filled and fooled


22 thoughts on “pink

  1. That is really, REALLY pretty.

  2. Great color for you! LK ❤🐇

  3. Absolutely Stunning would like to see the entire outfit on you : )

  4. Yum!
    Yeah, I gotta vote for the whole pic!
    And the vision of you in the water … I will dream of it.

  5. Forever 21!?! I’ll have to look for one in my size! It seems like it’s supportive for the girls, is it underwire?

    • Some of their plus size bikinis (!!!) have underwire. Find out when they get shipment, you almost have to camp out and fight the other curvy girls to get a suit.

      But it is really supportive without underwire, it actually squashed my tits close to my chest, but still with cleavage, can’t really complain.

      Yes, that store is the shit! Watch closely for quality though, I’ve brought stuff home and discovered badly sewn seams, etc. And my pink suit bled pinkness everywhere I sat…kinda sad but it hasn’t faded, and it didn’t look period-y…whoa TMI lol.

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  7. I love this picture, Erotic Artsy. Beautiful

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