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Writing Challenge Post – I’ve Got Questions!


I’m half-way through the Stop Whining Twelve Step, Twelve Week Challenge and this week I was supposed to:

6. Contact (3) bloggers who are immensely popular in your favored genre and ask each of them (3) burning questions you have about writing/blogging. Write about your experience.

Well, I didn’t do that.  Because contrary to what I sometimes portray I’m shy when it comes to talking to people I aspire to be like someday (most of the time, now I have pushed through those fears, before).  It is a big thing to go to someone and say, “I need to ask you three questions about writing/blogging.  I’m asking you because I think you are the best at this and I’d like to be like you some day.”  I compare it to getting the nerve up to talk to the CEO or the President of the company.  While I do it, correction: did it, after some calculation on approach and topic of conversation, and it worked out well most every time (there was one foot-in-mouth bad joke) but it was still really hard.  I have it in my head that they are good at what they do, they don’t have time to see my potential (nor do they care) so why would they even take the time to answer a question I might have?  I’m just a little too sensitive about writing/blogging to put myself into a position of possibly being ignored.

But because I do want to participate as much as possible in this challenge, I’m going to put my three questions here, and then tweet this post a few times hoping I can catch a big fish or two or three.  Really,  I just want any other bloggers who care to answer to tell me:

1) How many hours per week would you say you devote to blogging (including social media, responding to comments, reading other blogs and commenting on them)? Are any of these hours paid, even if payment is in the form of a sex toy or a book you reviewed?

2) How and why did you get started in this “business”?

3) Are labels important to you?  Meaning, are you offended by being called a sex blogger rather than an erotica (or even fiction) writer, does it offend you if someone says you write smut vs. erotic literature? 

So there are my three questions.  If it makes it easier, or if you don’t want to log in to answer, I created a form for your response:

Like I said, anyone can respond. This is totally anonymous, you don’t have to provide any information or you can fill it with silly words and requests for boob pics.  Its your call. Thank you in advance!

Please check out my partners in this challenge Panty Parade, Cara, and LSAM.  As you must know their blogs are some of my favorites and they are plugging away at these challenge steps as well.  Half-way through ladies!

Also, I’d like to encourage you to head over to Nate’s other blog, to read his series on Building A Better Blogger.  This post is well said, and speaks to me because this is always on my mind.

13 thoughts on “Writing Challenge Post – I’ve Got Questions!

  1. Good questions! I did answer them. 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m impressed by the quality writing you create in such little time each week. Sometimes it takes me several hours to write one post and I still feel rushed. Your posts are always well thought and well, just wonderful (especially the spanking one recently, I think you piqued my interest even more about different types of casual encounters).

      • Many times I write some of them days in advanced. Not that I do the best job editing, but I find its cleaner. Others I just post what’s on my mind.

        I enjoyed the spanking one so much. That particular encounter just worked out so well. I want more without badgering the poor man. Lol.

  2. Thank you for the kind words about the Building A Better Blogger series. I answered your questions as best I could using the form. To me this is a bigger issue that needs more coverage. If you would like to expand your interview with me let me know.

    • I loved your answers thank you. I still feel like such a newb, and certainly ill prepared to even talk about sex blogging, but you are helping me along the way. Just formulating three questions to give me comparison between bloggers was hard. But as part of my goals I do want to help you get more coverage on the issue.
      Maybe I need to ask one question, if you can export content, and leave a link on your blog to a new one, why not move to your own place? WP doesn’t really encourage a community anyway. Why not abandon ship and go have total freedom on your own site?

      • Going my own way is something that I have thought about and still am thinking about. To me though that does not change the basic premise of what I have been doing which is sex writing should not be something that people should be ashamed of doing, something that is shoved into the corner, and should be something that people should have access too.

        If I up an move without at least trying to make a difference I wouldn’t feel right. I am not that guy. I have been trying. However, since the overall opinion seems to be “doesn’t affect me” or “I don’t care” I will most likely give up the ghost, but at least I tried. Not just for me, but for everyone who is and comes along after me who wants to write about sex and sexuality on WordPress.

        Another concern of mine, is that I have several blogships that I thoroughly enjoy (you, Mrs. Fever, B. Homebanger, and others) and if I move…well if you have ever changed jobs you know how it goes “We’ll stay in touch” and that doesn’t pan out so much. I like much of the community that is here, if I could get them all to follow me then I probably get going sooner than I really will. Friends, even blog-friends are hard to come by, and I like to keep them.

  3. Great job, G! This would be the hardest one for me too. I hope I get up the nerve to actually do it! I will answer your questions using the form now. You totally motivated me to read more of Nate’s series (I read Z’s article) and write about how I’m doing on the 12/12 Challenge later today.

    • From this perspective you are doing great! LA revived zest for writing is evident in you, though I never noticed anything lacking before. Xoxo

      • I’m slowly reading through my book (Step 3, so I’m a little behind, but I have been skipping around) . . . . but I have been entering writing contests, and my other blog won one last week, so I was pretty pleased. Thanks for noticing!

        • Congratulations! I want to check it out! Care to share the link via email?

          I sort of entered a contest and heard nothing, which explains my surge of insecurity the past few days.

  4. Answered! Probably nothing very surprising in my answers, though.

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