filled and fooled


La Roux – Scream Ravey Remix


The slow dance sway builds

swirling words with unique electronic melodies moves our bodies rhythmically

five minutes here then we start again

as the shrill notes pierce us, sew us, intertwine us

I am feeling light– wedged four inches taller, held securely with broad arms, corset strung, forgetting to breath

The drums come and I give in a little more, feeling your gaze deeply through my layers

We float on, for almost an eternity, adrift in sweat and heavy breathing, it is like the first time again

Then the beat breaks free and I know what it means to move, our two bodies now are one vehicle to a higher being, two hearts sharing gallons of blood one drop at a time

This is bigger than us, it is her and him too, her and her , those guys, them over there, we feel this together.

On this dance floor we join in flights, feelings, trapped breaths and sewn hearts

And I couldn’t have it any other way

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