filled and fooled


Quick Update



Guess what?! We recently met another couple through Craigslist Casual Encounters.  We all clicked immediately on our “date” and had a very fun time back at our house.

Subsequently, I have updated these posts:

My Sexual bucket list


Sometimes I wish I was bisexual (see update at the end of the post)

I’m going to have to write about the actual MFMF experience (or maybe it was an MFFM, hehe, I need to figure that out) soon. Until then, you will have to read my updates.

Have a great day,


Okay that was too much of a teasing post. I can’t just leave you hanging like that.

I know you are going to have questions after you realize that I have finally watched my husband fuck another woman, I’ve fondled her breasts, pinched her nipples, tasted her nipples, tasted her whole body (yes her WHOLE body), I sucked and fucked her boyfriend, and instructed her on squirting. We did it all together, in my living room.  I can still smell her on my shoulder, right where I held her as her boyfriend fucked the senses out of her.

And I LOVED every minute of it.

But I promise a post in the near future.  I can’t wait to write that one.

Since I still feel bad about leaving you hanging without many details, here is a picture I just took of my boobs:


Leave a comment if you have any questions.  And for goodness sakes, if you know me in real life (getting a little worried about this for some reason) leave a comment, email, or something so that I know you are watching me.  Thank you,


40 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Oh man, am I jealous. 😉 go you!

  2. Wow – sounds like EVERYTHING!

    So pleased it went well, you went well, he went well, she…you know!

  3. Your post made me laugh – “Since I still feel bad about leaving you hanging without many details, here is a picture I just took of my boobs” That reminded me of ME. Anyway, glad it turned out ok for you. You are much more adventurous than I! It’s great to read G. You write beautifully.

    • Kisses Sweet Jayne,
      I love that I reminded you of you, that is such a compliment!!
      I am adventurous I guess, but when I come across couples like them at such a ripe young age (early 20’s) exploring and experiencing these things, it makes me feel less than adventurous. But the reality is, I am, and I like sharing the stories quite a bit, almost as much as experiencing them. xoxo

      • Yes, I had a similar thought along these lines myself yesterday. The younger generation today (and I’m older than you G) is much more sexually liberated than we really are. Things we thought were risqué they consider ‘normal’. It’s almost embarrassing how ‘we’ fret so much about whether we would/could/should do certain things, when they just get out and do it. ;D

        • Totally Nero, you summed it up really well. I keep trying to figure out the catalyst, a certain movie or political attitude that pointed the youngen’s in that sex positive direction. Besides that normal rebelling again parents thing. Was it smart phones? The ability to sext and send pics, videos, actually talking? They get so desensitized, cause yes this young lady was a freak and I didn’t even know what that meant at her age. It was cool though, haha.

          • I think it was a variety of things, each one peeling away a barrier. I would guess that the Monica Lewisnsky affair was a catalyst. It got a lot young kids talking/ thinking about “what is sex?”. If ‘oral’ wasn’t sex then it was no big deal, right?

  4. Yay! Excited to read the full post soon!

  5. Omg how exciting!!!! I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

  6. first and foremost (standing o) for getting it done and done well it sounds like cant wait to hear the details plus more encouragement for the ol lady and me still i sit hear with a boner but i guess patience is a virture and ur pic helps out quite a bit

    • I was just talking to hubby and we are just in awe of how it came together so well, fucking a young couple, a good looking couple at that…so lucky.

      Haha, glad I could help out!!

  7. watching and waiting…more updates please…?8^p

  8. Hi girl! I’m so happy for you! Is sounds like this was exactly what you needed. Hugs sweetie!!!

    • Hi there! Thank you! It was really was exactly what we needed! I feel almost satiated at the moment. Though, I’d do it again… 🙂
      Thank you for the hugs, right back at you!!

  9. G, you ain’t writing the juicy details fast enough – and I think you know why I want to hear them, right?

    • Tonight I’m going to write as fast as I can! I think I know why you want to hear them. 🙂

    • What made me pull the trigger? How did I go from not picturing myself going down on a girl ever, to being hungry for it? Oh this post might need to be broken into a few pieces.

  10. Congratulations. Can’t wait to hear.

  11. Wow!!!!!
    I am holding my breath in anticipation…
    Please don’t make me turn several shades of blue. It’s not pretty. 😉

  12. Oh and I love this pic of yours… So very sexy.

  13. Well good for you – I mean given your other entry about being with other women!
    I will be waiting for the FilledandFooled details of the evening because your writing puts us
    all there right with you.

    No I do not know you in real life. I really am a stranger.

    • I wish it wasn’t so, though, I would love to sit for a cuppa something with you. I am trying to write but this hour here and there of free time is killing my spirit.

      • yeah hard to get a flow going isnt it. currently feeling the same thing (freaking zucchini came in all at once so I am sort of stuck in baking mode)

        I was thinking of trying to actually break my entry down in parts – maybe that would work for you as well? the ad, the chat and set up as one entry. second entry the actual meet and event and the last entry the after stuff that happens between a couple when the other people leave; feelings, communication ect. (and that would give you three separate entries hehehe)

        I am thinking my entry will have to be in four movements like a symphony or else i will never get it down.

        Good luck, as always I watch this space for your wonderful way of sharing your experiences!

        • Yes! I am on the same wavelength, three separate posts evolving at once…I’m started at least, it does make it more manageable.

          Zucchini baked goods, delicious! It is currently my favorite food to create things with.

  14. Dear G,
    I’m So Delighted You had A Wonderful Time, and I look Forward to your posting of this event.

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