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What better way to celebrate my 100th post than by making up my sexual bucket list?

I have been wanting to do this for years.

I’ve come across a lot of great sexual bucket lists from the kinky to the (somewhat) vanilla, so I figured it would be easy to think of 100 things I’ve wanted to do since my first sexual awakening.

That was about 13 when I discovered scrambled porn, my dad’s Penthouses, and insertion was fun.

Anything I’ve done is crossed off and linked if possible.

So in no particular order at all, off the top of my head here is my 100 item SEXUAL BUCKET LIST:

  1. Yank my hair hard to switch positions in bed
  2. Pull my hair hard while fucking me doggystyle
  3. Fuck my face and hold me down on your cock until I almost pass out
  4. Command me to get on my knees and suck your cock
  5. Call me a slutty wife while I’m getting fucked by someone else
  6. I Fuck another guy while my husband watches
  7. Have a threesome with another guy (Blue in parts 1, 2, 3, Green 1, Green 2)
  8. Watch another guy blow my husband (Tony)
  9. Watch my husband fuck another woman
  10. Have a threesome with another woman and my husband
  11. Kiss another woman
  12. Fondle another woman’s tits
  13. Let another woman go down on me
  14. Watch another couple have sex
  15. Soft Swap with another couple
  16. Hard Swap with another couple
  17. Use a double dildo with another girl
  18. Use a strap-on to fuck another girl
  19. Use a strap-on to fuck a guy
  20. Have sex on camera/webcam
  21. Masturbate on camera/webcam
  22. Strip on camera/webcam
  23. Make myself squirt and catch on video
  24. Watch another guy/woman/couple masturbate on webcam
  25. Have anal sex
  26. Be double penetrated
  27. Be double vaginally penetrated
  28. Get fisted
  29. Use *real* nipple clamps
  30. Use a blindfold
  31. Use handcuffs
  32. Fuck a stranger
  33. Have an orgasm in public
  34. Be included in an erotic photography session with another girl
  35. Do a professional porn-type photo shoot
  36. Dress up as a school girl or a nurse
  37. Wear a disguise and seduce my husband
  38. Seduce another man at the club, and then tell him I’m married
  39. Go to a swingers party/club/something
  40. Dance on stage at a strip club (again)
  41. Meet a porn star (again)
  42. Meet another blogger in real life
  43. Have someone take shots of liquor off my body
  44. Be passed around the Rugby team one drunken night
  45. Have loud outdoor/camping sex where I can hear my voice echo in the surrounding mountains
  46. Have sex in the back seat of a car
  47. Have sex in the passenger seat of a car
  48. Be made to wear no bra under a light shirt in public
  49. Use ice on my nipples
  50. Use ice in my pussy
  51. Use a glass dildo or glass vibrator
  52. Watch porn with other people besides my husband
  53. Have sex in public fully clothed (as in pull up my skirt and pull aside my panties and plunge your cock in me)
  54. Have sex or make out in the rain
  55. Have sex or make out under a waterfall
  56. Have erotica read to me as I pleasure myself
  57. Join the Mile-High Club (doesn’t this have to be on everyone’s list?)
  58. Play strip poker or some kind of drunk spin the bottle for adults
  59. Explore what a feather tickler is and play with other kinds of sensations
  60. Pick up on a girl
  61. Have my toes licked or feet worshiped
  62. Engage in food play
  63. Be spanked with a crop or whip or cat o’ nine tails
  64. Be a Domme just one night
  65. Have sex with someone famous or semi-famous (why not? right?)
  66. Try the latest and greatest sex toy
  67. Have 100 orgasms over a weekend
  68. Give someone a golden shower
  69. be taken
  70. Sex on a staircase
  71. Sex in an elevator
  72. Blowjob in an elevator
  73. Sex on an escalator
  74. Giving a blowjob on a boat
  75. Being on a tour and slipping away from the rest of the group to grope and make out behind the bushes
  76. Receive jewelry or money for sex
  77. Buy nice lingerie, garter belt and stockings
  78. Try a Sybian machine
  79. Try a sex swing or tantra chair
  80. Going out in public with something inserted
  81. Have sex in front of a roaring fireplace
  82. Try hot wax for temperature play
  83. Get an escort for my husband as a gift
  84. Get a massage with a happy ending (if this happens for women too)
  85. Get an inkless tattoo *Please read this 14 part story
  86. Get a nipple piercing or jewelry that dangles
  87. Have my hands tied above my head and be used as he pleases
  88. Hold someone while they get fucked.
  89. Have sex on a balcony
  90. Have sex in an abandoned house or business
  91. Have sex in the bathroom of a restaurant or bar
  92. Have sex or give a blowjob on a bus or train
  93. Have sex with a bellman (this comes from my first time staying in a hotel in SF when I was 18, just a girl friend and I, and he was really cute, of course this would most likely also be a threesome with a guy, or husband watches me have sex with a guy, but still) NOTE: I am joking by linking to The Hook, he is a nice guy but he loves his wife and I live no where near him.  I just thought it would be funny to link to his blog, but this disclaimer is making it all a little less funny.
  94. Be spanked until I can’t take it anymore
  95. Give a blowjob under the desk while he tries to act like he is working
  96. Be serviced by a naked slave with an assortment of chocolates and champagne
  97. gang bang
  98. Instruct another girl how to squirt
  99. Create a new sexual position(credit for this idea to Nate)- This reminds me, is it still doggy style if we are standing up and I’m leaning forward on the couch so my ass is in the air?  This position worked great for giving a blowjob while getting fucked but I’m not sure if there is a name for it.
  100. Post photos of my tits, and possibly more for anyone who wants to look at my blog


