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something d i i r r t i e r part 3, end of story


Fuck Dawn, you are so good! Everyone read this! It is part three, so go back a few posts, too. I wish I could write like this.

Alice Thierry

His hands, now freed from her chalice of flesh, pushed her backwards violently onto the bed. Seizing a small pillow, he wedged it firmly under her lower back. Like a lassoed calf at a country rodeo, his strong fingers clamped her ankles together tight, her legs rigid sprouts in this carnal forest. Without giving her time to consent, Marco thrust himself deep inside of her, so deeply that she was certain that he must have touched her resilient little heart.

Although his rod was long, it was not its length that amazed her. Although his penis had a very impressive circumference, it was not its girth that awed her. The thing that really enthralled her, the thing that she would think about for months after this romantic interlude, for years was how incredibly HEAVY it was! Heavy, dense like a weapon of combat. Heavy like his intentions for her…

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4 thoughts on “something d i i r r t i e r part 3, end of story

  1. Thank you SO MUCH! I feel giddy! 🙂


    PS: You write better, Silly You!

  2. You’re no slouch, G!
    Great share, though!

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