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Drinking and Writing: Just Do It


Also known as:

My week 5 post for the 12 step, 12 week writing challenge

Totally SFW!  Still totally 18 + though.  Speaking of that, I did change the masthead/banner/pic-at-the-top, a little less ‘in yo’ face’ than the titty/nipple out on display.  I always liked redecorating my bedroom every few months as I was growing up, and now I like to redecorate my sex blog.

So the writing challenge, yes…doing pretty good.  I only got up at 5:00am a couple times last week, that was such a fantastic idea! No really, it was a great idea, but not for me because I think I prefer sleep.

To recap this writing challenge I speak about, in case you are new here: I set some goals,  made an attempt at figuring out my strengths,  then I had to read some articles and a book about writing erotica.  Then I made a half-assed attempt at getting feedback on something I wrote.

This week’s challenge was to post a suggestion not on her 12 step list in the comment thread over at PP’s blog. My suggestion:

Get a little drunk and write for an hour or until you want/have to stop.

Yes, I’m talking about blogging drunk.  Just don’t post it, or delay your posting until you are sober (or need something to blog about).  Write your drunk heart out until something occurs that makes you stop.  In my case, Friday night, it was a barfing baby and a hurt bird brought into my house by a proud kitty that kept me from going on.  Since I was drunk-writing alone* I had to buck up and deal with it.  I will tell you that barf and (dead) birds combined kill a buzz like waking up on a sidewalk in fraternity row and not remembering how you got there realizing you’ve been drinking O’doul’s.

Sorry got off track there a little, I think expanding your mind with a cocktail or two 4 can help break free some desires you didn’t know you had.  It can make you feel more comfortable drinking around others (because when you read back what you wrote you sound really cool).  It is just fun to read what flows from your drunk mind!

Have you ever drunk blogged?

My Friday night writing fun (complete with links, I’m so impressed with my drunkself) I was actually going to post this until I had to stop:

Title: Answering Questions La La La

Drinking vodka right now, alone, wah wah wah

LSAM did an award post and she made these awesome questions and wanted me to answer.  I feel like being a VERY good girl and answering right away.

Btw, I’m beautiful! All the Carnival workers said so, so it must be true…joke…get it? They tell every woman she is beautiful.  Those guys are really just after the $5 bill for trying to knock down their fucking stupid bottles.

It was just a shot of vodka but I’ve had a really long day and it went straight to my head.  Now I’m going for another shot of something, be right back…(que Epic Chillstep Collection).

You don’t want to know what I just swigged straight from the bottle…I’m going to tell you because I feel sober now.  Peppermint Schnapps!  Does that remind you of your youth?  It reminds me, Schnapps in general does.  You know who is a good drunk blogger?  Dreamshadow59! Girl, you need to stop by my blog again!

Anway, LSAM’s questions!

1. Describe your last sexual experience in 3 words. (Not a question, I know, but deal with it.)

Fulfilled Needed Orgasm

2. What did you think about last time you masturbated?

I was thinking about clitoral vs. g-spot orgasms.  Like, the clitoral (magic wand vibed) orgasms are foreplay to the g-spot orgasms.  I can have three good clit orgasms, they feel great but they are just an appetizer.  I need the g-spot orgasm as the main course to feel satisfied.  Better yet, I need them both at the same time.  This is what I thought of last time, which was today.

3. What’s your number one hard limit, no exceptions?

I have no idea what this means.  Something that if my husband does he is in trouble?  Oh that would be poop for sure, no way. We can discuss the rest.

4. What’s the easiest/quickest way for you to get off?

There isn’t a good answer for that because it changes all the time.  But going for that g-spot forceful touch along with sucking and licking my clit, it usually does the trick.

5. What movie, not porn, do you find the most arousing?

LSAM that is so hard to answer!  I should just watch my old favorites, “Dazed and Confused” and “Breakfast Club” because I bet I could get off watching them right now! Wait, that is totally the liquor speaking.

6. If you had to have, or do have, a fetish, what is it?

I haven’t been able to really pinpoint a fetish.  Exhibitionism?  I still feel like I need to see what is out there, and I’ve always been open minded but I didn’t imagine trying things before.  I really like rough play but I don’t understand the power play.  Though things I’ve read about being a little Domme got my clit swollen, I have equally enjoyed being dominated.  But I don’t think I really have a kink I can identify as a G’s kink.

