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Boobday is Friday, June 21st!



I celebrate summer by getting a new bathing suit

by floating over deep water and wading through rocky creeks

I celebrate by writing little poems about sunflowers

appreciating the abundance of my garden

And I eat peaches, which makes such a mess… and then take pictures of it for you


Pretend you see the dots of juice dripping from my chin, then crowning my right breast, but it is sweet and it is there, and it is a lovely sticky mess. *Click if you like sticky messes on titties*

Today is Boobday!  If you like boobs you should click that link.  It takes you to the one and only Boobday, created by the one and only lovely Hyacinth Jones of A Dissolute Life Means.

Summer is here! Officially! Woohoo!

I snapped a few photos of myself as I ate the entire peach.  I got turned on, I’ll admit it.  I do love posing for the camera with something in my mouth.


Hey, um, just ignore chipped nail polish. I do give a fuck even though it doesn’t appear that way.

It was so sweet, and so full of juices, it was almost orgasmic.


So juicy

And this is how you get away with taking Boobday pics undetected with inquisitive kids always around*.  Just eating a peach kids.  Don’t mind my phone there, argh.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

*except for the click-through one, it was taken last weekend.

21 thoughts on “Boobday is Friday, June 21st!

  1. Love! Great pictures. Juicy. 🙂

  2. I really enjoy eating a full juicy peach too! Seriously. It’s something about that whole mouth experience, I guess. Eating sliced or canned peaches just isn’t the same.

    • I agree, even down to the lingering stringy parts in your teeth there is something about it. It’s all part of the fun messy (if you are lucky) experience of eating California (local grown baby)

  3. Awesome pictures! Gotta love those subtle sexy moments that fly right over the kids’ heads.

  4. loved all the pics but the one you had me click was the best i love makin sticky messes like that one cant wait to get home and see if the ol lady will let me make a sticky mess to compare

    • If she needs some encouragement for some reason (and I doubt she will) tell her to email me to chat for a bit. 🙂

      • hi this is sara justins other half. loved the pics and I’m pretty sure I’ll let him make all the mess he wants if he is good. lol, …. thanks for getting his motor running. let us know if you want a pic of the results.

        • Hi Sara! Um yes! I totally want a picture of the results! 🙂 you naughty girl making me get all warm and tingly.

          • thank you thank you g justin here just read you email so im now going in the other room to make a mess an take a pic. Sara Im sure will be all hot and bothered reading & responding to this and previous email from you ill let you (and show you)how it went as soon as we are done till then thanks again

            • Thank you to both of you, it is exciting to know a couple like yourselves is taking care of business after something I said!

  5. Juicy, lovely boobs… I too enjoy peaches and their juices. 😉 fantastic G. xo

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  7. Loved that! 😀
    Nice post.

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