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Morning Boobs for Boobday



Good morning! Happy Boobday!

Click the icon above to head over to A Dissolute Life Means for today’s boob celebration.


I don’t feel like being too wordy with my boob pics today.  Sometimes that happens, and its okay, I’m telling myself.


For swimming at home I like to wear something like this.


The next day I decided to take a photo in the same place, except with the sun rising behind me.  This is the photo I submitted to today’s Boobday

Thank you for visiting!

Let the weekend begin!

Schools out for summer!

Oh my!

37 thoughts on “Morning Boobs for Boobday

  1. don’t worry about being wordy – no need, ur breasts speak all, hehe. 😉 wish u a great vibrant summer, girl – survive the kids unleashed from school and get all the chances to be happy. ciao!

    • Hello! Thank you so much for that sweet comment! If I could live this summer as vibrantly as you live I would stockpile happiness for the rest of the year. Thank you!

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmm yummmy 2 words

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  4. You are really good at this!

  5. As much as I enjoy the glory and variety that is boob day, I’m always most interested in what the lovely G has to offer – be it words or flesh, I am never disappointed. Thank you. xo

  6. Love the way your hair falls in that first picture. Super sexy.

  7. Have a great weekend! ❤🐇

  8. I’m so excited to have found your blog! And with BOOBS! 🙂 I promise that I think of other things (BOOBS!) No really, I do. And I’m really looking forward to reading your blog!

    • Hi Heather! I’m so excited for you to visit my blog, and that you like that there are boobs all over it! I hope you enjoy the blog, I keep feeling like I’m new at this but I’ve been at it a year in October. It has been fun!

  9. Well, Boobday is all about the boobs; although I know how you feel. I sometimes force myself to write something because its like my boobs are bare without words. Does that make sense? Anyway, love your breasts, mostly because they are real, natural, not fake or pretentious. Your’s are my fave so far; but tell anyone…xxx

    • 😀 It is that exactly, words make it purposeful. Okay I think that is a nice challenge, wordless post, but telling a story with a photo… Thank you!

  10. That’s one helluva bikini top!! Love all your tit pics, girl! And in light of the recent days’ happenings, I sincerely hope you don’t feel any pressure from all of us to participate!

    • I’m not sure what you mean but thanks for the compliments.

    • Lol! Okay I read through all the comments. I remember reading the post when you published but I couldn’t think of anything to say at the moment, then life used the memory storage…or something.

  11. Oh, check out my “My political career is ruined” post and you’ll see what I mean. Only if you have absolutely nothing else to do, though. It’ll take you far too long to get through if you’re in a hurry. Otherwise, email me and I’ll give you the abridged version 🙂

  12. Wow!!!!
    Great photos!
    Yummyliscious tits!
    I can’t decide which is my fave…

  13. I love the composition of the second one in particular, G. Beautiful light. Beautiful body. You did a great job with it.

  14. It just keeps getting better : )

  15. Had to come back and look at this one again. I love the toga look.

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  17. Very good! 😀
    Love it!

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