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Rick and Chloe – Part One


To read how we met Rick and Chloe, go here to “The Lead Up”


I could hear the scraping sound from each speed bump bottoming out Rick’s convertible, as they followed us through the maze of neighborhood streets to our place.  The nervous anticipation of the night ahead — a foursome with this couple we just met a few days ago on Cragislist — smoothed over any inebriation Derek may have had before driving.

Our ride was brimming with excited discussion of the night’s possibilities.  We had our game plan set, and priorities in place.  Our plan was going to start with me visiting the bathroom while Derek made drinks for everyone.  We laughed imagining they must be doing some planning as they drove behind us.  As we walked into the cooled house, excitement electrified the air.

We sat at the table sipping the cocktails Derek mixed, chatting more and regaining our comfort.  As the drinks flowed the glances became more prolonged, intense, and confident.  I made sure to rotate my glance between the three sexy people I was sharing this night with.  I made sure to hold eye contact, smile, and send body language signals.  It was thrilling getting to know our new partners.

It was beginning to annoy me to have to leave the conversation so frequently to head to the bathroom, but this time Chloe had to go at the same time, and we both returned at the same time.  Our sweet men, Derek and Rick, now sat comfortably on the couch patting our saved seats.  Derek later told me it was his idea to move the party to the couch.

Getting comfortable like that always starts the ball rolling.

Chloe took the corner spot on the couch and I sat close by her, leg to leg,  and squeezed next to Derek on my other side.  She melted back into the couch and into Rick’s arm and he hugged her gently.  We giggled and grinned.  It was difficult to make eye contact with her, I was feeling shy, she is really cute.  I felt really warm from the alcohol and excitement.

“Hello there,” I said too-quietly and giggled, embarrassed.  I think we all wanted something to start but making that move is so hard sometimes.  I could hear us all breathing a little heavier and each silence seemed more meaningful dragging longer and longer.

“I dare you to touch her leg.”  Derek pulled a little away from me with a perfect I-dare-you smile.  That was just what I needed to get my confidence up.  It was a perfect innocent way to establish that first touch.

I ran my hands over the tops of her thighs.  Remarkable.  Her skin was so soft I feared my hands would feel rough against them.  “Your legs are so soft, so tan and so smooth.”  I realized the beers had altered my inhibitions a bit when I slurred the words, but I needed to compliment her.

Chloe started touching my legs and encouraging me that mine were soft too.  I laughed as  a quickly passing moment of feeling less sexy built and then dissipated when I watched Derek begin to caress her leg and then I felt Rick’s hands on me, too.  My adrenaline spiked when the second set of hands touched my skin.  It always does.

Derek whispered in my ear, “look, they’re whispering, they’re up to something.”  Maybe he said, “hrrrm mmmggg hhmphhh” I’m not sure, the buzz had started in my head as my body and mind prepared for the experience making it very hard to think right then.  I returned quickly to the present moment, hearing my husband’s whisper-voice, “see, he has her bra unhooked and he’s trying to pull her titties out.”

She helped him a little, that final tug on her bra to remove it entirely revealed lovely cleavage.  While I was so eager to see what was under the shirt, feel her, release her breasts, time froze when I saw her in the vulnerable position that I’d been in a few times before, at the start of a threesome; that question of whether I should just pull out my tits to get the ball rolling, or keep myself shrouded in mystery a few moments longer.  It made me feel like the experienced player to see her there now.  My confidence caught fire at that moment.

It felt great to shed that innocence I’ve grasped onto far too long.  It is time to own these desires and the action we take to fulfill our needs.  There is nothing wrong, this is fun, this is healthy.

I got down on my knees in front of her and unhooked my bra, then slipped the straps off my shoulders and pulled it down off my body, tossing it aside.  I tugged at the ribbon on my wrap-dress and watched her as my large breasts were revealed when the fabric of my dress fell open.

