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TMI Tuesday 6/18/13 – How do you like___?


how-do-you-like-your-eggs-in-the-morning-honOkay sorry, I really thought my blogging days were numbered and I was going to shut down last week.  I may have alluded to it here on this blog, maybe…but I sort of announced two weeks ago that I was doing my last TMI Tuesday over there.  There are several reasons I teeter on the edge of quitting, but none of them to do with TMI Tuesday, so lets do this and not talk about the other stuff:


How do you like . . .
1. Your eggs cooked?

You know I try to avoid cheese, well, it is a treat.  My favorite eggs would be prepared as follows:  saute a few corn tortillas cut into triangles in butter until they get a little brown and crisp. Add a few eggs, scrambled, let it cook with the tortillas a bit.  Add some diced green chilies and a good sized handful of cheese.  Cook it all together, serve with salsa, avocado, and sour cream.  Don’t eat the rest of the day or you might explode.

2. Your sandwich cut? In half, down the middle of the square or on the diagonal?

I don’t care as long as the part I’m eating doesn’t look bigger than my hand.  As a kid my mom never cut our sandwiches so I coveted the little bologna (we were ova-lacto vegetarian too) sandwiches the kids had that were cut into four triangles.

3. Your coffee?

I take it hot or cold, with stevia and almond milk.  Since most shops don’t have stevia or almond milk I will use sugar and cream once in a while if I’m treated to coffee out.

4. Your tea?

I like it sweetened a bit, but doesn’t need to be to drink it.  I love mint tea right now.

5. Your ice-cream served–cup, cone or condom? Yup you read that right, a condom. Read more here

I think ideal is cone.  I like licking it, what can I say?  Now I’ve never tried it in a condom, must check that link out when I am done.  I would cut a hole in the tip and squirt it in my mouth all provocative like.

6. Your hair–long or short? Up or down? Straight or curly? Permed or natural?

Long and straight.  Well it is naturally wavy but it doesn’t take long to use a flat iron.  All natural, have only used henna to color my hair a couple times.  I am noticing more grey hairs now, so I’m not sure if its time to start dying it but I am so noncommittal that I can see it growing out and looking awful while I decide if I want to maintain it.

7. To have sex? In what position?

I enjoy the deep penetration of doggystyle, the getting my hair pulled while I’m plowed, the burying my face in the pillow when I scream “I’m cuuuuummmiiiiinnnnnggg!!!”

Bonus: How do you like your lovers?

I like them thoughtful, handsome, patient, adventurous and affectionate; with a touch of dominance.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

51 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday 6/18/13 – How do you like___?

  1. I won’t even make the obvious comment (obvious, and I’m sure you would expect it from me…).

    Glad you haven’t shut down, G.

  2. I’m also glad you’re still around. And OMG, those eggs sounds SO GOOD.

  3. You are so detailed in your eggs, and I quite like your ideal lover.

    • I really like those eggs but I’m the only one in the house so I never make them. I almost boycott eggs because I can’t have my special ones unless I’m willing to hear complaints.

      Thank you for stopping by!! 🙂

  4. yay, you’re back! it’s difficult to stay away from that blog spike despite anything going on in one’s personal life, huh? so hard to not post again, i’ve learned that the hard and easy way.

    don’t quote me or my sources, but i believe the correct pronunciation of tortilla is actually torTILLa. i’m gonna start cutting my sandwiches into triangles again, they taste better that way, with the crusts cut off, except, wait, i love the crust, that’s the best part.

    • I mostly eat crusts these days, since the kids reject them, I don’t bother making myself a sandwich, just eat their scraps. But I do have to say, they really are on to something. Triangle sandwiches with no crust, it just tastes better that way.

      And yes, the joy I get from seeing a new comment or a reply to one of my comments is hard to replicate. I do have to scale back on time I’m spending, and with that I have to give up worrying about stats. But giving that energy to other parts of my life should make it all feel a little more balanced. We shall see.

  5. lol…your answer to #1 made me wonder if you are latina. ’cause i haven’t heard that recipe since i was living at home! minus a few things, but yeah does sound familiar. Happy TMI 😀

    • My great grandmother from Spain made eggs that way.

      I forgot, adding refried beans to the mix, omg…and my mom would make it for dinner pretty often. My mouth is actually watering right now.

  6. We are glad you are still around! Love reading you! And loved your answers this week, especially to the condom ice cream! Nothing like a tasty facial right?

