filled and fooled


The Lead Up


Virtually casting our line into the sea of Craigslist Casual Encounters….  Our tiny MW4MW hook dangled in restless waves under a dirty summer haze.

I sat in the office chair and rubbed my nipples through my t-shirt and read the final draft of the ad.  It was hard not to play with them; I was aroused simply by doing something that would have been out of character a few years ago, my nipples ached from the rush of blood that had made them hard.  I imagined the experience we might have if another couple responded.  I couldn’t help but shudder at the thought and keep teasing my nipples until they reached peak firmness.

I confirmed that my ad could publish.  Click.  “I’m done.”

My husband Derek found the ad easily, reading it for the first time.  “I got it right, couple seeking couple?” .  I could see excitement and anticipation wash across his flushed face, and a beautiful blissful smile of appreciation cross his lips.  I felt so pleased with myself.

Then he laughed at the right times; at my creative descriptions of our physical features, at my short sweet list of what we were looking for, and then he congratulated me with a job well done (by smacking and then grabbing my ass firmly as I stood to hug him).  “I can’t believe we are really going to do this” he whispered into my ear.

In the ad, I mentioned my new-found desire to sexually explore another female’s body.  I expressed that my husband is bi.  We made it clear that we didn’t require bi play, but it was a bonus if they had an interest.  Most importantly, I made it clear that we are loving and secure couple just looking for a new fun encounter with no strings attached.

I didn’t expect many legitimate replies, as couples seeking other couples seems to be pretty rare in our little urban oasis.  I made mention that we would be open to single females, and possibly the right single men.

We received several replies from single men.  There were no replies from single women.

A day after I placed the ad we got a reply from Chloe and Rick.

Immediately, I liked her.  It was more than their pics– the sweet smiles, the nice clothes and clean appearance– nor was it her well-worded response.  It wasn’t even the excitement over their ripe young bodies, there was just something I liked about her, something made me feel excited to try this.

I didn’t expect her to respond again after I sent the first round of pics.  I was sure the extra weight and extra years we had on them would put us out of their “league”. But her response came rapidly and enthusiastically– we were approved.

Oh my, this is really happening.

We didn’t even have to discuss it, I knew Derek wanted to make something happen as fast as I did.  Perhaps before anyone changes their mind.  I was more motivated than ever to follow through with this.  In my mind, I was going to make up for backing out of the other opportunities we had with couples, the playing field was even going to be level again because Derek was going to get to be with another woman.

Chloe sent a few lingerie pics; we reveled in her gorgeous rounded hips adorned with such a tight little waist atop; plus her firm dewdrop breasts gave her a perfect balance of curves.

More photos came in a separate email, I open them eagerly to see Rick showing off in his underwear, and then standing clothed in front of his car.  Though his wealth was hidden, I was confident he would come bearing gifts as his fit body was revealed.  I was eager to unwrap both of their sweet young packages.

Serendipitously, or perhaps through my careful planning, we obtained a kid-free evening two nights following our receipt of their initial reply.  I sent Chloe an email letting her know, and held my breath waiting for her reply.  Luckily it wasn’t long before she confirmed they were free also, and we exchanged phone numbers and swiftly made plans to meet for drinks the next night.

Even though it was confirmed, I still didn’t feel it was really happening.  The scenarios poured through my head the entire day leading up to our “date.”  I laugh now at the worst-case scenarios I watched dissolve around me as we finally met and warmed to them, and I giggle at all the things I dreamed of doing that I actually got to do…more on that later…

I was nervous walking into the restaurant to meet them, I almost wanted to turn back and avoid this feeling of uncertainty and imminent rejection.  Luckily Derek could soothe my nerves by reminding me that this was part of the fun, this same anxiety we felt before all of our other threesomes, and when it dissolves it is replaced by such amazing feelings of freedom and euphoria.  It is true.

But I still drank fast as I watched the door.  When they were late, I turned to twitter to chatter about my nerves.   But the moment they walked in, I was happy and sexy and free.  I felt comfortable with them.  It WAS their smiles and friendly body language.  It was in the good conversation that went far too smoothly for our first meeting.  It was in the cute and unique little things about each one of them, that they didn’t mind sharing with us.

