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TMI Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 –


Welcome to TMI Tuesday again, are you ready for more meaningless information you didn’t know you wanted to know about me?  This week is about discovering sex someone else is having.


1) Did you ever find someone else’s stash of sex toys, lubes, etc.?

Besides my parent’s stash?  My mom recently shared that she had found her dad’s magazines around 11 or 12 years old and got into it quite often when she was younger.  I just listened, wondering if I should mention that the same thing happened to me when I was a around that age.  But I was a little bit embarrassed about the fact that I had found her dildo with the lube and Penthouses.  No I didn’t mention it to her.

Remind me to tell you about my favorite Forum story sometime.  The pictures in Penthouse were great, but I enjoyed the stories in the letters and Forum most.  I guess it might be interesting to note that this hard core shit was my introduction to hot sex and porn.  70’s style.  Which explains why I didn’t care about my bush being all out there until recently.

Beyond the typical find-your-parents-stash right of passage, I never found a roommate’s toy or any stashed magazines.  I did find a home-made video my husband (then-boyfriend) had of his ex girlfriend.  Anyway….I had male roommates a lot of the time. With the exception of one very horny boy roommate (who encouraged us to browse his magazine stash all.the.time) we were all just open with each other and sharing that Adam and Eve catalog when it came.

2) Did you ever search someone else’s computer to determine their porn habits? Were you ever the object of such a search?

Not that I remember or know of.  I know that by the time I figured out that you could go through someone’s browser history I didn’t really care what my husband was looking at.

If my husband has snooped on me I don’t think much in the way of porn would be found. Lots of blogs though, sexy sure, erotic photography yes please, but not porn.

Fine, I admit, I last watched lesbian porn.  Specifically the type where one is new to it, and a mature sexy woman is showing her the ropes.  After the second video I was over it.  Now you don’t need to check my history.

3) Did you ever investigate to see if two people were getting it on?

No, but that sounds really fun, I should do that.  I don’t think I’ve watched two people fuck, now that is one for my sexual bucket list, FOR SURE.  Sounds very arousing and fun. Probably way better than watching someone jerk off for me.  Which for the record I haven’t done in a long time!

4) Did you ever look for naughty pictures on someone else’s phone?

Sigh, yes.  I have, he knows I did.  I didn’t like what I saw but there is an explanation for everything.  I’m talking emails, not going through a taken photos gallery.  I try to clear my naughty pics off my phone every time I take a set, if I ever lost my phone it wouldn’t be crazy embarrassing.

5) Were you ever involved with an investigation (formal or informal) into whether some one was cheating on his/her lover?

No!  Oh my!  This scares me, because technically we encouraged someone to cheat on his wife, by being in a threesome with him.  She looked like she could really kick my ass too. Thin and made up to be pretty but hot tempered, you could just read it in her photos!

Bonus: Do you have a secret online identity so that you can find a secret lover?

If I told you it would not be secret…my husband and I have a profile on Lush.  I don’t have any other identity or persona.  G as a persona is pretty close to Realname.

5 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 –

  1. Checked my phone, I didn’t have any photos of you there either…. ;( Always a pleasure to read your posts…

  2. your mom had a dildo. awesome.

  3. Yay! I like learning about you. Finding stashes is always… interesting.

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