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My First Sinful Sunday Post



I have been tempted to participate in Sinful Sunday for quite a while now, but never could get up enough nerve.  Every week I enjoy the beautiful photos submitted by erotic bloggers around the world (taken by or of them), it really is all about the image.

The combination of a tweet encouraging bloggers to help this week’s tally reach 30, and the anxiety-ridden* past 20 hours I’ve had, gave me that push I needed to post (plus my husband gave me lots of encouragement).  I needed some hair-pulling fun and he was so gracious to help out with both the hair pulling and the photography.  Anxiety be damned as I replace it with that exhibitionist satisfaction gained from showing off my backside this Sinful Sunday Week 110.


Please make sure to check out the rest of the participants by clicking the links at the top of the post!  Yummy!

*Anxiety produced by the accidental Facebook share of a fellow blogger’s post, and the subsequent phone call from my mother informing me of this, and her reminder of how many of my family members look at my timeline.  Mom, if you read this, stop fucking reading my blog now.  We can talk later.

54 thoughts on “My First Sinful Sunday Post

  1. Welcome to sinful sunday, and what a stunning first post…i too love having my hair pulled, but here i am distracted by your gorgeous ass!

    • Thank you so much! Oh my goodness, my ass gorgeous? Okay I will take it, I never really share that angle for fear of negative comments. It was fun joining all you sexy bloggers this week. 🙂

  2. And a lovely bottom you have too 🙂 Welcome to Sinful Sunday, hope to see more of you xx

    • Thank you so very much! So glad I broke through the fear and joined the fun yesterday. I appreciate the compliment very much.

  3. My mother knows about my blog; I’m seeing her next week (and the first time since I posted naked pictures on it. This could get interesting!)

    Lovely picture and welcome to SinfulSunday! It’s good fun.

    • Thank you so much! I went through embarrassment and arrived back at pride, my life is not shameful at all. Phew. I hope your visit goes well!

  4. That is an awesome post to start off your Sinful Sunday’s with! What a sexy image 😉 Welcome to Sinful Sunday xx

  5. my mom reads my blog and retweets me lol
    a good number of my cousins are on my facebook
    i am not the black sheep of the family… *giggles*
    i am the funky chicken!!

    great job on getting past your nerves
    it only gets more addictive from here

    • I want to want her around. I’ve always been shy about sex and she always pressed to talk about it. It became an interesting struggle, me always feeling my privacy invaded and her wishing we were closer. Sad. I need my space though, and can’t worry about having to explain me free-flowing thoughts later. I wish she would lead an interesting life so that she could be more self-fulfilled.

      I like the funky chicken analogy. Owning my life choices, wants, and needs has been a theme in my life lately so its refreshing to encounter yet another woman who owns her funky chicken-ness.

      I appreciate you stopping by! Having a look at your blog now. 🙂

      • Here’s a question for you, G. Was it her wanting to talk to you about sex or was it the way she approached it. Wording, context, and listening making it different – easier or more difficult.

        And, reading the subtext here… sigh.

        I hope this week starts off better for you.

        • It was approach. It was this idea that kids had to be embarrassed but she pushed too hard. Here is the thing, I’m thinking back on it a lot, and her in general… Friends, she had none, and as a kid I was more worried about making my own that being hers, and I didn’t want to feel that pressure. I think it was just too much too young, to lighthearted, too embarrassing. And then maybe not handling my embarrassment right, maybe she got offended when I didn’t want to talk?

          Its similar in a way to the feelings I had when my husband found my blog. I wanted a separate space, a place to feel totally independent. I don’t ever want to discuss something I write here, in real life. Unless I’m emailing with another blogger. I enjoy the compartmentalization to a degree. Having said that, I don’t feel the need to be embarrassed or ashamed of what I do or say.

          So can there be a healthy medium?

          “Yes, I do this stuff mom, my husband is bi mom, and we are safe and don’t do anything illegal. Please respect our privacy, here and in our home. No more snooping on our computer, in my room/bathroom/closets/garage. Be healthy yourself and find your own friends to discuss your lack of sex with please.”


      • as a kid I was more worried about making my own that being hers, and I didn’t want to feel that pressure.

        Rightfully so, eh. Friendships are generally centered around your age and peer group, no? It’s the nature of the beast that we gravitate towards those going through similar experiences at the same time. I see what you’re saying as a perfectly normal reaction, really.

        Its similar in a way to the feelings I had when my husband found my blog. I wanted a separate space, a place to feel totally independent.

        That’s why I sighed – I’m pretty sure you knew that already. =)

        Having said that, I don’t feel the need to be embarrassed or ashamed of what I do or say.

