filled and fooled


Freedom of Sexpression

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So I accidentally published my notes for this post this morning, because I was using the stupid droid app for WordPress, which makes updating drafts easier but that is the only thing it is good for. Anyway, I wanted to Reblog this to let you know that I revised the post and actually wrote more than notes. Hoping it shows in your reader.

filled and fooled

Last Friday I received a comment from a writer I very much respect and admire.  She said that I was brave (for posting my breasts for Boobday).  Had I stopped at that moment of reading the comment and looked up the actual definition of brave I probably would have been happy, maybe even proud of the distinction.  But instead I let the thoughts compound, and the fears and worries fester, and of course I went over my past actions with a fine-toothed comb and eyes of disdain. I became unhappy (and confused) with what this blog is, and what I portray as my character in this space.

I knew it was meant as a compliment, but I started wondering if showing courage by displaying my tits, means that these tits shouldn’t be shown (by some standard set forth in our society)? It made me wonder if I’m shameless or…

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