuck me.
“Can Rick fuck me?” I perhaps should have asked my husband, too, but this request was aimed at Chloe. I asked again before she could answer, “I want to feel him in me, is it okay?”
Derek was obviously approving of my request, as he positioned himself behind Chloe.  “So are we all okay with doing this?” My sweet husband asked.
“Protection is always good.” Rick answered.
With Rick’s approving statement I went to the bedroom to grab the condoms.

Upon my return, I laid on my back on the couch looking up at Chloe, who was on her hands and knees, ready for my husband.  We shared a few passionate kisses, building the anticipation as the men readied to penetrate us.

I reached up and cupped her dangling titties as I felt my husband make his first thrusts into her.  As her boyfriend filled me we began passionately kissing in fast appreciative bursts, our lips in a sixty-nine.  As Derek rocked into her, Chloe’s moaned into my mouth.  I joined her in the sweet sounds of satisfaction while Rick thrust into me, matching Derek and Chloe’s rhythm.

Last part coming Monday: Rick and Chloe – Part Three

48 thoughts on “Rick and Chloe – Part Two

  1. Hello! I always have this feeling that there would be no way for me to give and get at the same time, like in your post. I know that it’s possible. I’ve seen pictures! 🙂 I think that if someone was going down on me, I might choke on a random dick shoved in my mouth. The more time goes by, the more I think I’d like to find out. My own reactions have surprised me in the past…

    Great post!


    PS: What a good idea to mention condoms! We all tend to forget sometimes.

    • Hello! It’s very primitive functioning at that point, dividing the focus only heightened the sexual senses. I think you would enjoy the experience quite a bit!

  2. “Last part coming Monday”…I’m sure that is way later than some of us:-)

  3. Well done – event and writing it out – I hope they are friends you get to meet up with again!

    • Thank you! I think we will see them again. We got together after this once, to celebrate her birthday. But we won’t be having any foursomes with them again unless Rick changes his mind.

      • Hot G, very hot…of course, I am intrigued by your last sentence above, “But we won’t be having any foursomes with them again unless Rick changes his mind.” WTF?

        • I know, WTF!! I can only think it was going to just be a “one and done” for him, and then he allowed it just one more time. I’m undecided if I am going to write about it, let me know if you want to hear about that (mostly just girl-girl) experience.

          • Of course, we *all* want to hear *everything* 🙂 That’s a pity… Sounds like it worked so well. Must be quite hard to find 4 that all “click” and it seems you did.

  4. Oh my stars, this is getting better and better. I am beyond jealous.

  5. The details are what really brings this real life account (I’m avoiding calling it a “story”) home for me. Who’s doing what, laying where, being filled by whom, and condoms. All of it is gloriously hot and enjoyable to read. Thank you!!

  6. Whoa mama! That is some seriously hot writing G, my cock is harder than concrete right now (and I’m at work dammit!). I wanna fuck your mouth like Rick did, so I’ll be imagining that when I get some me time. I can’t wait for Part 3!!

    • Nero, your timing is impeccable. I now get to envision you stroking your rock hard cock as you think about fucking my mouth. I will be in my bedroom with the door closed…

  7. That’s just fucking hot, G. Congratulations on such a good time.

    • Thank you JK!!! I’m just happy to have made it through that first time jitters thing. I do feel more “grown up” now that I have tried things I was scared to try before.

  8. Mercy. I’d love to know what it would feel like to suck cock as I’m being licked. That had me clenching. So yummy.

  9. Part two is just too hot for words… It almost seems perfect and flawless.
    I am so happy for you and of course your hubby.

  10. that was a really really hot write-up! well done!

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  12. “She moved her lips onto me, the sheer thrill moved me near the peak of an orgasm. I focused on her mouth and writhed over her tongue. She was different and more gentle than the men that have gone down on me before. Her soft movement was helping me build a paramount orgasm.
    “G, you taste so good.” I fell for her sweet voice right then.”

    You paint quite the picture, G.
    Well done!

  13. Dear G,
    Wish I was a fly on the wall… I Love It!

    • I wish I had some photos or videos or something. Never think of that in the moment. So, I too, wish I were a fly on the wall in addition to being involved. 🙂

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