She grinned and reached up to feel me, “I love your big titties.”  I smiled, happy to know she liked the way I looked. Rick and Derek began touching me at the same time, I felt attended to, worshiped in a way.  I basked in the attention momentarily, but I quickly realized I wanted to shift attention elsewhere, I wasn’t here for that tonight.

I leaned back down to kiss Chloe.  After thirteen years of only kissing my husband I felt insecure about whether I was kissing her well or not.  Our tongues danced and our lips moved.  We found a good comfortable rhythm, less tongue, more lips, more suction.  I moaned to let her know it felt nice to have her mouth on mine.

“Can I take your top off all the way?”  I requested sweetly, not sure if I’m supposed to be confident and pushy or sweet and reserved.  Without hesitation she kept eye contact with me as she pulled her top off over her head.  Her perky C-cup breasts bounced and fell to her chest, they were perfect like mine had been years ago before motherhood deflated and struck them downward.  I had to cup her, massage her, I wanted to explore her body with my hands almost as much as I wanted to taste it.

Yet, I wasted no time sinking my lips onto her pretty pink nipples.  To feel them in my mouth, it was familiar, yet different, they were not connected to me like the nipples I’d sucked before.  I focused on her breathing and mews, her moans and gasps since I couldn’t feel the pleasure I was giving.  Her body showed me I was doing well.  Derek and Rick joined me in lavishing her with kisses and licks as she relaxed back into the corner of the couch letting moans escape as the pressure built.

Chloe turned to Derek and they embraced in a long sexy kiss.  I didn’t stop to watch them long but I took in the sight for what it was worth.  This first time seeing my husband kiss another woman, I felt none of the emotions I expected to feel.  I enjoyed it.  It turned me on.  It made me eager to remove her shorts.

I pulled her shorts down, revealing a cute little cotton triangle covering her pussy.  I pulled those panties off too.  Derek said I seemed like a different woman at that point, hungry for to experience the body of another woman.  He loved seeing me take charge of the experience and lose all inhibition I had before.  After pulling her panties off the curve of her round ass, I took in the first pussy splayed for me.  I touched her without hesitation, softly drawing a line top to bottom.  She bucked into my finger as I pushed between her lips and grazed over her clit and downward.  I watched her pulse and tense her muscles as my finger met her edge.  We didn’t know how far I was going to go with my exploration.  I brought my fingers back up to her pussy, one readied to penetrate her.

I felt Rick at my side, pulling my dress off.

I wasn’t wearing any underwear, since I had removed them when we got home.  I was naked a little too fast for my comfort, and looked around seeing the men far too clothed.  In an effort to forget about my imperfections now seen by our new friends I lowered to taste her.

If only I could have been a fly on the wall, to see two beautiful naked women in the living room one welcoming the other to her first pussy-licking experience.  The other lost in the frenzy of being taken in, tasted, wet and warm; it had been too long since she felt another women want her.

As I let my tongue drag along the length of her folds, and back down to penetrate her pussy, her mild sweet flavor registered in my mind, sending calm feelings down my body.  I remember thinking that I really like this taste, it is like me but different.  Having my mouth on her made my own pussy ache with need in such a good way.

I flicked her button with my tongue repeatedly until I remembered I don’t usually like that because it makes me feel too sensitive.  Then I lightly explored the folds of her labia, changing pressures and points of tongue contact, breathing hot breath on her, then blowing cool air.   She caressed my head softly moaning, “oh, yeah, mmmm.”  I was so happy to have her encouragement in this uncharted water, all I could do was try things I read and things I like done to me.

I inserted my index finger in her as far as I could push it, making her moan louder this time, her body felt similar to mine inside.   I tried to hook my finger and rub her g-spot.  I could feel her respond to my touching, but I didn’t know if I had the right spot.

I can understand now how hard men have it, pleasing a woman, especially if she isn’t the most vocal in the bedroom.  For women, we see men get hard, and then harder and we play with them until they blow.  When I get sprayed in cum, I know I’ve done a good job.  It is different for woman I now know.

