filled and fooled


Twisted Nipples


As I write this post there are fireworks going off somewhere.


Happy Independence Day!


But technically, it’s Boobday!

Here are some twisted nipples to celebrate this week’s Boobday!


Fireworks and Twisted Nipples

I usually plan to write something about how boobs are great and how thankful I am for my knockers. I’m so tired right now I’m going with just one thought for this week’s Boobday.

Thank you boobs, for making me extra buoyant.

Happy Friday!!

23 thoughts on “Twisted Nipples

  1. Mmmmm…fireworks behind your eyelids?
    Behind mine?

    • Nick I haven’t ever elicited an “Mmmmm” from you, you must be a big pyrotechnic fan.

      I should have posted a better picture to cause some real eye fireworks, but…I need some inspiration (besides all the beautiful boobies from Boobday).

  2. Give a twist for me! LOL Gorgeous as always.

  3. Boob-induced buoyancy is a beautiful thing!

    • I just wish I had a photo to go along with the words. That might have been embarrassing for me or my children though. 🙂

  4. “Thank you boobs, for making me extra buoyant.”
    This just made me grin like a silly girl. 🙂
    Love the way you love your boobs because we all love them as well.

  5. hmmm – your picture has jus treminded me that I haven’t yet posted my ‘nipple play’ story. I must get to it…

  6. As always, fun and enflaming both, sweet G!

  7. Dear G,
    Happy Belated 4th of July. This reply comes belated as I was out of town. You Know I Always Love Your Boobday : )

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