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Friday, May 10th, is Boobday!



Heya! Friday! It’s Boobday!!

What a long and hectic week I’ve had.  I’m looking forward to the calm weekend filled with pulling weeds, slip-n-slides, bike rides and popsicles.  Living the good life, starting each day at the fucking crack of dawn, I mean at the blissful awakening of the sun.  But, not Sunday, please mark these words Sunday I’m not getting up and making breakfast or breaking up a fight over a toy or watching someone as they clasp and unclasp their hands like its the first time they ever did it.  Nope, Sunday, I’m celebrating Mother’s Day by laying in bed until a decent hour, probably 7:00am.   Speaking of laying in bed…


I pull down my bra to give my right breast a nice squeeze, and move my left hand lower. Hot and wet and no time to tend to it.

Laying down titties!  They do look so different when I’m on my back.  I like the shape, a nice round dome adorned with a supple nipple cupola.

Like this:


Hmm, not all that sexy, I should have stuck with the wigwam pic.

Just because I said laying down titties are different, here is a classic “G” pose (I’m noticing my patterns).  I call this pose the I-just-want-to-show-my-tits-on-Hy’s-blog-so-I-quickly-snap-a-pic-to-send-her-for-this-week’s-boobday pose:


my big titties

I may have gone a little crop crazy, but I’m not at all ready to show my face up in here.   I like when other bloggers post their face, or whole body, or any body part, haha.  But yes, faces give you so much more detail about a person.  Very intimate.  Very public.

I like showing you my tits.  If these boobs belonged to a friend of mine I’d probably want to nuzzle in and give those nipples a few kisses.  But I’m probably only saying that because I know where those titties have been, and the heart they are attached to.  *awww*

Really, I can “kiss” my own nipples just fine, the nuzzle is a problem.

Oh! Green is back in town.   Hopefully it means we will get to see him soon, it’s been a long time since our last threesome! It kind of makes me giggle and get warm (maybe wet too).  He’s been texting with D and they are coordinating the meeting.  Of course I will post about it if and when it happens.

20 thoughts on “Friday, May 10th, is Boobday!

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  2. Beautiful, as always G! I can kiss my own boobies too! haha. I remember in 8th grade (a long, long time ago), Brian, one of my best friends, taught me how! Hard to believe they were big enough then, but they were. *hugs and kisses* *licks and smacks*

    • Your best friend taught you how, huh? That seems like a sexy story whether he was male or female. I bet you taste like peaches n cream.

  3. Wow…I think I will never be able to kiss my own boob. My neck is starting to hurt from trying. 😉 Have a Sublime Mother’s Day!


  4. I can’t kiss my own boob either.
    On another note, you need another photographer to expand your repertoire of shots. Hmmm.

  5. Love that first photo! Those nips look like they need teased, or sucked, or bit.

    I don’t think my Bs are big enough to smooch. Kinda wish someone would smooch them for me.

    • You are right Cara! I think they needed some stimulation, are you volunteering? For the record I read you are not totally into girls either, but the thought of another blogger like you teasing, sucking, or biting my nipples is very intriguing. I would gladly reciprocate and smooch your Bs. hehe. 🙂

      • There’s something about breasts (and cocks) that trigger an oral fixation in me. I’ll never say I won’t do something, but its definitely enough to stimulate my mind at the possibility. Maybe I should write a story about that.

        • That sounds like a great story! I can’t wait to read it because I totally see what you mean about the oral fixation!

    • Thank you so much! I grew them myself! I thought they would go down after breastfeeding but they have stayed nice and long. I appreciate your comment, thank you for stopping by!

  6. Great shots of your tits girl.
    Enjoy your upcoming mother’s day and I can’t wait to see wait to see what happens with Green….

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