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Boobday! Friday, June 28th!


Holy fuck you guys, we’ve been doing this Boobday thing for a while now! It looks like I joined in three months ago.  Looking at that set, I see mine, but I also see two other pics that look a lot like me, how funny.  One thing you can count on, is that I like showing you my tits every week.


Click the icon above to go to the Boobday celebration on A Dissolute Life Means.  This week, I submitted this laying down boob photo:


It was a dark and stormy night… I lay in bed, letting my nipples breath. The bathroom light turns on! I’m not alone! Oh my!

I chose black and white because it looked artsy and made certain things stand out and hid other certain things.


Nipple one, nipple two
now that you freed me what do you do?

I’m wearing my favorite summer pajamas here.  They might be the perfect thing to sleep in, except the top falls down easy so my boobs hang out, and the fabric in the shorts is thin between my legs and pulls to the side exposing my pussy when I’m sleeping (or bending, walking, breathing, etc.).  Exposed… yes… Oh right, this is about tits!


I got big boobies and I cannot lie

it’s other parts of me that I want to deny

Wait, that isn’t the lyrics.

**dances away**


Ho hum, ho hum, its off to laundry after I cum!

I want to promise that I will post more next week, and I’m pretty sure I can make such a promise, but maybe I’ll skip the promises today.  Anyone have anything you want me to write about?

In other news, I actually felt attraction to another girl today…and she was young, weird…my husband is going to love this.  But I’ve been a little revved up, and maybe emitting that vibe, and I think this young college girl picked up on something.  She had a nice smile and a tight little body.  My hubby would die if I brought her home, I am beginning to understand compersion…or at least why my cat likes to bring cute little baby birds and rodents to us.  I would be proud to bring him some fun little thing, and maybe I would have fun with her too.

Anyway…boobs .  And more boobs.  And more boobs.  And that is just June.  Happy Friday!!

33 thoughts on “Boobday! Friday, June 28th!

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  2. G, you’re like a sexy Dr. Seuss today. Love the rhymes. Oh yeah, the pics are awesome too.

  3. G, I love your beautiful breasts! The black and white shots this week are hot. Here’s a link to my curvy boobs:

  4. You’re too funny! Great boobs as always. I have similar sleep attire that exposes me if I’m not careful – or if I’m intentional 😉

  5. Somehow this (evocative of pin ball or racquetball) ADD post was perfectly suited to my day … Thank you!

  6. the other thing you can count on is we like looking at your boobs and anything else you like to show or talk about you just plain extrude sexiness
    p.s. dont worry the pic sara and i owe you is cuming soon

    • Yeah, what he said! We love your boobs and are grateful for you sharing!!

      • Grateful!?! Dude, I just wish I could show you all in real life and have you all feel me up! I would be grateful! Thanks for saying that, *blows a kiss*

        • Mmmm, there’s an idea. Imagine a dark room with a small pin spot shining down on you as your husband fucks you, and in the darkness multiple hands are reaching out and groping hungrily at your beautiful tits…

    • Glad to know I have a treat cuming my way
      Thank you, sexy is fun, I might get in trouble doing it too much in real life, being a mommy and wifey, so I’m glad to have this place to seep my sexy.

      Since I’m drinking, can I ask what you guys want to see? Like face or twat or ?

      • Oh well, if its Xmas…

        Dear Santa Baby, I’d love to see you maybe doing a little nipple play, maybe a squeeze or a pinch as you roll a big fat nipple between your thumb and finger… And yes, I love your pussy too! More of those will go straight in my spank bank, thank you. Again, a few fingers up to no good might be enough to push me over the edge, and leave me a big sticky mess. I’d love to see that new dildo of yours too, maybe it might just be enough to convince me to get one for my wife… But I’m being greedy aren’t I? And greedy children are naughty children and naughty children get no presents from Santa…

        Gah! Now I’ve got myself all excited – off to bed for me!!

        • Speaking of excited! Phew I would love to show all those things, just need to talk to hubby first. Xoxo

          • Oh definitely talk to hubby – that would make it even more delicious. I’m sure if you keep your face hidden he shouldn’t mind. I bet he’d love to know how jealous we all are, getting to have what we can’t. Lucky man! (Maybe he can take the pics?)

            • Yeah he is fine sharing those pics elsewhere, so I’m sure he will be fine with it here. 😉

            • Elsewhere? Does he take them to work to show the guys? Are they framed and hung by the front door for guests to admire when they arrive at your house? Or is there another website I need to sign up for? 😛

            • Yes he always tries to show his friends, not framed. And Lushstories. 😉

            • Give me the link! Give me the link! [/starts chanting]

            • It’s got my face and my hubby all over it! 🙂 maybe nit the best thing to link to.

  7. Yum and more yum… Girls always your tits are so tantalizing and those nipples… *licks lips in anticipation of my naughty thoughts*

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