  7. Mmm..your eggs make me hungry! LOL

  8. G, I’d miss your intellect. I have been away from blogging just a little and missed whatever it was that almost made you leave all together. Maybe stepping back a little – I hope all is good in the end. It will be. xo, Jayne

    • You are so sweet. I don’t think I ever explained it why. My kids are here with me this summer, it cuts out a lot of writing time. Further, I got the idea that I was unable to fulfill fantasies with my husband because I spent too much of that energy thinking about the blog or writing or whatever. I think it is obvious that things go deeper that that. One thing at a time though.

      • exactly – one thing at a time. I have a hard time limiting my interaction here. It’s so personal, honest and direct – I’m addicted damn it and self control IS NOT my strong point with something like this. I get it. Jayne

        • I was chatting with the husband last night on what this is fulfilling in my life. He was thinking it was that connection and interaction with co-workers. Which I no longer have because I stay home. I thought about it, and no, it doesn’t replace that type of water-cooler chatting, even out-to-lunch surface type of chatting I did with co-workers. It is different. The only thing I could compare it to was the close group of friends I joined on craigslist when we all had babies the same year. The group was tight, and since I started the blog I faded away without notice really. I’m getting my needs met by talking about my new hobby, sex, now that the parenting talk is old news. This is more fun. If I shut down I don’t know how I would replace it, but likely it would be some kind of online friendship/relationship, that fulfills that need for intimate interaction (yet with the safety “net” of the net so I don’t get hurt). Thank you for being here Jayne, whenever I see your handle I get all excited because you remind me of how nice you all were to accept me into this group from the beginning. xxxooo

          • I feel the same way about writing here G. The open and uncensored discussions are very alluring and more importantly, exposing of my self which fosters my own growth. Where else can you have that except with a group of very close friends? I don’t talk to friiends about most of the things here because I have never had a group who could. That’s the great thing – this is a gathering of like minds on various subjects. This is a unique arena, right? I don’t know where, except with a close friend, or a therapist that you could so easily be as open with thoughts. I do believe that expression is critically valuable to me – my brain’s processing of life. I just can easily start to sink into emotions and what they mean and then want to express them just because, and sometimes I just want to do that because it’s fun but I really should be doing something else sometimes. That said, I’m going to work…but I’ll be thinking of you! xo, Jayne

            • Hope you are enjoying work, and I’m thinking of you!

              I think they need to make it clear to society that online relationships can be as fulfilling as “real life” relationships. Fulfilling in a way, I still believe we need actual physical contact with people to thrive, but there is this other need, maybe they haven’t explored, to express innermost thoughts without fear of withdrawal of physical presence…something like that.

            • Yes – I was thinking that wordpress is the actual presence of that “Collective Consciousness” spoken about somewhere in psychology ??? I read something on femininity and just stopped my draft – NOW I’m going to work!! I don’t want to know how long I’ve been writing that. Creativity does not care a damn about the clock!

  9. 1. You made my mouth water with that recipe. Yum!

    7. ” enjoy the deep penetration of doggystyle, the getting my hair pulled while I’m plowed, the burying my face in the pillow…”

    Exactly!! How and why I like doggy.

    Happy TMI Tuesday


    • Thank you H! Happy TMI Tuesday to you!

      1) I know its been several hours now and every time I think of it I’m getting the same super strong need to have it.
      7) I guess I could say the same thing about doggystyle!

  10. Your egg dish sounds like chilaquiles! NOM! I’m glad you didn’t shut down either. I don’t know about the rest of the group, but I think we’d all be traumatized if you closed shop…

  11. OmiGAWD I started drooling when I read about the eggs! I’m DEFINITELY making that tomorrow morning!

  12. Being all Gaelic and everything, I,ve never heard of eggs like that, but I am SO going to try!
    My mouth is watering too.
    And the eggs sound deliscious as well!
    Please don’t leave us?

  13. Good answers, lovely finish 😉

  14. Your eggs sound awesome 🙂

    And I love how you describe your ideal lover… it sounds a lot like my Sir (except he’s VERY dominant)!

    Happy TMIT!

    ~Kazi xxx

    • Hi KaziG! Happy TMIT to you as well, on a Wednesday! I’m going to be making these eggs in an hour or so, wish I could share with everyone!
      Have a great day!

  15. Oh you’re so gorgeous…! I’m still with beatnick de jour! 😀

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