So there we have it.  I know I cheated on a couple but its right around 100 fun things to try.  And after all this, I still feel like I’m a good mix of vanilla and spice.  My husband likes to call us cinnamon.  I’m sure we are kinkier and more adventurous than all our real life friends but the minute I open up my reader I’m reminded how tame we really are compared to others around the world.  I’m feeling very lucky to have a man that will agree to trying most of these things, anything else can remain fantasy and I’m perfectly fine with that.  I love you honey, thank you for supporting this blogging experience and being open to me thinking and trying new things.

And thank you to my readers, you don’t know how you’ve helped my self esteem increase and my mind flourish with new hopes for the future.  I love you all, too.

EDIT #1: July 9th I updated #9, #12, #13, #14, #15, and #98.

EDIT #2: September 28th I updated #17 and #100.

EDIT #3: December 23rd I updated #16 because I read the definition of “Full Swap”, #51 thank you to my hubby for my early-Christmas present, #61 thank you hubby that was fun, another thank you to hubby for making my body do things I didn’t know it could for #99.

112 thoughts on “MY SEXUAL BUCKET LIST

  1. You are going to be one tired woman

  2. I made mine today too, I thought it wasn’t a race. 😉 I tagged you in mine, I’ll post it tomorrow. We have a few similar ones.

  3. Nice bucket.

    Are we going to have to keep peeking in to see what gets crossed off the list or will we get updated? LOL It’s a great list and I think wonderful it includes (and has the support of) your husband.

    • Haha! Nope if I get to cross something off I will mention it and link back. That is my plan anyway.

      Thank you, its been a steady improvement in our communication, you have helped me realize I just need to trust and talk. 🙂

  4. Congrats on the 100th post. Pretty sure your position is a variation on something as just about everything has a name…which makes creating a sex position so damn hard (ha) and fun. 🙂

  5. Way to make it to 100. Your list is expansive! My list isn’t nearly as detailed. Some of these I’d love to do, but I’m not sure I’d manage it.

  6. Hot list! Congrats on your 100th post.

  7. Congratulations on your 100 post. Yay!
    Have fun fulfilling your bucket list. 🙂

  8. Holy shit, 100 orgasms over a weekend, is that humanly possible but if not, what a way to go 🙂

  9. Sounds like a fun time! Good luck with #99. I think the last sexual thing to be “invented” was either fisting or the daisy chain, not counting technological stuff…

  10. 100 – wow! It seems only yesterday…

  11. Damn – you better get started! That’s a lot to do.

  12. What a fantastic list. And I think very much achievable. As I rolled through the lovely 100 I imagined the scenario, details, success, (failures?) . Anyways, all good sexy, wonderful, yummy-time fun! Best of luck!

    And great work on your 100th post! Cheers!

    • Yes, the fact that I can openly state I want to try these things is actually a big step for me, because my husband not only supports me, but he is going to hold me to it. Thank you so much Beatnik!

