filled and fooled


Cum here often? (WARNING: Not for prudes or youngens)


One of my first posts. Not much has changed. Oh except for the fact I can’t just slip away and make myself cum anymore.  No wonder I’ve been so moody!

filled and fooled

This was written yesterday but I felt a bit too shy to share it. I’m just going to go for it. Keep in mind I never got good grades in English, I’ve never been able to express myself (in writing or otherwise I guess).

I just got done having the best orgasm. I was thinking about how I started this blog and even though I know nothing about wordpress stats, I know at least one person was looking at my boobs. And when I publish this, there is a good chance somebody is going to read what I just did to get myself off.  Hot! It makes me want to do it all over again.

(thump thump, pulse starts racing)

I noticed I was going to have an uninterrupted moment so I ran (really) to my bedroom, grabbed the big dildo and the bullet vibrator. I need a real…

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6 thoughts on “Cum here often? (WARNING: Not for prudes or youngens)

  1. The internet is a better place because you can’t ever feel full of this sort of thing. And I totally know the thrill at the thought of turning someone on with what you wrote.

  2. You are so sexy, G.

    You also don’t have to put a disclaimer up at top. Ever. 😉 xx Hy

    • Thank you so much! Haha, that was the original post title. I didn’t want to change it but it made me laugh. Happy Mother’s Day!

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