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I am a Hot Wife


But I’m not saying this is a hotwife story.  You can be the judge of that


My body sunk further into extra-soft mattress as I played out the possibilities in my head.  I peeled the sheet off and let my legs fall open.  The air forced down by the ceiling fan rushed to my exposed pink parts.  My fingers moved over my bare mound, and continued exploring every inch back to my ass, all the hair gone and so very smooth.  I had prepared for this day.  Quietly caressing myself, I was listening to my heart thump out its very own message in Morse code.

Why are you in bed alone? Just go out there and tell them you need to get fucked so you can go to sleep.

Then the door opens, and the footsteps were different, it wasn’t my husband.


After all these years, we thought that this weekend it would really happen.  We would have a foursome, I would have sex with Tom and D would have sex with Olivia.  D and Tom had joked about it a few times over the years, though nothing was formally discussed about this weekend.  The two had been friends for a long time, in fact Tom was the first guy D experimented with.  So there was a familiarity. The pictures sent from my husband to him over the past year made it clear we were open to exploring with them.  The fun we’ve had in the past when vacationing with them (without kids) led us to believe they were fun, uninhibited, and open to exploring new things (remind me to tell you that story).  Now, all of us under the same roof with kids sound asleep, and nothing was happening.

It was important to us to show our good friends a good time.  Their drive was sweltering, having kids on a long trip is never fun.  Our plan was to treat them to whatever food and drink they desired, keep the temp in the house cool, and do whatever (really whatever) they wanted to do…it was the least we could do.

Even though the first night of their visit nothing happened, D and I were still hopeful that Saturday night was our night. However, free flowing drinks and weed, and a hefty helping of Mexican food added to the wave of tiredness that hit us all hard.  Proven by the moment Tom’s wife, Olivia, and I both fell asleep in our husband’s laps (me still holding my drink).


The moment my drink began to fall out of my hand I jerked awake.  My movement woke Olivia a bit, but she continued to rest her head on Tom’s shoulder, then closed her eyes again. Embarrassed, and groggy, I got up telling the guys “I’m just going to go to bed now.” And then slightly stumbled down the hall.

After laying down a few minutes, light flooded the room as D walked in and to my side of the bed.  “You know, Tom was staring at your tits while you slept and was rubbing his cock through his shorts.  I know you were making him hard.” D quietly said, such excitement in his voice.

I perked up a little, sleeping didn’t seem so important all of a sudden.  Though I was curious, “do you think Olivia is going to bed, should I go back out there?”

D caressed my stiff nipple through my tank and whispered  “No, she’s asleep on the couch right now.  I was showing him more pics of you.  He was really getting hard you know.”

I smiled a little deviously, knowing that the original plan of a group thing was off the table.  I knew it wasn’t going to happen with her.  I read it all over my husband’s face that he didn’t think the game was over though.  “Would you be okay with us coming in here if he wants to?” D asked, he was breathing so hard.

I contemplated my answer for a few swift seconds and decided that I wanted to see what Tom was packing.  I wanted to know how hard I was actually making him. I giggled a little and said, “sure.”

I pulled the sheet over me, and fitfully rested my body and mind a few moments.  I heard the TV on in the living room, and I heard them talking and laughing.  Then, I began to get really curious if something was going to happen or if they decided to play video games instead.  I devised a simple plan to get more information.

I tiptoed out to the living room and when I was noticed by Tom, I said “I need my water bottle.”  I ran to the kitchen and back around the corner toward my room.  My nipples were so hard that my shirt was stretched thin over them, and of course, my titties bounced.  I knew both men had eyes on me, giving me a nice rush.  Knowing he saw how visible my nipples were, I returned D’s cute smile as I ran back to the bedroom, then hopped back in bed under my cool sheet.

A minute later, my partner in crime came in.  “He said he really loves your nipples, he was amazed” D shared.  “I bet he would love to touch them.”

Hearing this made me get very aroused, confused, and tempted.  “Tell him to come in and touch them.  Tell him I want him to come in so I can touch him.”  My chest was heaving with every breath.

I laid still and listened my heart thudding, and waiting for something to happen.  Then I threw a leg over the sheet, and drew in a deep breath and invited the air to cool me.  As I exhaled the bedroom door opened.  The light was blocked by two men, Tom in front, my D behind him.

As they got closer, I could make out Tom’s face, his expression almost looked scared.  There was no smile on his face and he walked slowly toward me with his hands on his shorts. His breathing was heavy and fast.  D stood behind him and said, “pull your cock out so she can touch it.”

Tom slowly pulled his cock out and stepped closer to the bed, where I lay propped on one elbow.  I reached for him with my right hand.  Slowly I caressed him, my fingers noting every detail in the dark room.  I inhaled his smell, the smell of every man is so different, yet even more arousing if my husband stands near.  With a gentle touch I explored this new man before me, up and down, around and below.  He was semi-erect at this point but he was getting harder by the stroke.  I watched him take in every inch of my body with his gaze, I noted he paused a moment at my hips, then again at my breasts.

