filled and fooled


Narrow Passages and Fading Enigmas


Part One

Beams of sunlight meekly probe the stubble budding on your cheek, it warms you enough to begin the rousing of your senses.  You realize you are rocking and swaying, triggering your eyes to open.  You start focusing on the beige walls, and the dark-stained wood cabinetry surrounding you, and then the dance of light through a curtained sliding glass door.

As the milliseconds of your waking tick by, it registers that the surroundings are not familiar, yet it feels like you are meant to be here.   Something has changed.  Your back even feels better.

You begin to feel warmth, softness, and smooth curves fitting into your groin and up to your chest.  A leg is dangled over your leg.  Skin is sticking to yours in some places.  You sense a large soft breast resting heavy in each hand.  Your fingers contract and extend, is that a hardening nipple jutting between your thumb and pointer?  You pinch back down and hold tight intuitively.

With your left hand tingling from the lack of blood flow, the moment feels like an illusion.  Your arms are wrapped tight, holding on.  Has a fantasy just come true?  Don’t let go. You are snapped to reality by your bodily response to the fragrance of my shampoo as it seductively sways through your nostrils.  Memories of the moment we first touched, the first moment we were alone, the waiting in line to charge forth toward privacy again, the christening of the room, the fulfilled fantasies, they all flash through your mind, rapidly playing like one of the soft-core porn movies you memorized as a teen.

Then last night, no, a few hours ago, we fell asleep in this position.  I had finally allowed my eyes to close though I didn’t want to.  You were determined to watch me fall asleep, it was almost frustrating when I wouldn’t stop talking.  So you gripped me tightly instead, hoping I would relent and let go. The last thing you remember before sleep was me recounting how my hand still stung from slapping the hood of the car in the parking lot. How hard you had me pinned as I was bent over, how fully penetrated I was, and moaning your name so loudly. It was true when I said, “that was the most needful and mind-blowing hello-fuck of my life.”

The slight wiggle of your fingers and a buck of your abdomen as “hello-fuck” rings in your mind starts to rouse me.  In reflex I push my ass further toward your stiffening cock.  I too begin to recognize the unfamiliar feeling of your body, whole and warm against me, and my body’s own reaction to you.  Your entrancing scent noted with the faint odor of sex in the room causes me to take a deep breath in.  As I exhale I push in closer.

Blissfully awakened to being held in your muscular arms,  I am inspired to gyrate my hips slowly.  A sympathetic response aimed at working your cock between my legs so it can greet my pussy with a good morning kiss.  You feel my heart start to beat fast again as I let out a sigh in pleasure.

Cold air blows the curtains open and a beam of light reflected off the ripply wild dark blue ocean hits the ceiling above us.   The dance of the shadows and light captivates our attention as we lay tangled watching, absorbing the warmth of our beguiled bodies.  The ship rocks and sways, creaking and murmuring tales of icy narrow passages and fading tales of great white enigmas.  The low growl of the turbine brings the reality of open water unfolding before us.  We had never met before, yet here we are.

You release me from your breast-cradling hold so I can turn to face you, still keeping our bodies pushed together.  Sorely, achingly, almost shyly we smile and share a sweet kiss.  “I should have closed that last night when we came in, sorry” I manage to say, smiling again as I remember what we did before coming in.  You feel my hands run down your back, and then back up, using my nails gently to scratch you.  You welcome the light strokes and scratches while our tongues dance together again, in such a comfortable and familiar way.  As my hands move lower to embrace your member we are interrupted by the ship’s captain on the speaker, breaking our trance to relay the day’s schedule.

Moving back to stroking you, you hear my stomach embarrassingly protest the lack of food carrying over in dizzying affect from yesterday.  The growl breaks us free of our embrace and we lay on our backs giggling softly.  You don’t agree with it, but I decide it is time to get out of bed.  You want to freeze time so we can stay there forever, but I swing my legs out to have my feet meet the cool floor.

Once I’ve gained balance, I stand naked before you.  You look me up and down as I bare myself to you in pure confidence of your endless appreciation.  This body you’ve longed to touch, the natural curves and my voluptuous breasts accenting my knowing smile, and my deep dark eyes. You know my story, all of it.  You still can’t believe I’m right here, close enough to touch.

