filled and fooled


Already That Hot


You ignite me with that spark in your eye

you know

friction courses through my body

heat swells bloom when I meet your longing stare

I need the wind to blow- I might forget to breath

if the air wasn’t fed to me.


Yes, it’s already that hot,

that as I observe you I stay perfectly still.

So as not to disrupt the tendrils of hair that whip my salty neck in the wind

little spikes jolting me, cooling, keeping me from floating away

sipping vodka on the rocks


it tastes like water now


I look to you with my needy brown eyes

wanton, as trickles of sweat race down my tailbone

meeting their destiny between my fleshy ass cheeks

pooling in the hot folds of my pussy

I lift myself off the bench to show you how I glisten

Then cross my legs again to savor the tease


It IS nice to meet you


Yes, I’m bad…I just needed to write something and this flowed.  Summer, y’all.  The sun has already started scorching my mind.


46 thoughts on “Already That Hot

  1. So hot… And the words are nice too 😉

  2. Very hot indeed! Sweltering!


  3. I like it all but especially the trickles of sweat part. Very sexy indeed. 🙂

  4. i could see you glistening….and then the tease continued. I’m thirsty now.

  5. It is nice to meet you, too! You have no idea how nice!

  6. Dear G,
    Your a very naughty girl…I Absolutely Love It!

  7. I love how this cme out… Such enticing words.

  8. Oh Guuuurrrrlllll…. It’s hot here too. ; )

  9. CAZZO!!!! Bellissima. Erotic Hot Juicy

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