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Keeping a Tally – TMI Tuesday – May 21, 2013



1. Do you/have you ever kept track of the number or people you have been with?

Yes! Except to be honest I lost count after a certain number.   Plus, the exact amount is something my husband and I have agreed not to discuss.

2. To get specific, How many people have you –

a. slept with – I haven’t “slept” with many men, mostly just my husband but maybe a few guys fell asleep afterward and/or spent the night.
b. kissed (in a romantic way, obviously) – probably 30, definitely didn’t keep track of that.
c. given oral to – I didn’t keep track but I would say it was maybe 8 different men?
d. received oral from – Again, didn’t keep track but I would say less than 8 different men?
etc. –
Not sure what counts as etc. but I didn’t count.

3. What is the most amount of people you have been with at one time? (twosome, threesome, foursome, etc)

The most amount of people I’ve been with at one time was a foursome, but it wasn’t a fun experience for me so I barely count it as happening.

4. Have you ever had multiple partners in the same day, just different times? (One person in the morning, another at lunch, and one at dinner, etc)

Technically yes, if you count that I had sex with the other guy while my husband watched, and after the guy left I had sex with my husband.  But that never happened before I met my husband, I would have felt bad about myself at that time if it did happen but knowing what I know now I would giggle at my good fortune at having two guys that day.

Bonus: Describe your best multiple person encounter, either something that actually happened or one that you would want to happen. Or both. ;)

I have described our threesome with Blue in great detail here, here, and here.  And our threesomes with Green here and here, and soon I will post about our third time with him here.  But I guess my best was with Blue because we used the light saber to make me squirt and it was fun seeing it all illuminated and I could almost see his mind being totally blown right then.  It made me whirl in slight embarrassment and slight pride.  As you can tell I like that story because I’ve been bringing it up a lot lately.  Just need to state here that it isn’t Blue giving me good feelings (because we are DONE speaking with him) but the experience we had with him was very memorable.


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14 thoughts on “Keeping a Tally – TMI Tuesday – May 21, 2013

  1. Ah, isn’t it too common that someone we don’t especially want to remember nevertheless gave us lovely memories? Great answers this week!

  2. light saber? as a certified Jedi, i’m all in…certified being the operative word here…

    • “all in” hehe…

      How does one get certified? I wonder what kind of classification I gained from that “training”?

  3. I read the story about the lightsaber and wow – now I’ve got to read Hy’s guide to squirting. 🙂 I admire your relationship with your husband very much and the confidence you both have in adding a third person to your play. XO

    • Thank you! My husband has made the sacrifice, I still need to see him pleased by another woman. Someday soon I hope!

      And Hy’s guide is the best I’ve seen, I’m sure she has taught thousands of ladies how to squirt! 🙂

  4. I read this about an hour ago but keep heading off to read your other posts. hot stuff, especially your firehouse fantasy (?). TMI is great fun and you did a great job with it.

    • Thank you so much, it really is a lot of fun to have good questions to answer. I appreciate your comment and visit, hopefully I can keep posting hot stuff to keep you coming back!

      Yes, firehouse was a fantasy 😉

  5. MMM. foursome?! I have been told by different people that is not as fun as they thought it would be. I have never been involved in one, so I wouldn’t know. Sounds you have had your fair share of fun. 😀

    • Hi there! It was another MF couple actually, they had taken something and he was hella drunk so he couldn’t stay hard, and my husband and her had a great time but I wasn’t very compersive at that point.

  6. Great answers, G! I have to say, you’re a class act.

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