You jump at the chance to check off another bucket list item, when I invite you to share the shower, even though there is hardly room to move in there.  After yesterday, it is a wonder we have any bucket list items to complete. You sponge my backside, and wrap your arms around to clean my front side, slick and soapy I press back against you.  I move my body up and down yours, side to side, then slow-dance with you like we did last night in the penthouse.  Every inch of you wants to touch me.

After our slow sway, you let me return the favor of working your body with my soapy lather, afterward letting me guide the shower head over you to wash away the bubbles.  Just to make sure you are totally clean I get on my knees taking your cock in hand and lick you from the base of your shaft to the head and back down all the way.  Your whole cock enveloped by my mouth, you feel the head at the back of my throat, you feel me swallow, it pulls you harder.  Hot water washes my lustful need away as I feel you buck in pleasure.

You are getting closer to the edge as I repeat my motions, every time you are almost there I pull back.  You allow me to stroke you gently and softly for a moment to breath. But soon you are pushing my head lower so I can continue exploring you with licks and kisses.  Down your line, you feel how I pay special attention to your glans, loving how I suck and kiss all over, listening for what you like.   You watch me fervently go back to sucking you deep into my throat, then pulling out, then pushing my face back down on you.  The orgasm is going to be strong, and it is coming fast, you have little control, and you are barely able to utter a warning before letting the hot gush of your salty cum fill my throat.  I pull off in time to catch a taste or two, and thank you with a sensual smile.

You pull me to stand and let the water rush over you, rinsing away the cum still dripping from your cock. You push two fingers into my slippery pussy and tickle my clit in an upward flicking motion with your thumb.   The whimpers and gasps I let escape drive you insane with the need to make me cum.  Pulling my leg up to your waist, braced against the wall gives you the access you need to push your fingers in and out a few times feeling me slick and ready.  You drop to your knees and bury your face in my landing-strip adorned pussy, finger fucking me fast and hard. The water hits the back of your head, though it doesn’t matter because you aren’t taking breaths now anyway.  You feel my pussy pulse and clench around your fingers.  Waves of orgasmic bliss hit me as I push your face into me, riding it, writhing on it, leaving you with no air. You stand to kiss me, so I can taste my sweet pussy on your lips.

After the shower we dress quickly to avoid the chill in the air.  You offer to go out to get breakfast from the nearest cafe while I stay back and keep the bed warm for us.   But I jump at the chance to serve you instead.  Just minutes later you hear me call out your name, as I open the door to our room holding our food, with a little giggle at the reality of us sharing this room, and our first meal together.

As we eat, you pull the curtains open and we watch the water pass by outside feeling the occasional cold breeze sucking through the screen.  The sound of the anchor preparing to drop booms, and you feel our momentum start to slow.  As our ship comes to a stop we begin to discuss what the day might have in store for us.  One thing you know for certain,  is we are going to explore every corner of this ship together, and by the end of the trip it will be our playground.


I didn’t take this photo… I mean I did take it, I stole it from a travel blog I don’t own.

10 thoughts on “Narrow Passages and Fading Enigmas

    • Ugh, thank you Cara. It is hard to write in first person, I had no idea how hard until I tried. I actually thought it would be easy.

  1. Talk about a pleasure cruise!
    Well done, G!

  2. Dear G,
    Very Erotic, I Loved it!
    I really enjoyed your methodical, detailed adventure. Anxiously awaiting part deux.

    • Hi Anastasia (gorgeous name btw),
      Thank you so very much! I’m so touched at your comment! You just made my weekend. It’s silly but its so much easier to put up a post with my boobs than to put up fiction, so your comment means a lot.
      Thank you!

  3. hi G hmm where to start ……..WOW ummm i mean WOW! that was really hot ty for sharin

  4. I loved this…your writing is so gorgeously erotic. Very touching too! Thanks for sharing =)

    • Sam, this is the best compliment on my writing I’ve ever received I think. It comes at a time I really needed it. Thank you so very much.

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