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Radioactive (Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix)


I can’t fight it, I really like this song.   Not my type of music traditionally, but found because of the remix.  The original version is best, but this version has its own interesting points.  Did you know how AMAZING Lindsey Stirling is?  She is the violinist.  I don’t know who the rest of those schmo’s are, but they can sing.  I guess they would be called a modern day A Capella group.

Even though it makes me a little angry (this version not as strongly as the original), it makes me want to stomp-dance. It makes me want to grit my teeth. But it is something that makes me feel, feel really hard, hell it makes me want to fuck hard. And it resonates with me a little. Don’t ask me why.  Seriously.

I’ve been writing a few things this week, fantasy and poetry and other posts but I’m blocking on the edits, nothing feels good enough to post.  I might be ramping up to another dry spell/writers block situation.  I don’t want to, I also know that summer is coming and the more the kids are around the less time I have to slip away to the computer.  I’m worried, a little.  But I am committed to trying to keep this fun blog going.  I need my penis-showing game.

Clutch my hair so it doesn't impede my face
use it to guide me, though I know my place
I position the drip and give it a kiss
Lower my mouth over your shaft, a feeling I missed

Fun with rhyming.

Almost Friday! Boobs!

16 thoughts on “Radioactive (Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix)

  1. The last time I played the penis showing game, I think I won… Or lost… Or got arrested. I don’t remember.

  2. What an interesting version of the song! That girl is fantastic. How did you find these guys?

    • I usually listen to Pandora and when I like a song I go to youtube and check for videos/remixes/etc. This was near the top. If you like those guys, check this out:

      And Lindsey Stirling is fabulous. I listen to a lot of dubstep and she plays a lot of it I guess, I don’t know, its funny to think she fits into that genre.

  3. thanks for sharing! I love the original version of the song, though the video is a little weird. LDP, and stuffed animal fight club….

    p.s. loved the poetry as well! 😉

    • It is weird, isn’t it? But I love it too.

      Thank you for loving my try at poetry, that is encouraging! Thank you sexy!!

  4. This version ROCKS…well violins, but you know what I mean. I love creative covers of songs over simple retreads.

    • ROCKS! Yes, it does, it is very rockin’! I agree, creative covers are the best, they make me appreciate the original more sometimes.

  5. Hi G,
    I really enjoyed the media thank you. I’m some what stuck in the 70’s & 80’s. So this is refreshing.
    Have A Great Day : )

    • Thank you! I enjoy some “classic” music too…doesn’t that sound sad, that music we grew up listening to is now considered classic. Grr. 🙂

  6. Yes, great minds think alike…. I love that you said some of the things I was thinking…. So awesome!
    I am smiling all big now. 🙂

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