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She Is Different Now




No internet! What is a girl to do? Drive somewhere to get
signal, of course. I can’t miss a boobday post, even if I’m
late to the party.

I see breasts differently now, so soft, so beautiful, so damn
amazing no matter what size. They are givers of life, givers
of pleasure, givers of disdain and worry.

I liked the shadow in this photo, but I thought the angle of
my breasts in the mirror looked weird, one hanging lower than
the other.

Hmmm, you know I’m not perfect, but yet I still try to
pretend I am, so silly, such a fruitless effort because our
unique bodies are what makes Boobday so special.

Thank you Hy, for letting me share my body with your readers
too…if I can find internet somewhere out here.

28 thoughts on “She Is Different Now

  1. You are making me smile… Enjoy your vacation.

  2. We’re here. And I’m so glad you are too, even for a brief moment. Looking lovely as always. xo

  3. nice nip…enjoy yourself, I know that post has me enjoying myself…lol

  4. She is Different Now – sexier than ever. More than her body.

  5. no ty for sharing and of course boob pics (drools)

  6. I think the photo is pretty damn cool. The model, of course is a favorite of mine so maybe I’m biased.

  7. Better late – and borrowed – than never!
    Good work!

  8. G, your tits never disappoint, and your ability to take such great shots always keeps a guy like me interested. When am I going to get to photograph your beautiful body?

    • Such great compliments to start my day right! Let’s do it in August! I will talk to my husband about a trip to the bay ASAP.

  9. i just fell in love

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