        Calling you on this a bit. You’re still guarded a bit – the anonymity, etc. Not that it’s *wrong* to have that anonymity, but if you’re protecting that barrier it’s for a reason, eh? If it isn’t embarrassment, etc. what’s the motivation?

        Although, yeah, I get the difference between full public disclosure and disclosure to people close to you. It boils down to obfuscation rather than anonymity once it’s known outside yourself.

        …which is one of my long diatribes that I’m pretty sure you’re sick of hearing. 😉

        • Well, I was following a few other bloggers and it seemed total anonymity was important to them so it became essential for me. Had I started blogging because I read another blogger who showed her face, I would have revealed mine long ago. I’ve told a few friends IRL proudly about this blog, but not the address, of course.

      • Ps. Shit. Blockquote doesn’t work in this theme *or* I fucked something up… sigh. Sorry and I hope it’s legible. 🙂

        • Totally legible in my dashboard. I have to run some errands, and I will reply to your last comment upon my return. 🙂

  6. What a lovely picture! Welcome to Sinful Sunday 🙂 My mum still thinks I’m a virgin and that I rethought doing burlesque before I ever hit the stage. If I die before she does, she will be getting a huge huge shock!

    • Thank you for the compliment and welcome! I think its cool when others are close to their moms, I just don’t feel like going there with mine. She might reveal she is more of a freak than I am if given the opportunity. That’s some uncharted territory I won’t be crossing into!

  7. Great first post and a hot image – SilverHubby does that to me often. Sorry about the anxiousness.

  8. Lovely photo. You have a lovely body. Please continue your sinful Sunday posts .

  9. LOLOLOLOL on your mother reading your blog. So freakin funny. 🙂

  10. Welcome to Sinful Sunday!!!! Yay for plucking up courage and diving in and for hair pulling! You have beautiful hair, I love the way he has it wrapped round his fist and what a beautiful bottom too.

    As for Mothers, well mine knows about my blog and HATES it, to the extent that she rarely talks to me but I won’t stop, not for her and her prudish ways and lack of willingness to hear and understand me. They are her issues, not mine and I won’t be suppressed ever again.


    • Molly! Thank you so much for creating this meme, and for gathering such lovely people together every week. And thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog and comment!!

      See, I’d almost rather my mom HATE it. To be over the “has she really visited?” and get to the “just don’t visit please.”

      I am now to that point of recognizing the thoughts and others’ actions that made me feel suppressed and I’m going to fight it all I can forevermore.

      Thank you!!

  11. You have a beautiful behind and the hair pulling is just hot!
    Great to have you on board with Sinful Sunday 🙂

    Rebel xox

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  13. I, too, recently started participating in #SinfulSunday. It’s so much fun. Love looking at all the creative & sexy photos! Including yours. Very good…love the hair pulling 😉
    Hope you continue to “play” Sinful Sunday…and I had to laugh about the Facebook post. I finally created a different acct, so that wouldn’t happen.

    • I might just have to create another account! Great idea! I was ready to delete my account, I’m not sure that’s even possible!

      Thank you for the compliment! I wanted to participate in the movie challenge week at least, but I doubted myself. Thank you for tge warm welcome!

  14. Welcome to Sinful Sunday!
    I’m very grateful my Mom has no idea of the type of blogging I do…

    ~Kazi xxx

    • Thank you! My mom seems to stumble upon every social networking account I create, so I suspect a blog (anonymous!) would be no different.

      • Now, you should know that mothers have ways of finding out whatever they want to know! There are some times when I’m writing a blog and because of what I’m writing, I can ‘feel’ her peeking over her glasses at me and giving me one of those looks that’ll make me want to go to my room and then endure a lecture about puttin’ my bizness in the street…

  15. Hair-pulling is delicious, isn’t it? I love it right in up at the roots, but there’s something about having a hank of it grabbed and being hauled around that way too.

    Your arse is luscious and your post is lovely – welcome to the sinfulness 🙂

    xx Dee

  16. I am going to say very well done – to you both!
    Hubby and you make a good sinful duo

  17. Very nice POV shot! And welcome to Sinful Sunday! 🙂

  18. I love having my hair pulled. This is a great shot!

  19. It doesn’t get much better than Doggy style and hair pulling. Great bum.

  20. Way to put your best foot forward, G!
    (In a manner of speaking.)

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  22. Of course, I am super late. It makes me sad to see that I missed this due to my shut down. But, I agree with everyone here, this photo is fabulous! Also, I hope something was resolved with your mother. At the end, most of them only want to best, even if they go about it in an undesirable way. xxx

    • Smooches all over you sweet girl. You don’t have to be sad, cause it was still here waiting for you… I got a nice long look at my ass there, like the first time…now I see why they do anal bleaching 🙂 It could just look a bit prettier back there.

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