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Dick Day Update


Dear potential Dick Day participants,

I didn’t want to leave you hanging on the Dick Day thing, because I know how eager you are to show me us your goods.  I am pretty sure that LSAM is going to post something very soon on her blog, sort of like a casting call for dicks.  I’m not sure of the rules or guidelines.  If it goes well, maybe I will host “Testicle Tuesday” once in a while. Are your balls feeling full of jealousy? I hope not, it would be quite a relief I’m sure, if they were just given the attention they deserve.

Of course I’m joking, the balls are totally invited to Dick Day too.




36 thoughts on “Dick Day Update

  1. I’d love to participate but because I’m using the free WordPress, the powers that be would shut me down for being pornographic 😦

    • Well that is a shame…so I guess we risk the same thing happening huh? Perhaps LSAM and I should think about that further. I do have one cock pick in an old post right now, hmmm

  2. You’re hilarious! 🙂 the commentary is, I mean. The idea is… worth contemplating, but like kdaddy, somethings must be avoided… perhaps if others host?

    • Glad someone likes my punny sense of humor. I totally get it from my grandpa, he’s a big perv too.
      The idea is really worth contemplating, the idea of not getting my blog shut down. I don’t think I can afford my own website, but the idea gets more alluring every day. Especially if there was some way I could make some money off of it.

      • A self-hosted blog on a respectable server will run you about just under $90 for the year, including the cost of the domain name and PRIVATE registration (that is important! Not only for there mere harassment potential but man other hosters I know charge extra for this.) Yeah…I’ve dont’ some websites in my time. If you do want to go that way, drop me a line I’ll help you out. I’m a geek…it’s what I do. 😉

  3. Wait, I don’t understand – I use wordpress (and have not paid for anything) and there are a few dick picks on my blog though I do have mine set to an X rating. Are we saying tits, pussy and sexual pictures are allowed but there is a line at penis?

    • Pretty much, Pyx; I made this point to WordPress when they shut me down for a few hours and they told me that the rules for free users very much frowns on pornographic images, like genitalia. I was confused since, duh, I’ve seen more cock, tits, ass, pussy, and tits reading other people’s blogs! They said that people who are on are free users, people who have paid for their domain don’t have to conform to the ‘pornographic images’ thing that free users are supposed to conform to.

      And all because I used one of THEIR pictures of a dude’s dick…

      • Baffling! but thank you for explaining it to me, not that I am going to run out and post a pic of my snatch as a test run but once again I find myself blogging somewhere with arbitrary regulations.

        And I know I am not the only one that can still find distinction between artistic and pornographic… I still find myself at odds with the idea that boobs (and full female frontal) is okay but penis isn’t.

        • I agree Pyx, it is baffling and stupid. I think as long as there is no penetration shown, its just body parts that we have. Especially when done in an artistic way, it would be crazy to shut a blog down for that. But I wanted to see your snatch! hehehe, kidding!

    • And the funny thing about lines like that is no one at wordpress is going to make it clear, because mentioning penis is past their line…or something like that.

      • Her name is Lilly and I have never posted a pic of her – so while I bitch about lines and such I guess I have exposed my own and but yeah i would have her painted or something ha ha

        Okay what about this: the guys draw their own penis doing some every day things, or in every day situations or or they can draw their penis and give it super powers? but this all still feels strangely one sided, I was looking forward to seeing the men expose their body parts creatively and us ladies being all ‘encouraging’ the way they are with us.

        Once again we are denied penis.

        • Now, you may be on to something. I would be happy to host a “draw your genitalia day.” That would be quite fun, because I can draw from a photo (not much of a draw from imagination type).

          And I agree with you, I was looking forward to seeing the post put together tastefully and giving praise to the men and seeing all the different shapes and sizes. Also, giving them a request was sort of like a gift, since so many ladies are so anti-cock pic.

        • Oh and Lilly, meet Gilly, pussy friends forever.

  4. How about meatstick Mondays?
    You already said testicle Tuesdays…
    Wang Wednesdays?
    ThickDick Thursdays? (reserved for girthier members)
    Foreskin Fridays? (for the uncut tools and ladies that love them)

    Love u G,


    • You are the best hubby! XOXOXO Love you “D” muah!!!

    • HA! meatstick… oh that is going to come out during the next coitus!
      ( I like using words that make my husband cringe a little … like coitus lol)

    • Oh, I’ll stalk WordPress for Foreskin Fridays, yum yum. Who am I kidding, they all sound good.

      And I posted a pic of Cash’s cock, and nothing came of it, did I just get lucky?

      • Oh I came I just didn’t tell you. I was the lucky one.

        Kidding! :0) yes I have a pic of Green’s luscious member posted and I’m avoiding the WordPress police on that one, I think we got lucky, or maybe because we own the pics it fell under the radar.

      • Haha, G. I walked into that one, huh?

        The one I posted today might get me in trouble, maybe if I’m a bad girl I’ll get a spanking. 😉

        • Your post today was so incredibly hot I almost had to run to my bedroom and fuck myself. Almost. So humor is keeping me occupied until I have my husband here.

  5. Oh, I misunderstood dick day… I thought it was where I got to be a jerk to everyone all day…

    • Isn’t Thursday reserved for jerk day?

      You make me smile too much, it hurts my face.
      And you are too funny, go away now, you make me look bad…

      Okay, that was the very best attempt at being a jerk I could give. I have more luck coming up with an overly sexual pun on “Jerk Day”

  6. Although a dick is a magical organ with amazing physical capabilities, do we really want to look at it?

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