“Would you like to touch them Tom?” Of course I knew the answer and pulled down my shirt to release my DD breasts.   His caress on my nipples was innocent and experienced at the same time.  He let out a nice little moan of appreciation that made me purr.  I went back to working his cock up and down, giving it a little tug here and there.

He stepped back from me and put his cock away.  For some reason it felt right to me.  I could tell we had reached the limits of what his conscience would allow. The moment ended as the men left the room.  I was whirring, happy, but yet…I needed an orgasm before I was going to sleep.

I caressed my body, sheets twisted at my side, and began feeling only slightly sleepier now that I was exposed to the air blowing at me.  I contemplated walking out naked, and saying,  “I’m ready” or some porn-like statement.  All these different possibilities stirred my mind, making it impossible to really relax.

But then the door opened, and unfamiliar footsteps entered.  One set.

“I just have to put this away,” Tom lied.  The darkness had overcome him (because he had closed the door after walking in) and I saw he was not walking toward the light switch.  I hopped out of bed and switched the light on for him, then crawled back over to my side of the bed, exposing my ass to him.

“Are you guys going to bed now?” I asked him, wondering where D was.

Tom walked over to my side of the bed.  His breathing was different now, faster and higher pitched.  “I just want another peek” he managed to say, his voice wavering in nervousness.

“Where is D?” I asked, expecting that he had sent Tom in.

“Outside smoking.  I just wanted another quick peek, to make the pictures more real.”

“So is he okay with this?” I was a bit curious, because it didn’t seem like D was in on this. “Does he know you are here?”

Tom barely lets a “no” cross his lips, and I sigh from sheer excitement.  I hate that being secretive turned me on, but it did.

“Mmmm.  Okay.” I whispered as I watched him stroking his cock, “I don’t have any pics of that, but letting me touch it makes it more real” (sexy humor is my defense mechanism when I’m nervous).

I scooted over to the middle of the bed and patted the mattress where my warmth lingered, flashing my needy eyes, and using my sweet voice to ask, “can you sit down here?”   Without hesitation he slid in close to me.  I pulled my top down and his hands were immediately on me.  As he circled my nipple with a finger I put my hand on his leg.  He gasped audibly, overcome by just a touch from me.

He bent down to kiss my nipple quickly.  No sucking or licking, just a sweet innocent kiss.   I noticed that he was much harder than before, his member standing at attention so close to my face.  I needed to touch it again, I needed to do more than that, but I wasn’t going to do it without his permission.  “Can I touch you again?”

He moaned out what sounded like “yes”, and I reached for him, feeling just how aroused he was.  He felt so good in my hand.

As I began to stroke Tom, D swung the door open and said with a smile, “what’s going on in here?”  I could sense his excitement, “fuck yeah dude!”

“Nothing,” I smiled and laughed, because I knew I wasn’t in trouble.  I know D wanted to fuck Olivia, but if he couldn’t have that this is what he wanted.  He wanted to see his wife play with another man.  He loves his hotwife.   D walked over to us to watch.

I continued stroking Tom’s hard dick, pulling him slightly closer to my mouth.  The moment where I taste him began to feel inevitable.  His eyes moved fast over my body, back and forth, the curve and fall of my hips, my legs, my feet, my face; I felt him internalizing this, I knew forever I’m in his spank bank.

D walked closer to us, pulling off his pants, now standing close enough that his body is touching Tom’s.  “Can she suck you?” D asked.

“That costs extra!” Tom quipped as he put his cock away again. “You two have fun now” he said quietly and walked out of the room.

D held me as I expressed every detail; the way Tom came in the room, what was said, and the order of the action.  I was honest that it was a huge turn-on to have him walk in on me in action, it felt so good to be so naughty.  This was a safe naughty, I knew I wouldn’t be in trouble, this time.   He showed me how much he enjoyed it by pulling my legs up to his shoulders and jerking my ass down the sheets to meet his glistening crown, then plunging himself into my dripping pussy.

He pounded me hard, so hard. I muffled my moans by biting my hand as he fucked me through three orgasms.  He pulled out and told me to stand at the side of the bed.  As he pressed into me, I felt opened in a new way, stretched so tight around him.  I raced quickly to the top of the peak; but having no way of muffling my moans,  and D’s sexy voice in my ear saying things like,  “you like showing off for my best friend, my best man, you like touching his cock” put me over the edge at light speed.

Yes, I said Best Man.

I fell forward onto the bed, then lifted to doggy style position.  I felt my juices flowing down my leg.  D entered me again, fucking me so hard that I couldn’t contain my moans, nor could I breath.  For what felt like days he fucked me in this vulnerable position, making me his again.

