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As you might have noticed I tend to enjoy a lot of remixes.  Music I have posted here; and then all the favorites I have bookmarked, thumbed-up, or screen-captured; they are all great remixes of pretty good songs.  Except this one original I really like:

Nice song right?  Weird video yes, I don’t get the end or what it has to do with anything, but I digress.  I can’t decide whether I like this original version or the remix better.  They both evoke different feelings, both reminding me of times in my past; confusing, delicious, and pivotal times. Times that I’m glad are over and brought me to here.  Love.

I also enjoy photos of mine to be remixed, or edited.  Cutting out parts I don’t like, adding contrast to bring out shadow.  I’ve even evolved in my ability to pose to capture parts I like better, and hide parts I’m not as fond of. Posting originals is great, and my hats off to those who only rarely use filters, but I still pose and edit because I like how it enhances my photos.

I wanted to share an unedited photo, reminiscent of my first boob pics which I started taking a few months shy of a year ago, where I thought it was best to cover my midsection and my mole.  Before I realized just having my hand tugging at my shirt adds more to the shot, or just being secure to be naked or have a loose shirt draped on me, no bra. So much has changed from this:


The grey (threesome) sweater re-emerges on the cool spring morning.  Yes, my leg is there, yes I was holding my pussy but I didn’t point that low.  And yes, I got a bit of sun the other day. 

And a recently taken photo, edited and not published:


Its fun to try to be all artsy, but you can’t even really make out my nipple with the changes I made.

The point of this post?  I guess I wonder if you like remixes as much as me?  I guess I just wanted to show off my tits today.  I didn’t want to wait for Boobday!  Distraction!! YES!!!

Happy May 1st everyone, kisses!!

38 thoughts on “Remixes

  1. Wow! Gorgeous. I guess that’s what the G stands for, huh? 😉
    The first photo is definitely my fave, dahling! xxx

  2. REmix destroys the original.

  3. I too feel the urge to use filters on myself to hide, what is to me, unsavory. The photo is far more difficult than the mirror some how. Maybe the mirror is a reflection that we have no choice in but the photo is very much our choice so we try to control it as much as we can. Still, the fact remains that this is our body. You can hide parts of it and sometimes change parts of it (naturally or otherwise), but it’s still yours. And if someone, a lover or an audience has come to know that body as yours; can recognize it in the crowd or in the dark, then there is no greater compliment. That being said, (for risk of sounding creepy) I sincerely enjoy your photos. Edited or not.

    • You should post a few more pics so I can judge your need for filters (for risk of sounding creepy) 🙂

      What you wrote was truly beautiful, and I might want to work it into a post later. Especially about recognizing your lover’s body in the dark. Yum.

      • Wondering how many self pics I’ve posted. 2 recently and they both had filters. Thats not to say that there arent many more available that have been kept in my private collection. I kinda like the creepy comments. Well, when they’re of this nature. Feels like a compliment. 🙂

        • It was a compliment. 😉 But I only remember one pic.

          And I love that you have a private collection. I think I want to know more about this (at the risk of sounding creepy and making my husband think I’m being naughty)

          • Which do you remember?

            I think maybe the idea of a private collection can be linked to my “photo is a reflection that we choose” analogy. They are photos that I thought captured my body (more so, specific parts) in a way that I liked.

            Thank you for the compliment(s)

            • I like that, I suppose it is the same for me. I went through over a 1,000 pics saved to my phone, wondering why I should keep these. I decided that in a few years I’m going to look back on them, seeing more in them than I do today.

              I remember a view from below, black and white.

            • I just went through my phone and found maybe 5 sets, two of which resulted in posts. The one you mentioned that I was partially clothed and then another where I was without any. Though the angle didn’t reveal much.

              I do have many photos saved on the laptop and I agree that it is interesting to look back – see how my body has changed, what i took pictures of, why i took pictures, etc.

              One time I had a friend pass me their phone so that I could thumb through their collection that they had snapped… and maybe that’s another reason we keep them. To share without any real intent. Like having a photo album. Nobody really looks at them but they are there to reminisce over and once in awhile a friend will come along and ask you to tell them a story about them…

            • True, I think you are right, there could come a day I want to show a friend my “collection”, innocently of course. That would be a fun story to tell, hmmm.

            • At the risk of sounding creepy, I like just such collections. As an artist I’m as interested in the process as I am in the end result. I could easily look at and appreciate 1000s of attempts that didn’t make the cut. Often times it adds to my appreciation of the final result as I know what the other person went through to get there. And of course there is the interest in why they chose the one (few?) that they did.

            • I understand an artist’s appreciation of the process. Having my face in all the photos adds a bit more…um…spice? Risk? Fun? I think my expressions can be funny to sexy depending on my mood.

              And if we ever meet up in a bar by chance, one drunken night on the town, I would be happy to share all 1000+ with you with proper stories.

            • Spice yes! risk maybe. Fun most assuredly. I almost always avoid my face. Not sure why.

              Ha! Oh the possibilities! I better start hitting the bars or I will never bump into you!

            • Well we might be more likely to run into eachother in a produce section, but that won’t be a place to catch up and share pics. Further, might be hard to spot you since I thought your emoticon was your face this whole time, now I’m finding out its another beatnik?

            • I certainly do spend a good deal of time in the produce section. Certainly more than bars. It might be a jumping off point though…

              No, no it certainly is me. Why should you think it was another?

            • I guess when you said that you don’t have face in your photos I started thinking, I just assumed that was you this whole time.. 🙂

            • Oh maybe I should have clarified that my face and nakedness aren’t in the same photo. Now that I think of it, maybe that’s more due to them being self shots. Now I’m left wondering.

            • Yes, I’m going back now to see a small percentage of mine having face too. It’s a boob fest, for sure my favorite asset(s) to photograph.

            • My photos are primarily of my “manhood” …and by primarily I mean 90% plus. LOL

            • Ummm now you’re teasing all the cock pic lovers out there. 😉

            • Oops. Sorry about that!

  4. I like remixes.I like boobs. Perfect post. There is a remix of Goyte’s Somebody That I Used To Know (The Testo Remix) which is 10 times better than the orginal. It’s an art I think. Some people discount them, but I appreciate the mastery behind it.

  5. Love the song…..
    Love your tits more. 🙂

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