I could hear Rick’s breathing close by me, fast and heavy as he watched us.  Derek moved down to the floor at my side watching for a few moments, then he asked if he could taste her too.  I backed away for a moment and looked to Rick for the next move, I looked for permission for my husband’s mouth to engulf his girlfriend’s pussy, and for me to please him in some way.  I slid my left hand up and down his thigh, meeting his shorts and pushing under them higher and higher on each caress.  My right hand went back to work two fingers into his girlfriend’s pussy as my husband’s mouth latched around her clit.

When I pushed my hand far enough up Rick’s shorts to finally feel his cock, it was ever so tightly bound by his briefs and shorts.  I became very distracted by his well-being.  So distracted that I left Derek to take care of Chloe, so I could turn my full attention to Rick, freeing him.

He stood up to pull his shorts off.


Continued (next week) with active link – Rick and Chloe – Part Two

68 thoughts on “Rick and Chloe – Part One

  1. Uhhhmmmm… If you need me I’ll be in my bedroom alone for a little while.

  2. Exciting stuff! Yes, pussy ones taste so so good, doesn’t it? And I loved this bit, I’m going to use it for one of my posts: “I can understand now how hard men have it, pleasing a woman, especially if she isn’t the most vocal in the bedroom. For women, we see men get hard, and then harder and we play with them until they blow. When I get sprayed in cum, I know I’ve done a good job. It is different for woman I now know.”

  3. damn G – very hot stuff. I’m with Anisa – off to my bedroom for a bit!

  4. So disappointed that it stopped here, looking forward to the next part.

    • When I saw the word count creep up to 2k I felt like I’d have little chance of getting readers if I didn’t take a break here. I can email you my RD for the rest of the story if you want?

  5. I love your fearlessness…

  6. Mama Mia! Getting hotter and hotter.

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  8. Very…tasteful.

  9. wowzer.
    Is it wrong to admit I am grateful for the break – that you didnt shoot your whole load at once!
    tease. I love it!

    well done G, even though I dont know you, I am so proud of you!

    • Thank you, haha! I had some great advice not long ago to break difficult tasks down into smaller and more manageable steps. Seems to work with blogging, 😀

  10. Fucking hot G! And super, crazy jealous that it wasn’t me 😉 xxx

    • Aww, Scarlett if it was you I got to lose my girl virginity with my mind would be blown to smithereens (in a totally erotic sense). Or, are you jealous of what I got to do? It was fun, you and Henri need to come to California!

      • Guilty on all counts of jealousy–that it wasn’t me, that it wasn’t us, and that I am still a girl-on-girl virgin. But alas, I am getting closer. And I do wish we were in California 😉 xxx

        • We just got lucky it happened, your turn next. 🙂

          Her bf decided he wasn’t into it anymore after the second foursome.

          • Easy cum easy go, huh?
            Despite that, did this open you up for further girl-on-girl experiences? xxx

            • Yes, totally opened up. I knew I would like it, but I didn’t/don’t yearn for it. It was confusing, I’m not confused, its just pleasure. I am open to my husband being with another girl too. I really need to finish writing the story!

            • Oh I yearn for it! It’s all I’ve been thinking about for like two weeks already! I feel like a teenage virgin boy who can’t get his hands off his dick thinking about a woman. :-/ xxx

            • Awww, if I didn’t get kicked off WiFi here in lovely Utah (for visiting my blog, hehe) I’d want to know more details of this yearning…maybe share some stories/fantasies…

      • Oh no!
        How dare he??

      • Lol – the man is a poet and a wit!

        I’m sure Scarlett will do a much better job:-)

  11. I made the mistake of reading this at work. I need a break….

  12. G–

    I know other people have said this–but I just love your confidence here in this story. I’m so thrilled to read your amazing writing. Your adventure is fun–there is no doubt about it–but your writing is what really turned me on.

    Does that make me a geek? Excited for Part 2!

    • If that makes you a geek, I’m a geek-lover. I hope when I get back to town I can finish the story, after I get some hubby-lovin in.