      • I’m too nervous about composing such a list. I’d almost rather have someone else do it for me. Ones I’d never agree to under any circumstance could be replaced easily… But I can understand the big step of “openly” saying what you want to try. Good on ya!

        • Thank you! You should try to make one, its fun. I see getting stopped at whether a spouse would agree. I happen to be lucky that mine is pretty agreeable to a lot of things.

  13. Great list! I think everyone should have one, tame or extreme it doesn’t matter. 🙂

  14. I’m only shocked by the things you haven’t done yet. You could scratch quite a few off in one wild night. 😉

  15. Oh yeah…congrats on 100!!

  16. Have fun crossing items off your glorious list!

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  18. You need more men to accomplish all of that.

  19. RE: #8 – Watch another guy blow my husband

    So… You’ve already watched a guy blow your husband?
    Or… You’re actually a guy?

    But seriously, is this a common fantasy for women? I know the male equivalent – watching your female partner with another woman – is, but… where am I going with this? Asked and answered, I suppose.

  20. Domme for a night? Just ONE night?

    So very much to do, so very little time.

    Mmmhmmm… 😉

  21. Showing you might be a helluva lot more fun…

  22. Wow! I’ve (sort of) made a bucket list! Thank you. And I love the list itself.

    • Thank you! I’m so flattered you love the list. Your erotica is superb (obviously I loved Invisible Lines), I’m totally starstruck right now, and dancing a jig because you stopped by and gave such a lovely compliment. 🙂

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  24. That’s the longest bucket list I’ve ever seen!

    • Luckily I’m committed to years of trying to make it all happen, but yeah, totally. I agree. 🙂
      Which reminds me, I have a bit of work to do!

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  28. This is a truly Great list, we wish we had seen it and added to our list as well. The 100 orgasms in a weekend might be one hard one to tick off. We just thought we would share with you readers, that there is a new app for android called My Sex Quest that is the ultimate Sex Bucket list. Plus the premium version allows couples to share their hard limits, their favorites and add to the list as well. Thanks for such a cool blog as well.

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  30. Hey there G
    I can help you fulfil number 8 and number 19 if you like. Where are you from?
    I’m in Melbourne.
    Let me know what you think

    • I think it would be great fun, and gives me lots of naughty thoughts about the possibilities. I’m in California. Let me/us know if you ever come our way.

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  32. What a lovely list!

    I did #72 when I was 13 – so now my fantasy is for a glass elevator . . .

    • That is so hot! I bet they have sex clubs somewhere with glass elevators, but the thought of sneaking that in a mall elevator has me clenching shut.

      • I have a particular elevator in mind – the Chicago hotel where they hold Kinky Kollege. Unfortunately, the places is full of vanilla folk. I wonder if they ponder why they keep meeting folks in the elevator wearing robes!

  33. That was a great post and I simply loved it . Congratulations on your 100th post and Compiling this amazing bucket list.
    I think your 100 orgasms over the weekend and the BIG gangbang will be crossed off together unless you either have APHRODITE/EROS/ OR HIMEROS making love to you. Or may be all 3 together .. But hey then that would be gang bang too 😉 lol

    • I really like the way you think!
      Since compiling this list I’ve grown and changed a bit, at that time I would have fancied myself Aphrodite, but now I’m embracing my inner Artemis, and would love to have a wild orgy with Aphrodite, Ares, and Zeus, while looking into the eyes of Hades inviting him and his men to join. Oh yes, 100 orgasms seems like a lot, but I figure over 48 hours I can manage to have that many with the right partners, I’m very orgasmic…;)

      • As for the way we think , i can say :-

        We like the way we think
        and We think alike
        and that’s why the connect
        cos our game matches our psyche 😉

        As for Hades and his men :-

        I bet the gods
        will be on their way
        To fulfill the wishes
        A goddess on earth lay
        and they know she is orgasmic
        with a passion volcanic
        In body and mind
        One that they wouldn’t
        Even in thousand heaven find 😉

      • You know, it’s funny because I’d read your bucket list before and thought ‘this is just crazy, impossible’. And since last week, I know it is far from impossible 🙂
        I know I don’t visit here regularly, but I promise, I’ll tell you if I get there. Heck, I’ll probably shout it on top of the world if I do 😉
        But I do agree, the right partner(s) is (are) necessary!

