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Hi reddit users (Redditors?)


This is my Week 4 post for the Stop Whining 12 Step 12 Week Writing Challenge.

Hi.  I want to thank all of my readers and especially the new readers that have clicked over from reddit.  Thank you! I hope you don’t mind my masthead, the in-your-face breast right as my page comes up.  Hopefully no one gets in trouble at work or anything.  Just be warned, I like posting pictures of my body.

So the writing challenge.

It sure is helping because now I yearn to write more fun stuff rather than this kind of stuff…  I’m hoping you enjoy my posts even when I talk about my writing journey, which seems to be a bit boring in comparison to butt and titty pics.  But finally I will have some more fantasy stuff up this week.  And I know I owe another post on Green’s last visit before I forget all the details.  Add that to the TMI Tuesday and any Boobday or Sinful Sunday stuff and we are in business here folks, goals being fucking met, booyah!

So this week, instead of bugging another blogger (read: I didn’t ask Dave to give me feedback on a post because he is busy and I forgot to even ask him until now) I submitted a story to reddit hoping I could get feedback of all kinds there (maybe a teeny tiny spike in stats, fine I will admit it).  I thought I would post the longest threesome true sexual experience story I’ve written.  The one that included the light saber. Yes, I am proud of my squirting and even prouder that we showed it off with such flair.

So maybe I just need to update this post as I get more feedback on reddit.  So far 84% like it or 9 people upvoted while 2 people downvoted (and I didn’t even cry when I saw that).  The things I worry about are punctuation and colorful enough grammar.  I don’t have high standards set for my writing because I’m just doing this all for fun.  But improvement is always good, that is what I signed up for right?

Please check out my partners in crime, I mean the two bloggers who are doing this with me, Cara and LSAM.  Their blogs are so hot I might need to run back to the firehouse to grab a hose.  Heh.

25 thoughts on “Hi reddit users (Redditors?)

  1. You can ask me, G! Just remind me, fairly vocally, because I’ve got a mind like a steel sieve. 😉

    • If I remember to I will. Ok, how bout I send you something tonight to read and comment on? Besides the other thing I owe by Tuesday.

      • Will do. Send it to me and I’ll comment as soon as I’m conscious tonight or tomorrow, eh.

      • Woe, woe. My alarm goes off at 04:30 with the reminder coming up:

        “Give G writing feedback.”

        I run down to the computer anxiously, eager to dive in so I don’t forget. Then I run back upstairs because I forgot to get dressed. Then I run back downstairs and check my inbox. And refresh, just in case Gmail has gone fuckered, again, overnight.

        Blank…emptiness…in my G folder. Alas.

        Just giving you shit! I got up at 04:30 because I normally do. Reminding you… send it today eh and I’ll hit it. 😉

        • I know, I didn’t get to the computer yesterday after I said that. Right now I’m trying to pre-edit. Add a few hundred words too.

  2. Way to be on the ball! I’m impressed with how much you’re getting done. I’ve never been to reddit before so I’ll have to check it out.

    • Thank you. It’s one of those wordy weeks, where I make lots of promises, so we shall see how much I do post. You seem to be on a roll, great work!

  3. nice thing about having your own blog is that you can do whatever you want…post pictures…write…do whatever you want

  4. Oh why would you cry! you are doing what you set out to do (try) and it is after all the internet – there are people who just dont like anything.

    I think it’s great you asked for feedback!

    • I just react heavily to negative feedback, and during my moods it makes me cry sometimes…but I’m not in one of those moods so I’m feeling great!

  5. Way to go, G! I tried reddit, and no one (not a single soul) read my piece. Yikes! I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, so I will try it again.

    I also want to try TMI Tuesday. This week might be pretty horrifying, but I’m going to give it a go. Oh, and also, I posted some nipple pics on my Facebook page that I took myself while masturbating yesterday! I was so proud of myself.

  6. G, glad you tried reddit. It’s not the place to ask for some serious feedback – most of those people are looking for masturbation fodder, but I’m sure you got a nice spike in traffic? 😉

    Please don’t pay ANY attention to the downvotes, there are always people who don’t like the stories for a variety of reasons. Many of them are 18yo who live in a completely different sexual world from you or I. there’s no way to please everyone with your writing, so don’t worry too much about it.

    I find that slightly shorter stories than the one you posted work better for reddit.

    Also, reddit readers are rarely sticky readers. Don’t expect too many new followers or comments from the redditors…

    • Thank you so much Z, it is interesting to get so many hits on the blog, but you are right it isn’t a place for feedback. I will post a shorter story next time. It is fun exposing myself in a different place. Just like the first time I posted on this blog, sniff, just like yesterday. Can’t wait to read your post from today!!!

  7. Good luck on reddit, G!

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