filled and fooled


Summer of Iced Tea, Tanlines, and…


taking my top off…almost.


Click This Photo (NSFW)!

Well, I’ll get plenty more chances to take my top off this summer, there are at least 6 Fridays Boobdays left in the sizzling season.


I’m a big fan of Boobday, as you know.  It started with Hy’s regular posts; her beautiful body and gorgeous breasts were a sweet sinful dessert after a feast of her delicious words.  Seeing her body made her writing more real, even more hot.  Each photo is so tastefully done (“tastefully” as in I want a taste of her), even if she always allows “the angle” to take the most credit; she is the total package.

The added bonus of this Boobday meme Hy created, is that each week her Boobday posts include a lot of lovely ladies sharing their luscious boobs, ladies including yours truly.  I know you knew that but I like to pretend I have new readers sometimes.  Hehe.

You should show your boobs too.  No excuses!  The rush from knowing all these eyes are on your tits, it is exhilarating.  Try it! Check out her Boobday page for how to participate.

When I started seeing myself as more than a wife, mommy, and used-to-be professional, and my breasts as more than vessels of nutrition;  I began morphing back into the woman I was before motherhood.  Sure, my priorities still remain with my kin, but I acknowledge the importance of working to be a sexually healthy, sexually open woman again.  I think this blog was really created to document that morph, though I couldn’t admit it at the time. As I reflect on the changes I’ve made I feel proud and excited to continue this journey.

Boobday helps me remember that all kinds of titties, all kinds of nipples are beautiful.  I look at this photo, and I feel it.


This week’s Boobday pic

I went to a usually-secluded side yard to take a photo for this week’s Boobday.  As I went outside I heard chainsaws whirring less than 50 yards away, I wasn’t sure if he was up in the tree or on the ground on the other side of the fence, I didn’t really care because I had a mission to get this top off, and most importantly, the mission included getting pictures of the top coming off.  Then I heard his voice really near, “Hey, Joe, check this out!”

I ran inside and fixed myself a cold iced tea.

Happy Friday all!

43 thoughts on “Summer of Iced Tea, Tanlines, and…

  1. You forgot to mention in your comment on Hy’s post how beautifully you have presented your own. So I had to visit here and do it for you. Gorgeous lighting, soft lines, natural colours – you look feminine, womanly and alluring. Very well done, so glad I pushed (a little). And the gif! Bonus! You clever girl you.

    • Thank you cAt. Considering the quality of that beautiful photo of you Hy posted, I am blushing. Thank you, for the push and compliments!

  2. I think you take tasteful (as in a want to taste you) photos as well. Perfect MILF. 😉

  3. I think I am one of the few girls that love tan lines.
    Beautiful sexy pics girl… Lickaliscious!!!

    • I really do love tan lines because it is like my summer badge. Each year they change with each favorite suit or top. Into Fall I’m reminded of how I soaked in that hot sun.

      xoxoxox back at you, and thank you! I need to take a road trip!

      • I know you would understand and relate about loving our tan lines. 🙂
        Yes, you do need to take one before the summer is over. 🙂

    • It is pretty fun, I like showing boob pics, but to animate them is different…I guess it’s 2D vs 3D?

      I’m just imagining how 4D might come out, smell me taste me touch me….hmmmm.

  4. The animated gif is awesome. Thank you.

  5. You know I love your boobs (and your nipples) but that second photo today is extra good. Beautiful! Keep ’em coming.

    • Oh good, I’m glad! As you know I wasn’t able to devote proper time to getting a good selection of photos to choose from, so having that one work, makes me really happy.

      I was thinking of you when I made the .gif too, wanting to get that nipple play in per your previous request.

  6. (And maybe next time you could linger just a little longer before running off!)

  7. Always a Glorious photo of you Glamorus breasts. Fantastico!

  8. You are just so lovely. xo

  9. I always want to leave an eloquent note …
    But, as always, you leave me speechless.

  10. There are no words….

  11. i don’t think you know just how crazy you have driven me – but, when i think about it, i think you know exactly how crazy you have driven me and i think you love it

  12. to quote an incredibly sexy woman i met recently “gurgle” 😉

  13. Breasts are amazing. They vary in so many different ways and are all so enjoyable regardless of their variances.

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