“Please, honey, I need to rest.” I begged, “can I lay down for a minute?”

As I laid back and composed myself, I saw little sparkly white lights dance in my field of vision.  I closed my eyes.  I felt my heart. I smiled.

I felt the bed jolt as D returned to my side, and opened my eyes to find him holding the dildo.  “We are going to have Tom’s stand-in finish the job.”

I was propelled into an oblivion with the dildo pushing away at my insides, flying high on orgasms. And I reveled in the way juices were splashing back at us upon each deep thrust.  I took over thrusting the dildo into myself, and watched D quickly jerking himself until he erupted all over my chin and titties.

Satiated, I cleaned up in the bathroom, brushed my teeth, put on some pajamas, and laid back down in my wet spot.

As our breathing slows and the quiet returns we heard the sound of Tom laying down on his bed.  Soon after I sensed a rhythm to the sounds, and said, “I think they’re fucking!” Laying quiet to pick up any sounds we can, D and I snuggle as we drift off to sleep.

26 thoughts on “I am a Hot Wife

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  2. Since we’re all sharing: when I haven’t had any for a long time I find I can’t sleep. I stay up late because I can’t sleep, and I wake up early because I can’t sleep. Often when I wake up early I wonder to myself “why am I awake so early?”. There’s usually a reason, and today it was because G had a new post. It was the first thing I found in my inbox.
    This is such a hot story G, I could totally picture it in my mind, and it was like I was in the room too. I know exactly how Tom felt, and I got hard just imagining you showing your nipples to me, and letting me play with your tits. My dick was so so hard, like concrete, and when you described stroking Tom’s cock I started stroking mine too. I imagined D offering your mouth to me, and me accepting. My cock was so hard -throbbing now- and it only took a few moments for me to cum in my hand. Over my hand actually, it jumped and spilled everywhere, a testament to how hot your words were.
    So… my day has started really well; I hope yours does too!

    • I’m not sure Nero, on one hand this is the best comment I’ve ever received, on the other, you are making me burst with orgasmic need once again. But the kids are up and needing food, and I can’t help wriggling in my seat as I write this, giving my hard nipples a feel too. This is going to have me beaming all day, men are going to wonder what it is about me that makes them want to jump me right then and there. It’s all your fault, and I’m loving it.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Really, this was the best start to a day I could imagine.

  3. Hard to top the comments from Nero, but let me also say that this was extremely hot. For a guy who has had the experience of watching/sharing my wife with a friend, your detail from the Hot Wife perspective is such a huge turn on. Seriously, your description of the event was boner inducing.

    D’s friend Tom has got some serious willpower. I can only hope that his thought was that he would not want to have to hide the little pre-foursome encounter from his wife, better to savor you when his wife is in on it. Like I say, that is some great willpower. I would have gladly accepted the gift as my wife slept on the couch!

    • I’m really feeling good now, boner inducing is what I was going for! I feel there is no greater a compliment than to have someone tell you that your description sprung…thoughts, needs, boners! I’m sitting here with the biggest smile right now.

      He does have serious willpower! The next day Tom told D that he came back out of his room to listen to us fucking. And the sound we heard was him trying to jerk off while his wife still slept.

      While I was out yesterday he requested more pictures of me…hehe.

      And my hope is the same as yours, he has great willpower and I think he’ll be working on his wife to leave the kids at home and visit again. 🙂

  4. Yummy story. It’s the almost about it that’s the most titillating.

    • Thank you Cara! It was fun to recount every detail and re-live it. I actually feel so much better writing that it almost happened, than I would feel if something more had happened without Olivia. 🙂

  5. Oh, man. This is incredibly hot. Woah.

  6. wow what a story although tom must be a robot i know i couldnt have walked away but on the same token my old lady wouldnt have wanted me to if she did it would only be for me to get out of the way so her a g could explore each other either way id have a giant smile on m y face and a hard on in sum ones hand

    • I tried to flirt with his wife a few times, tried to get her to swim in just her suit, she has a better body than me and I was out there in my one piece. So it told me she was too concerned about how she looked than to have a good time.

      Haha, sounds like the four of us could have a great time!!

  7. Even abbreviated as it was, it’s still very exciting.

  8. Wow. Hot hot hot! Too bad I’m at work and can’t fully enjoy the imagery this has produced within my mind. Putting it into the wank bank though. Yum!

  9. My favorite saying is CAZZO mi fai Pazzo!!! And this did just that. Best and worst thing about your story…I read it at work. The whole day with your words and a swelling in my pants. All I can say is Thank You…?8^p

  10. Ah-ma-zing! I love your writing – it makes me feel like I’m in the room with you. Hang on, let me turn on the fan… whew! 😉

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