It was fun being flirtatious with this beautiful girl across from me.

“You have a nice smile, and you just seem so fun.” I flirted within the first hour of meeting.

“Thank you.” She looked down a little shy, “you are really pretty.”

I blushed.  And warmed to the idea of feeling her nice tight little body next to mine.

We sat across from this fun, young, sexy couple, and talked and laughed for several hours until our cheeks ached.  When we noticed the chairs up on the tables and the crew finishing their cleaning around us, long after the last call was uttered, we knew it was go-time.  The drinks had flowed nicely but we maintained a good high from the top-shelf alcohols consumed, driving would be no problem at this point.

Derek and I whispered that some kind of move needed to be made, by one of us most-likely.  It still felt early, it was a risk, but Derek made the move and asked them to come back to our house for a few more drinks…and conversation.  I didn’t think they would agree, he was confident they would.

Maybe it was the way they both eagerly shook their heads “yes” as he asked them to come home with us, or maybe it happened over the course of the evening, but as we left the restaurant and walked to our cars I realized just how damp my panties had become.  I was glad to be headed home so I could remove them immediately.

Continued – Rick and Chloe –  Part One


To write our MW4MW ad in Craigslist Casual Encounters, I followed some of the advice that Panty Parade and Pervertically Virtuous  mentioned.

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67 thoughts on “The Lead Up

  1. I CANNOT WAIT to read the second half of your exciting story! Yeah, G and Derek! What fun it is to read your writing and hear about your lives.

  2. Trying again! I loved this!

  3. Ya know I can’t wait for part deux either – just loving the way your mind was working at this point!

  4. Yesss! Give me part 2! I’m excited for this. 🙂

  5. I am so excited to see how the night unfolded!

  6. Sooooo jealous, and sooooo eager for part 2!! 🙂

  7. Well done wifey…I was right there beside you the whole time, experiencing it all with you, and yet you have me on the edge of my seat as I read this. You are so f*@kin hot…

    Can’t wait to read what happens next.


    A.k.a. G’s hubby

    • Thank you so much D! I’m glad I had you here to help me remember the story. It gets to be so hazy when I’m so excited!!

      I’m sure you can’t wait to read what happens next! Wait, you mean during this foursome, and NOT THE ONE WE WILL BE HAVING THIS SATURDAY right?

      Hopefully we get to try out a few toys then…xoxoxoxo

  8. This post is so much fun! So real with all the self doubts and little niceties.

    Great idea to put in all the guidance links, just in case your readers…whatever:-)

    Were curious. Yes, that was it.

    • I am beginning to realize that often these stories are written from a man’s perspective. If I can have a woman read and get interested it giving it a try, I think that is a win. But she needs details to decide for sure.
      D enjoyed the articles, too. 🙂

  9. I *love* foursomes, can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!

  10. I will be following up on this fun story and the links as I prepare to make a similar journey.

    • I can’t wait to hear about yours, I’m sure the way you eloquently weave the story will make my knees buckle.

      • You, my dear, are too kind. It is slow going for now. Really testing the waters but I’m hoping that the waters will be cool and inviting. And not too deep. Unless “deep” is referring to penetration. LOL

        • It may feel slow, but when you look back a few months or a year and realize that some of the things she is considering may have disturbed her before, it is progress. Luckily we are young, and we have a lot of swinging good years left in us.

        • It may feel slow, but when you look back a few months or a year and realize that some of the things she is considering may have disturbed her before, it is progress. Luckily we are young, and we have a lot of swinging good years left in us.
          And deep penetration, giggle.

  11. Awesome! yay, finally 🙂 lkng fwd to Part 2. and thanks for the ping! 🙂

  12. You make this sound so much fun. 🙂
    Can’t wait for part two…

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    Such a delight to peruse through this…

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  19. Dear G,
    I’m at the edge of my seat, I’m excited, and my heart is pounding…Onward to Rick & Chloe part deux. Yea!

  20. Lucky you G that you came across such a cool couple… And now let me proceed to the next part; I’m actually hooked!

    • I know, we feel very very lucky to have found such a cool couple to start with. It won’t be this easy again I know that! I’m glad you got hooked, we’ll see how it plays out.

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