    • If that makes you a geek, I’m a geek-lover. I hope when I get back to town I can finish the story, after I get some hubby-lovin in.

  13. Wow. You all have been busy. 😉

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  17. Dear G,
    OMG Girl I’m Loving this and can’t wait to continue onward!

  18. Awesome. Loved every word. Hot as hell G. BTW I was wondering if you knew of your bisexuality before you discovered Derek being bisexual? Or was it later that you sort of ‘forced’ these feelings upon you to better understand how your hubby felt being bisexual , and obviously later you cherished the experience like anything…

    And yes , I would have loved to be a fly on the wall to watch you guys driving each other crazy. What a beautiful union of minds and souls indeed!

    • Thank you so very much! I love this question! Before I met Derek I had explored with kissing other girls, but it was mostly drunken nights, sort of looking for shock factor more than satisfying any needs. I didn’t ever imagine taking it further than kissing at the time, I had no thoughts about being bisexual.
      Derek was open about his bisexuality from the start of our relationship. During our talks I had made the promise that I would eventually want to try a threesome with another girl but I had no desire to at the time.
      I still don’t yearn for the taste of another woman like I do a man. But I certainly appreciate pleasuring a woman, and being pleasured by her now. There is something different and exciting about being with a person who knows what the sensations are feeling like.

      Anyway fast forward 12 years into Derek and my relationship, about a year ago we started having threesomes with other guys. But, he felt that if we continued with just the men that we could turn into something else (like he is bi, but not that bi, and certainly not a cuckold)?? Hard to explain, basically he said no more threesomes with other guys until we have a threesome with another girl or get with another couple. Of course, I didn’t like the idea of stopping altogether. So I had to quickly get used to the idea of sharing my husband and/or being with a woman. The thought that I could kiss her, which I couldn’t do with the other men, sealed the deal that I should look for another couple. So I did, and we had good luck finding the right people pretty fast.

      To answer your question, I did indeed force the feelings upon myself, just a small part being to better understand how my hubby felt being bisexual, more to continue being swingers.

      To write it out makes it sound pretty fucked up. I wish I could say that I had these feelings and I was just waiting to be confident enough to meet another woman and explore. I wish I could say that I wanted to know what it felt like to be attracted to the same sex. I wish I could say nothing was forced and it all went naturally. But I was doing it to please my husband more than anything. Not very sex positive, huh?

      At this point though, I’m smitten with Chloe, she is a sweet sexy young thing with such a fun freaky side. I love her body and her taste, she makes me appreciate all other women so much. I’m a big fan of Rick too, but he is flip flopping between wanting more and just wanting to be friends with us.

  19. I must say that I truly admire your honesty. The way you came out in your reply and confessed that it was pretty much about Derek that you decided to explore your bisexual side. I mean I could relate to this; Y is more or less like you. Men and cocks are what gets her heart racing; she doesn’t feel pretty much attracted to girls but if I were to woo her into trying such an experience she might start to cherish it, just the way you did. But then again, I KNOW THIS IS WHAT SHE DOESN’T WANT!

    I couldn’t help but ponder over the fact that after a few mfm encounters, Derek insisted that you guys had to change course. Now if you ask me, I believe there was a very strong reason for that. Derek like all other men, is scared of stigmatizing his relationship with you as a cuckold/hotwifing one. I know he is bisexual and he loves women, but he knows the joy of sharing his woman with another man, and that believe you me, is simply out of this world, ecstatic actually. The fear of labeling himself a cuckold, and all the baggage that comes along, like remorse, feeling of inadequacy and shame made him change course probably. But then again, this very hypothesis of mine might be wrong! 🙂

    And the way you go out of your way to make Derek comfortable and keep your family functioning as a unit, prioritizing them is what makes you a role model for us really. Loads of love and respect for you G.

    • It has been so hard to respond…I’m smiling, every time I think of these words. Thank you so much for truly getting me/it/this. Loads of love and respect back to you!

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