7. Anal sex… you like it or no?

Technically my husband has fucked my ass.  I’ve not had the mind-blowing orgasms from ass play ever before.  I do want to feel that different kind of orgasm, but when it hurts I want to stop.

And the bonus paragraph of erotica… The prompts include: a kiwi, a sharp knife, an erection and an orgasm.

“I don’t think I can continue Sir” she mumbled beneath her breath.  Holding her ankle, a lock of her think red hair fell in front of her umber eyes; bent in pain, she shot him “the look”.  He knew it was time, as Master his will was always based on her peaks and boundaries.  She really controlled the space they thrived in.  She extended her toes outward, ran her hand straight down, and rubbed her clit with disinterest.  He broke her from her bratty demeanor by picking up a kiwi, carving it while staring at her, completely disgusted.  She gazed at his erection, not sure of what she should perform based on.  She could feel her orgasm building, the need to please him, first.  Then that warm nagging need of a edge and valley.  A hot then a rush.  A break of the dam, flood a valley of need for fulfillment.


Well that was it, the unedited drunk blogging I did on Friday night.  Please forgive the erotica paragraph.  I could have done better but I didn’t get a chance to edit (drunk-edit) and I wanted to show you that my mind was flowing in another direction that night.  It was flowing somewhere.  Drinking and driving can kill, drinking and writing can’t.  Now write that down.

Now another piece of advice, because at this point I’m a total pro at giving writing advice:

Create your own penis-showing game.

Hopefully you know I’m quoting “Waiting” which is a great movie starring Ryan Reynolds (2005).  Basically what I’m saying, is (full quote):

Bishop: So, when things in your life become stagnant – you know, you’re no longer happy with what you’re doing – then you figure out what’s important to you. Then create your own penis-showing game.

You might have to watch the movie to know what I’m talking about, they do play a penis-showing game.  It exists to add flair to their boring day to day lives as they work various positions in a restaurant.  I obviously don’t work in a restaurant, but I do need a bit of flair.  And if I can provide your life with a little flair, even if it is once a week, or once a month, I have played my game well.

Happy almost-summer my friends.

*Don’t judge me.  Drinking is like sex to me, I’m not going to be slowed down by being the only one in the room.

30 thoughts on “Drinking and Writing: Just Do It

  1. I may have to try the drunk thing. How about blogging while tired? Same results. Lol. You’re doing well with the challenge! Go you. 🙂

    • Yes, blogging while tired has the same effect/results. Except I did write a bit more on another post that I didn’t share, it was very enlightening. And something I must have never been truly drunk enough to do before: I gave myself a pep talk in the mirror. I had to have been really tired because like I said, it was only a shot of vodka and then a swig of schnapps. I can drink more than that usually, but maybe being alone changed it.

  2. *Don’t judge me. Drinking is like sex to me, I’m not going to be slowed down by being the only one in the room

    loved all that you wrote – your last sentence just made me laugh! loved it. Jayne

  3. I understand why you changed the header photo, but damn, I really really like the previous one. ah, that nipple sticking out, mmmm…

    • I love this kind of feedback, I really do. Just made me squirm in a fun way. Maybe I can change the header for when you click on a post. I know it can randomly change. Hmm.

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  5. I plan to have a few drinks with you when we meet… drinking and blogging (maybe tweeting) sounds like fun. 🙂

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  7. drinkin and blogging sounds fun but i already miss the nipples on the banner….. oh well keep up the good work thanks

  8. i love a bald or nicely shaved bacon strip and of course the arrow or lighting bolt are classics but i have to admit the angry angry beaver at the end of waiting tooth pick an all gave me way more of an erection then i care to admit but its so angry and so hot

    • Lighting bolt! That’s hot, I wish I could grow that (if you must know, since we are old buds, my bush isn’t that substantial). Anyway, Justin, that was an angry angry beaver, but it was the only pussy in a sea of dick. I understand.

  9. You’re a true wonder woman, G!

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