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Time for another TMI Tuesday Post!!


Thank you to the TMI Tuesday blog for always giving such wonderful and fun prompts!  It is always a great group of bloggers answering these questions, and I just joined in but they were nice about it,  be sure to click the button below to visit.  This week’s set of questions was created by A Tale of Bi and Bi.


This week the topic was Tickle My Funny Bone.

1. Have you ever laughed during sex? Tell us about it.

I can’t recall a particular incident but  I do remember one time it wasn’t well-received when I laughed.  I can’t blame him for being upset now that I look back (when one thinks it is funny and the other doesn’t and it happens during sex, it usually doesn’t feel good right)?  Queefs (sp?) are funny, sometimes.

2. How important is a sense of humor to you?

Very important.  I think laughter keeps us alive, it keeps us connected to others.  My husband and I share many laughs and smiles and inside jokes throughout our day.  I love that we we are always going to feel comfortable enough to laugh at and with each other.

3. Have you ever thought something was funny when your lover did not? Tell us what it was…

Probably but I can’t think of a specific example.  Maybe my last post will qualify, we’ll see when he reads it. (UPDATE: He enjoyed it)

4. Are pranks funny? Have you ever fallen victim to a prank? Tell us what happened.

No, pranks aren’t that funny, well they are on TV sometimes.  Heh.  I’ve never fallen victim to one.  Although I’m looking forward to reading any others’ experience with being pranked.  I guess they are funny, when it isn’t me that could be targeted.

5. What is your favorite kind of humor? (a complete list can be found at:

Humor that is delivered combining all my favorite types (Anecdotal, Blue, Deadpan/dry,  Epigrammatic, Farcical, Ironic, Situational, and Slapstick).  But if I picked one, I think I laugh at Deadpan humor the most.

Bonus: Tell us an embarrassing and/or funny moment you experienced with a lover.

Embarrassing would be getting my period during the threesome.  However I got over that fast, because it happens sometimes.  One time I left a dildo in the sink after using it (too lazy to wash it right then) and let a maintenance man into the bathroom before realizing what I had left in plain view.  He wasn’t a lover though, yikes, I wonder if he thought I was hinting at something?


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18 thoughts on “Time for another TMI Tuesday Post!!

  1. OMG that is too funny leaving your dildo out like that… Yeah I would have wondered the same thing… hehehe

  2. If you leave your dildo out in front of me I’m definitely going to think its a hint!
    Unless its way bigger than me, in which case I’ll say nothing and flee…

    • What will you take it as a hint to do? Ahh, okay don’t answer that. Take it as a hint this woman loves getting fucked, even if she has to do it alone.

      And I’m sure it paled in comparison to your manhood.

  3. Thank you for participating again in TMI Tuesday and linking back to the TMI Tuesday blog.

    1. Hahaha. Yes, queefs are funny if comfortable with your lover, otherwise it can be a bit embarrassing. But hey, everyone does it.

    2. Good answer.

    Great Bonus stories. Yes the period thing you can get over cuz “it happens” but during a threesome. ..Talk about poor timing. I think the dildo in the sink is pretty funny/embarrassing. You know that maintenance man is still telling that story ’til this day.



    @Nero: buwhahahahaha! Your comment was funny.

    • Thank you so much Hedone for visiting and commenting!! I love your blog(s).

      And it really just popped in my head this morning while doing the post what that guy must have thought. And knowing men, like I do now, I bet he is still talking about it!

      Getting all hot now, haha.

  4. Omg the dildo in the sink thing happened to us too, but it was a vibrator, and a butt plug, and it wasn’t a maintenance guy, it was a vanilla couple of ours, the husband of whom works with geek! It was so embarrassing, but nothing was ever said. I’m not sure they would know what a butt plug looks like. Needless to say, we check the bathroom and nightstands before anyone comes over!

    • That make me want to work even harder to keep things covered! I mean, with kids now its bound to get embarrassing if things aren’t put away. But a co-worker, that might be harder to swallow than a maintenance man. We moved soon after too, ::blush::

  5. I can’t answer all the questions, but I know I definitely laughed at one time while having sex. Sometimes you have to.
    You have to have a sense of humor and YES it is VERY important to me!
    Oh I am sure there are many things I think are funny and my lover didn’t, though I can’t think of one right now, maybe farting while having sex…That I am sure has happened.

    Yes, TMI – we all don’t like it, but it makes us all human!

    • Exactly, sometimes you have to just laugh. If it takes a few minutes to get back in the mood, it does, right?

      I had to make hubby stop the other night because he was dead set on making me squirt again, and the pressure was just too much, I had to make sure there was no air compression back there to forcefully squirt his face…meaning I think I had to fart…yup.. It makes me human!~

      Thank you for following! Sweet avatar!

  6. LOL! Love the dildo story! I think he probably still talks about it – men are such gossips. 😛

  7. without laughter, i would be dead…literally.

    i had heard about queefs, but it wasn’t until that South Park episode that everything was confirmed…

    • South Park confirmed a lot of things for me. Poop is really smart, for one (but only talks at Christmas for some reason).

  8. I have a friend whose dog trotter out of her room with a big dildo in his mouth and brought it into the middle of a large family gathering and dropped it as if asking someone to play with him.

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