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  35. Sure much has changed since this was posted, but FINALLY a list that isn’t innocent beyond all belief. Some of these “sexual bucket lists” and “kinky idea” blogs/websites I’ve been seeing are stuff we’ve already done a dozen times and we’ve only been together 3 years! (we’re kind of nymphos lol)
    My wife and I have been writing a sexual bucket list, so we can feel we have a nearly unlimited number of things to do, and your list gave us at least 20+ additions to the list. Very, very well done and this is coming from an extensively kinky couple lol. The 100 orgasms in a weekend is my favorite, and a challenge I thoroughly accept to give my wife by myself… got around 35 in one night before so it is doable if we go literally all weekend.

    Out of curiosity, which ones would you say were the best and worst in terms of how you and your husband felt the next day (not in the moment, unless you wanna share that too lol)?? We may be kinky, but at the end of the day its best to do what further promotes us being closer… so that’s why I ask. Sometimes the kinkiest are the most in love after all 😉

  36. Love the Honesty of a womens imagination.Rather they follow through with it or not .they think alot. I grew up in a beauty me. thank you for sharing. My Girl shared a fantasy. So me oened and love the jorney said Weeks later out having a drink.good looking man checking her out she reconizes. you think hes cute yeah she says but Your my man baby. We do more shots …he came by us i said how are you man. He said not as lucky as you..can i buy you a drink.. hes from out of town. ego $ was a little much but i said baby lets make your fantasy acually our fantasy happen.hes good looking but a jerk. And i would never do that…. ok some girls think it but acually would never….a day goes by. You would give me away ,share me?? Mayday,mayday. Ill end it there …now its become my fantasy ,obsession. She is so sexy watching her on top .to blind fold her and tease her with hands kisses n and all over her body licked teased more,touches,licking nipples letting her hold two cocks sucking left to right as we touch her sliding fingers inn..but i cant make her . I cant keep pushing it …Respect/Love is priority …maybe never maybe timing

  37. I really would like to try #5, #6, and #38 (+#32) with my wife 😀 . How did you like those and would you repeat? Any tips to persuade wife to do same?

  38. How old are you! I know for sure your behind times!!! So sad!!!

  39. Who did the fisting? and how was it?

    • It was my husband and it was for a second. I’ve done more now and it’s a mix of love and fear and humiliation — hot for sure!

      • I can understand the love and fear, of being stretched too far, but why humiliation? and lots of men and women would agree with you that it’s hot

        • Humiliated at having such a large opening. Like someone might feel humiliated by a shriveled dick skinny dipping in cold water.

          • No need to feel humiliated at all! Remember how big babies are? I’m sure they make hubby’s hand look small by comparison. And you girls are so beautifully designed that you pop back into shape really soon without any damage.

            Very sexy!

            Unlike the cold water thing:-)

          • So it is the slutty loose thing? But one on your list is being called a slutty wife while being fucked by another man. Feel proud about that. If you were not aroused and wet enough you would not be able to do it. It is another facet of your sexuality, embrace it, love it, and share it with us all. We love you for that, a liberating inspiration.

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  41. One of my most memorable kinky experiences was when I put on crotch less panties chaps and a jacket and climbed behind my husband on his motorcycle we dove down a road and I climbed up front facing him while we had the hottest sex imaginable

  42. How can I get in touch with the author of this article? I would like to pick her brain about coaching.

  43. I have done individual coaching sexually and wanted to expand that to couples coaching. I have taken three woman individually to over 1,000 orgasms in a year, but I wish to grow this exposure and possibility to more. I also want to adapt my coaching so it is more versatile to others, not just the select group I am exposed to. I don’t know how much interest this would have to the public, if at all. I just know, the few I interacted with, had positive results.

  44. Last post didn’t go through.

    I have coached a few different people on what I feel is a sexual journey. I don’t want this to sound magical, I don’t believe it is, but I do believe it gives great empowerment to the woman. One great achievement that I have had fair success with amongst those that have stuck with the coaching,was reaching 1,000 orgasms in a year.
    I don’t know how valuable this could be widespread or if it is even possible without the direct interactions of genuine face to face coaching. Any responses from the public?

  45. Wanna fuck

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