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It’s Friday, June 14th!! Boobday!!



Happy Boobday! Did you know that there was an archive just for Boobday photos? Make sure to check that out after you check out this week’s Boobday post.

I really need to stockpile a few new Boobday shots so I’m not scrambling on Wednesday night to find one to send to Hy. This is what I sent, and later discovered isn’t the best quality on a monitor.  Next time…


Evening boob pic. Lighting from above makes that “interesting” shadow.

Fuck, I think I need to clean my lens…no, it is just soft focus, that’s all, I meant to do that.

The idea for this photo was that I’m sitting at the table doing bills.  It’s hot and we’re fucking broke.  Sweat dots my brow and I wipe it away with the back of my hand, class flew out the window with the a/c unit when my ex kicked it last year.  The fan, old and rusted,  is the only saving grace in this godforsaken heat soaked city. It hurls wafts of tepid air at me, blowing that shirt I threw on a minute ago open.  I hear a noise and I stand to see if the repo man is at the door, hoping I can change his mind again…

Well, I didn’t pull that off this time.  Maybe I will keep trying.  Maybe not.



About a year ago I took and sent my first boob pic.  It probably looked just like this:


Ha! This is actually the same shirt as the photo above. Same camera/phone too, but one year less wear and tear makes for a better picture.

I wasn’t really thinking past pulling my titties right out of the top of my shirt.  This is how I breastfed too, more of an over-the-top-of-the-shirt-type-of-girl.  I think my husband enjoyed getting the photo unexpectedly while at work.  We had just joined a chat site together and started sharing photos with others almost every night after the kids went to bed.  It was exhilarating to be told I had beautiful breasts and perfect nipples.  Perfect for what?  Ha! It was the “summer of love” for us.


As I started taking more and more photos, I realized I needed to build my bra selection.  And a few months later, I had this many:


11 Bras, 3 Corsets, and 1 pink maid outfit. Of course since this photo was taken a few months ago I have at least 3 more.

I took this a long time ago to prove to Seamus I was a sinner.  Greed or gluttony? Neither? The red bra is sinfully delicious though, if you click on the photo you might catch a glimpse.


But looking back on all my photos, which took a really long time because apparently I absolutely love taking pictures of my boobs (and more!!), I found that some of the best boob pics were taken by my beloved D and never got shared here because, well, for a long time he didn’t know this blog existed.   Check out this pic he took (and the one behind it, too):


Click on this to see nipples, I just like making you click…

I don’t give him enough credit as my photographer.  Let’s have another session again soon, honey.

Happy Boobday Everyone!!  Have a great weekend!!

14 thoughts on “It’s Friday, June 14th!! Boobday!!

  1. Best day of the week – for so many reasons!

    • At least two reasons per week, right? 🙂 I’m talking two boobs….hmmm well sometimes the boob pics only show one so now my math is off. Thank you dear friend.

  2. Have I told you lately that I love your boobies? 😉

  3. Wow, that was a delicious dildo boob fuck, G. Yum.

  4. You like to make me click, and I am never disappointed when I do!
    Sounds fair to me!

  5. Love! Bras are the best – can’t have too many for different outfits…and moods. 😉

  6. Past and present, fantastic boobs. And the dildo titty fuck is incredible!

  7. My Dear Friend G,
    Thank you for creating “Booby Day”. Who doesn’t enjoy looking at beautiful breasts : )

    • Awww Anastasia, I wish I did. I meant to email you to explain. I had hatched a plan to get everyone to share pics on Fridays but the week I was going to announce, Boobday was born on Hy’s blog. She has a wider audience, been around almost a year longer, I just joined her then. No reason to have two (I was going to have Finger Me Friday where there had to be one click-through surprise per week). I’m tickled you want to give me props,and I like to think I’m a contributor that might be missed, but Hy deserves your accolades. Xoxo

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