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12 Week Writing Challenge- week 2


You can read about week 1 here.

I think last week, being my second week into The Stop Whining Twelve Step, Twelve Week challenge, was a good week.  If you go back to the goals post, you can see that I had a few goals that I wanted to be met by the end of the 12 weeks, so far I’m well on my way.  I was warned by a few great people to not direct my scope toward things like stats, which I cannot control.  Focus on writing for me, focus on pursuing the goals of how much I publish, what I publish, use this platform to express myself.  So correct.

Time is my issue.  Speaking of time, I encourage you to take the time to read Panty Parade’s post about her week 2. This week the task was to read an article and try three suggestions, then write about it.  Her post included a link to a very informative article about building your blogging platform.  In her case, as a writer working on finishing a new book in the near future, it makes a lot of sense to grow your platform.

I took away a few key things to try.  I’m going to outsource some child care to give me time to focus on writing or taking photos.  It will be okay if I do that.  I’m going to sustain myself by apologizing to everyone I owe emails to, “I’m sorry,  I will respond as soon as I can.”  And I’m going to start a Blogroll page so I can have an updated list of all the bloggers I read regularly and follow, I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time.

For my week 2 task I chose to read Make More Time for Your Writing.  Mostly geared toward professional writers, again, not toward bloggers like me. But it makes a lot of sense for me because it discusses being in charge of your writing time.  Here are the three suggestions I’m taking with me:

  1. PROCRASTINATE PRODUCTIVELY-  Although one of the suggestions is to write a blog post or visit your online community to procrastinate, I still feel like this suggestion might apply to me.  Over the past week I learned that even if I just jot some ideas in my notebook, or even create a draft with a few notes when I don’t want to sit down and write a blog post, I’m moving forward.  My creative juices are still flowing.  When the kids are eating lunch I can run to the computer and get a few sentences out.  It doesn’t have to be a one hour continuous block of time to write if I can train my brain to stay in the mode.  Any little bit helps
  2. TAKE A TIME-OUT-  I do pretty well at staying away from the computer on the weekends.  I feel like I should keep some family time sacred.  If I meet a certain word quota during the weekdays when I’m with my kids I should give myself a writing break for the rest of the day (but I still enjoy reading other blogs and commenting when the kids are busy).  Again, if the word strikes me I can jot anything in my notebook.  The kids are still my #1 priority and I want them to know that.  But they also need to know that I want to take some time each day to update my online notebook.  It is healthy for them to see me happily balance them and creating something.
  3. WE ARE NOT GIVEN TIME TO WRITE; WE TAKE IT- I wonder sometimes if I just don’t want things enough.  I don’t care to take the time away from sleeping, or evening television with my husband.  But like the other two points above, I need to believe in my need to do something besides take care of this family, and believe that the people around me value me enough to give me space and time to do something I like doing (besides taking care of them.)

So these three points, which are all pretty similar, are what I’m going to focus on this week.  Its about making the time to write if I want it enough. Even though my stats were in line with my goals, I actually lost a few followers last week.  If I don’t feel that punch in the gut again in this life I’d be really happy.  The only way I can try to avoid that is to get better at expressing myself, and scour Craigslist for our next threesome partner so I can have some interesting stories to tell.

If I just looked like this all day I wouldn’t need to make time:


Phone in right hand responding to email, tablet in left hand searching Craigslist, notebook running WordPress.

And what I really look like is not photo worthy, but imagine in my right hand is my phone tapping out a text about a play date, my left hand making peanut butter and jelly, and WordPress hasn’t been opened since Friday on my outdated desktop.  Also noteworthy is that my hair is in a bun, I’m not wearing a bra (or panties because none are clean) and my pants are stained with blueberry oatmeal remnants.

26 thoughts on “12 Week Writing Challenge- week 2

  1. and in your comment about the way you look….. you forgot the “sexy as hell”….

  2. You being you, that’s what I love 🙂 (and graypoet is right, sexy as all get out!)

  3. Great picture. If I was to shoot the same picture, I would be asleep on the computer in a puddle of drool.

  4. All votes are in, sexy as hell picture/imagery. More than that is your constant ability to keep it real… efforts in parenthood, lack of laundry, stains as a result of parenthood (or maybe that was your own fault). Those things aren’t sexy necessarily, but it makes you real… and that is VERY SEXY.

  5. You’re doing great. Fun photo! Do you have a time of day you try to write? Or have you thought about designating a time if possible?

    I’m still researching for this week’s post.

    • Yes I try to write from 8:30a-9:30a at least three times a week. Any more time I get I consider myself very lucky. Sometimes I do take more time in the morning if my kiddo is playing well. It’s not to be counted on. I would like 3:00p-4:00p. But it cuts into play time and we often aren’t home. I also have Friday evenings free most of the time, its hard to write though, I just want to sleep then.

      And still losing followers so I’m not sure how great I’m doing. 🙂

      • I avoided blogging related things because I knew it would depress me. I wanted to focus strictly on the writing because it would be beneficial to me. Just focus on improving your content and forget the stats like you said. The readers will appear again. Or guest post on other people’s sites to draw attention to yourself.

  6. Great work G, and try not to stress too much about the stats. The longer you blog, the less it matters, at least thats how it’s worked out for me. But then, the longer you blog, the more followers you end up with. All in all though, if you’re arousing just one person makes it worthwhile. Not saying 10 doesn’t make it a bit better, but you get what I’m sayin’.

    Today, I apparently walked around with a little spot of mustard under my right breast. Didn’t know it, because I couldn’t see it, damn titties anyway. Sad thing is, I didn’t eat anything with mustard on it. Perhaps while making lunches this morning, but not sure if I was even dressed for work at that point. Wtf. The randomness of what can end up on a mother’s clothing.

    *hugs and kisses* friend, and keep it up! xoxo

    • Yes I found that my house disarray directly correlates with my blog stats. If something has to give it should be a quest to please too many people, rather than learning more about creative expression and drive. This morning as I stressed about being able to post, I was gently reminded that this is my blog and my terms. Being stressed isn’t conducive to creativity, and blog stats, checking them anyway is causing self-competition or stress.

      You rock, thank you for partnering with me!

  7. What? Did you write something? I’m sorry, I was stuck staring at the pic. 😉

    • Pics keep it interesting for sure. I got 5 minutes to do this one and when I posted I actually thought, “I hope JK appreciates this self-photo.”

      • Wow, I’m flattered you would think of me that way. 🙂
        The post is actually one I might have put you in were I taking the pictures.

  8. “Over the past week I learned that even if I just jot some ideas in my notebook, or even create a draft with a few notes when I don’t want to sit down and write a blog post, I’m moving forward.”


    I carry a little notepad in my purse, which comes in handy… When I remember to carry my purse. 😛

    But the general idea of being *able* to write ~ anything, anywhere, a one-word reminder or a full discourse on the scent of seaweed ~ at ANY TIME… It’s wonderful. So for you? This! THIS is a wonderful, practical, *implementable* idea. I. Like. It.


    And don’t worry about the number of follower, G. You want people who are here for YOU. Quality is what counts. Not quantity.

  9. I confess – I didn’t read a word of this post. I just opened it to see your boobs 😉

  10. Uhm I forgot what I was going to type once I saw your picture… 🙂

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