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Friday, May 24th, 2013 is Boobday!



Time for Boobday!

This week, over on A Dissolute Life Means, I decided to share a cleavage shot for Boobday.  Be sure to click on over there to see who else participated.  I’m guessing there will be a nice turnout this week.  Maybe bare boobs, big boobs, small boobs, pierced boobs, pinched boobs, celebrate those boobs!


Just sitting here, taking pictures of my boobs…

I liked the contrast of the blue dress and necklace on my skin.  I was drawn to the color right away when I saw that dress the first time, that and the deep cleavage I knew it would give me.  I meant for the necklace to sort of point you in the right direction, I see the chain length could be a bit shorter.   I guess I’m built with sort of a road-map anyway…


Does this look like an invitation for a motor-boating or a titty-fucking?

The black and white, coupled with my dirty monitor, make me feel like I’m looking at a old photo of my grandmother.  Thank you for the tits, Grandma!


Come over here, rawr!

I like showing my boobs, or nipples, both really.  Better than showing my ass.  If you haven’t joined the fun of Boobday, I highly recommend it.  Just send Hyacinth an email with your pic, let her know if you want to be named and/or linked.  Click the Boobday button at the top for more information.

Also, you may have thought I was joking before but I’m serious, if you want to participate in a cock/dick/dong/schlong/willie day we have a willing blogger hostess for it.  And if she doesn’t want to do it anymore I will host the holiday (maybe monthly rather than weekly).  We just need to designate a day and you send me your pics and I post them, and we celebrate.  I think it is a good idea to celebrate cocks of all shapes and sizes.  Like boobs.  Yum.  How do we celebrate?  “We” meaning?  Good question.  I look at them, I adore them.  I imagine licking-no tasting, really tasting them.  The skin, is it soft over a rigid shaft? Velvety, with a drip out of the top? The different coloration of the skin where it usually isn’t pulled so taught, how long is that part I don’t usually see when he is soft?

The important thing, is that the dick belongs to you, and you want it shared with us.  I know! Sharing your penis is way bigger a thing than showing boobs.  I get it.  You can always show your chest on Boobday.   Just one time show your dick?  What do I have to do?

Note:  I’m not seriously asking for anyone to send me anything right now.  But if you really think you would want to participate then send me an email at


So, here is a cool video, not professionally done but it almost seems like it.  It has nothing to do with boobs, I just really like the song.  I think the actresses are stars in their own right, or future stars whatever that might mean, since it also appears they independently created/filmed it.  And those faces they make, I don’t know what to say, just watch the whole thing if you can.  You might think I’m weird for liking it but oh well.  Talent!

The official version has a touch of weird too.  Do you want to see it? *waves magic youtube wand* ((poof))

I really wish that guy had some other good songs.  But sadly, even though Red Bull sponsors him, or manages, or produces(?), I don’t fucking know, even though he’s backed by such genuine talent appreciators (hehe) I can’t find another song I like all that much.

Happy Friday Boobday!

39 thoughts on “Friday, May 24th, 2013 is Boobday!

  1. Hm, Cock Day sounds intriguing, at the very least. I’ll have to consider it… Excellent breasts, as always. You have such lovely cleavage.

    • Yes, consider please! I have received one email so far so there is some interest. I’m sure I could gather a few other participants, as you know, the more cock the better I feel (or something like that).

      By the way, an indecent proposal is when your spouse is offered money to have you sleep with someone else. My hubby would say yes, obviously… 🙂

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  4. I’d share a cock shot for the day.

  5. Fridays definitely rule!

  6. Super cute shirt, G! xxx

  7. I’m trying to get this cockday thing going. I will probably have a few willing participants 🙂

  8. Oh yeah, and I LOVE that song!! And your dress!!!

  9. Girl, I want your dress almost as much as I want your tits….
    Is that bad of me to say? 😛

    • You would look SO GOOD in this dress, taken in several sizes of course, but it is such a pretty color and I know it would look amazing on you.

      Although, your avatar photo is pretty banging. Pink might be your color. 😉

  10. It ALWAYS pays to click through on G’s pics 🙂

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