filled and fooled


Friday, May 3rd, is Boobday!


Here!  Here, I’m here!  Sorry I’m late to the party.


Damn you books!  Not only am I taunted by the thoughts of reading you and then never making the time, but book club you take my precious Thursday evenings (once a month), my Boobday prep time!  But real life wine-drinking human interaction is important, more important than making boob deadlines.  Considering I barely got out this past week, I needed the girl-time.

And I’m kidding about the book thing, I like books,  I love them in fact.  I just hate that I have to give up sleep to make reading time, and then, well, I’m falling asleep as I read.  I’m just full of excuses.  Books are good, boobs are good.  Books about boobs are great. Speaking of, anyone have any recommendations?

My husband took these photos of me last night and helped me choose and edit the shots to post.  Nighttime photos make for a orange light, he was very fond of it, said it was sexy. Hope you all agree with him.


(click on the photo if you want to see more)

18 thoughts on “Friday, May 3rd, is Boobday!

  1. I can never get tired of looking at your bosom, G! Great photos! xxx

  2. Lovely photo… again I love the jewelry being included…. and of course the click-through 😀

  3. Ow ow. My boobs aren’t as interestingly decorated. Well, one isn’t. Lol. Like it!

  4. Orange light is quite sexy.

  5. I have to say, filled, your husband is a good man, sharing you this way with me.

  6. Strange that I imagine you with a devilish grin while he takes pictures of your boobs?

  7. Very sexy and artistic. Thank you.

  8. Better late than never!

  9. Beautiful, as always, G! *hugs and kisses and nipple pinches*

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